August 12, 2013



What a wonderful trip and how brave you are ! I admire all your post : your beautiful grand-children, the river and your smiles !


Dearest Sallie,
I really am sorry for missing your gorgeous posts, my dear friend. I came this post after seeing the newest post.
What a fun family adventure♡♡♡ I enjoyed you and your family's lovely pictures♬♬♬ I've never experienced riding a raft p;) I showed this post to my husband and he said wonderful way to enjoy summer time.

Sending you lots of love and hugs from really hot Japan, xoxo Miyako*


Now that looks like a lot of fun! Those photos are awesome!


You are brave....very brave!!!



WOW is that fun or what? Im proud of you guys! I have done one fast raft trip it was FINE! The photos are Wonderful!!!


What fun.. I would love to do this.... Michelle

Emille (Jesh StG)

This looks so much fun, Sallie:) And the pics are stunning!

Lisa Hermanson

Great pics ! You look good ! Everyone is smiling !!

Jenn Jilks

How very brave!!!!


I live in a state that has some of the best rapids in the country and I've never been. I commend your courage. Wonderful shots of the action and beautiful grandchildren!

Karen, Pixel Posts

Oh wow Sallie, what a great adventure! I love rafting!


Fabulous! This, dear Sallie, is the good side of compromise. Well done!


That looks like so much fun. Great shots of you and your grandchildren.

Stewart M

Looks like a splendid ride! My son is bothering me to get something like this organised - not that I really need to be persuaded!

I was really surprised to find the wallabies, all the info we had said they would only be out and about at dawn or dusk - and it was well past dawn when we got there.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


What great fun. I think. Your photos are excellent, you don't need no stinking photo company! :) How nice that you were able to do this with grandkids! I think you're having way too much fun this summer. Amazing. I'm not sure I'd have the energy.

Our family had a mini reunion a couple of years ago in Tennessee and some of them did a similar trip down a river/rapids. They said it was fun. :)


That looks like a lot of fun but I would definitely like to have good rafting guides like you did. It's really nice that someone else was able to take photos for you.


Wow ! what an adventure ! Could never do that ! I don't like water in my face, lol !


Oh what a great adventure.

Lady Fi

Oh, that looks like great fun!


Woo Hoo go Grandma and Grandad. How brave are you? Well done and what fun to have grandkids to do this for you.


Wow Sallie, that looks like a perfect family fun..


What a great family! That looks like a wonderful amount of fun. My hat's off to the photographer!

Penelope Puddlisms

Wow … now this is what I call a real adventure!! I got a little splashed just looking at the pictures. Love those smiles. Thanks for giving me the heads up about my linking problem. I tried again and hope it works this time. :)

Clair Z.

You are so adventurous! How nice to see you in the photos.


What an adventure! And how menu to share it with grand kids.

Valerie, Australia

What a great series Sallie. Bravo. Congrats on your sense of fun and adventure. Would love to see the shots of you screaming - you appear so calm and composed in these! Thanks for sharing the occasion with us.


What a fun rafting trip! I loved the photos. Rafting is one of my hubby's favorite things to do. He use to be a rafting guide! You are brave! LOL, I would be holding on for dear life and screaming.


That looks like so much fun Sallie! You are all 'good looking kids' :)

Kelsey Turner

I love that you guys did this...looks like a blast! Xo

Reader Wil

How brave you are! But you must have had a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing.

Boom & Gary

What a great adventure!!Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


Oh, great adventure photos indeed!! I love them and have to admit I'm just a tad envious!! Haven't done this since we lived in Montana and what an adventure it is!! Thanks so much for sharing!! Have a great week!


fabulous! personal water guides and raft professionals! all you've got to do is stay in and shriek on occasion! :)


What an adventure-great photo story.You are both very brave!!!!

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