August 04, 2013


Debra @ Frugal Little Bungalow

Wonderful photos and last year I held a REEL mower together for most of the summer with duck tape! :)

I feed little goldfinches in the back yard but never get good shots. As soon as I start to get close enough they fly away so while you say everyday I say extraordinary shots! :)


I agree totally..

Wandering Thought

Love your gold finches most since I have been waiting to get some photos for a long time!

The jays and great blue heron are beautiful birds!


I feel the same way about the birds around my farm. They are just a beautiful when you see and hear them every day as they are when you travel afar to get a glimpse.
Sally, the Indian Mynah is an imported bird in Australia tat has extended it's territory around the east coast. They are prolific in Melbourne, the capital of Victoria but un known in Adelaide, the capital of South Australia. I hope they don't cross the borer anytime soon.


I've never seen a scrub jay...thanks for sharing these photos!

Boom & Gary

Great series!! Always happy to see the Goldfinch. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

I stora drag

Lovely shots! Your everyday birds are not everyday birds to me! Gold finch are incredible yellow! Of course I love the great blue heron!
Thanks for your comment, Sallie!
Have a nice week! /Pia


Wonderful birds! All I ever see on my walks are everyday birds. I'd have to join a birding club or something to get to more interesting places.

Brian King

Great photos! Love the brightly colored finches and Great Blue Herons are one of my favorites!


I agree with you entirely, I have just posted saying more or less the same thing about butterflies.
Take care Gordon.

Mary Howell Cromer

Lovely entry and I know what you mean. Watching birds, brings me such pleasure. Birds are one of those creations that offer so much joy, that i am so happy after observing them a bit each and every day~


We don't have goldfinches around here, so I'd be happy to see one anytime...
Great photos!


Perfect, Sallie. Who says you can't foster a wildlife habitat from an RV. You've already done it for some time. I love the goldfinch.


The close-ups of the birds eating or squawking are fantastic!


Fantastic shots of the birds. Seeing birds every day is also a pleasure in my life.


These are great photos! Any birds are beautiful creatures and fun to watch.


Dearest Sallie,
Wow, beautiful collage (mosaic) with variety of birds♡♡♡ Yes, goldfinch look gorgeous! I loved the way you said "They don't have to be exotic or rare to make me happy." I'd say, "I wish I had nature with beautiful bird making me feel exotic", haha.

PS> Thanks so much about the word 'red tape'. To tell you the truth, I tried to remember the word but I couldn't. I've read my mind♬♬♬

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

artmusedog and carol

Wow! Fantastic and creative nature photos for Mosaic Mon ~ Happy Week to you!


We don't see goldfinches very often, but we do have bluejays and lots of great blue herons! Nice series of photos! Funny about the starlings. Talk about "angry birds!"

Red Nomad OZ

One of the best things about the www is that to people from around the world who haven't seen them, your birds are VERY exotic!!! Cool, huh?!


Lovely birds! For me they are exotic and wonderful!

Stewart M

I think its important that we don't forget how good even the most common birds look.

Nice pictures.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

NatureFootstep Photo

great shots of your everyday birds. Birds we ought to be thankful for.


Cute pictures of the little birdies (fortunately there is no cat around here, lol !)


Seeing any birds in a natural setting should always make our day. Nice sightings and captures.


Your everyday birds are beautiful. I like the way you have different views of the Great Blue Heron.


Very lovely birds.


Your everyday birds look pretty exotic to me.

Karen, Pixel Posts

Oh, I love the goldfinches! I have found such joy watching, and photographing the birds outside my window. I also enjoy the photos of the birds outside other people's windows. Lovely captures! Thanks for sharing.


Your photos are gorgeous works of art.


I love the scrub jays, - they are new to me as well. My goldfinch have moved on and will probably not see them again this season, but I look forward to fall when the quail come to call, regularly.


The scrub jays are new to me...I like the sky blue and white combinations. They are probably every bit as noisy as any other jay...sadly. Wonderful photos...it is not easy capturing birds!


see, i'd love to see a scrub jay - not 'every day' for me at all. :)


Nice, you know I see great blue herons everywhere I go, coast to coast. Of course they are not hard to see.


How refreshing...and boy, can those birds be posers!


A Garden of Threads

I agree any birds puts a smile on my face. Have a blessed week:)


Beautiful birds, all of them. We have a Great Blue Heron that visits our ponds in hope of finding a free lunch!


All birds are beautiful, even the everyday birds we sometimes take for granted. Lovely post, Sallie!

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