August 20, 2013



Wonderful photos - they're so damn cute!! So gorgeous, just make me smile :)


My goodness, those things must have some communication network! They are very pretty. We've not had good luck here with bird feeders - the squirrels are hard to defeat when they are determined to get the feed. :)

Wandering Thought

I have to feeders hanging right outside the mud room, and I enjoy watching different birds coming and going.

Beautiful gold finches!


They were just being careful!
Nice photos Sallie!
It that is your bird feeder, then that must be your yard and if that is your yard, then that must be your view. WOW!

Rainfield (雨田 Malaysia)

They are your friends, finally.


Great shots of the birds funny how they didn't like the change.


Dearest Sallie,
Wow, your pictures of goldfinches are really beautiful and lovly♡♡♡ Happy to hear that they find "the new cafe' was worth patronizing"(*^_^*) Wonderful to have such a thoughtful daughter♪♪♪ Feeder has a cute shape and design.

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

Brian King

Beautiful birds and nice shots!


Awwww.... Just change the seeds if they get wet as thistle goes moldy fast


I can't wait to see the Goldfinches arrive as they migrate through our area. Be sure to bring some with you during your own migration!

Nice series!


Aren't they just lovely! I'm glad your new cafe was found sufficient!!


It always takes a little while for the new feeder to be broken in. Those shots are beautiful!


I like a lot your little visitors and I'm waiting november to open again our feeders. It's such a big joy ! While I was writing this comment, our beloved friend, the red-robin was just near my opened window. We don't see it during the whole summer. Is-it waiting too ?


funny how they need to check out the changes first
your closeups are beautiful


The birds get free meal with an awesome view and you get to capture some fantastic shots of these cute yellow beauties.


I'm glad they approved of the new café. They're very pretty birds.


Nice photos.


What a nice snack bar ! (My cats would love it!)


Wonderful photos, beautiful birds:) Greetings


I have found that too, Sallie, - they don't seem to like change and it takes awhile to become familiar with new feeders, but thankfully they do come back eventually.


Wonderful shots. I'm glad they gave the new feeder a chance.


That's a very handsome thistle feeder and I'm glad your bids finally turned up. Thanks for visiting. I will be looking out for those Freightliners :)


HOW cool! The birds here have dropped off quite a bit, I dont know if its because of the daily RAIN or what...very odd...as this whole summer has been odd. I think we've had about 4 days since the end of MAY where it didnt rain...Not talking showers talking INCHES of rain daily.


You're lucky! They're so pretty :)

Lavender Dreams

They look happy now! And hungry! Enjoy your week my friend!


What a feeder full of sunshine! I've only had one close enough for a photo but over the weekend spotted a flock (well at least 1/2 dozen) in my neighbor's yard. So tiny I almost mistakenly thought hummingbirds. I'll have to remember what they like to eat. Glad they decided your new cafe was okay.


Hi Sallie, thanks for your kind comments on my blog!

Mary Howell Cromer

Wow, you sure have to sweet little visitors at your feeders ;)


Sometimes it takes a while for the birds to visit the new feeders. Looks like this one is a hit with the Goldfinches. Cute shots!

Hootin' Anni

Pretty!!! I have a thistle sock this year in hopes of enticing some into my yard. Great images.


I can imagine the goldfinch, a bit off site, watching, observing, sending out a scout, then, the whole tribe rushing in for thistle. Your photos are gorgeous, as always,


you made some birdies happy! :)


The last photo is fascinating!


Great to have the finches at both feeders but how interesting that an apparently small change scared them all away. I wish I could have them in my backyard!


Beautiful pictures!

Susie Clevenger

I love finches! What fabulous shots!

Boom & Gary

I think they are careful of new things. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Mama Zen

I love that last shot!

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