August 17, 2013



Awesome macro shots Sallie- I especially like the colorful Jellyfish.


Yes, I love what you can find on a beach. Your photos bring back memories of my California trip earlier this year.


I love these shots from looking down. I try to make myself remember to look down as well as up.

Reader Wil

Beautiful macros, Sallie! Thanks for sharing and thanks for your comment. I also like this musical and shall show more of it with other letters.
Wil, ABCW Team.


I tried looking down, too, but ran into a car, two trees and over a cat! :)

Just kidding - you've got a point and I always look down at the beach and have found some amazing things. Hope you didn't try to pick up the jellyfish!

Thank you for your nice comments on our blogs!


Wow ! very special shots ! very creative !

Lady Fi

What lovely shots - a whole new world opening up.


p.s. thanks also for the info on Marsh and the Cadillac Ranch. I found that very interesting.


I love these photos Sallie, I used to love looking in tide pools. So much to see as you've shared with us. Thank you :)


Dearest Sallie,
Oh, awesome pictures of the shellfishes and yes,they creats whole other worlds in tide pools and shell formations♡♡♡
This post reminded me of my reminiscent memories going to the beach with family and my favorite sea lover uncle who taught me how to catch 'razor clam' with sault p;)

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan (almost to have a water shortage in many places ), xoxo Miyako*


I have really never seen the coast so this is a lovely post for me. I really liked the jelly fish, although I suppose it is deceased.



Tide pools are one of the many reasons I love the coast and will never live very far from it.
Very nice photos Sallie!


Great photos! I love looking closely at things! Thanks for stopping by my blog too!

Loredana Donovan

Great capture on the jelly fish! I love walking on the beach and collecting shells. Lovely post :)


Fantastic photos. There is a whole different world around us when we are in the mood to pay attention and observe carefully.


I like especially the ones with the reflections of the sky!


Art of nature. Great photos!

Emille (Jesh StG)

I love those great little finds at the beach! And you captured them beautifully, Sally!


Good eye, Sallie - thanks for taking me along ot the beach!


Sallie..I put up Nature Notes at midnight Tuesdays now .....Michelle


Very interesting shots. Lovely shapes and textures.

Laura Hegfield

So true Sallie... Thanks for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro:-)

Sally in WA

Tide pools are always interesting places!

artmusedog and carol

Great beach life photography ~ happy sunday to you ~ carol, xo

Wandering Thought

Wow..fantastic and interesting macro shots! It is amazing!

Forest Dream Weaver

Interesting photos ....my favourite is the jellyfish!

Happy Sunday,

Red Nomad OZ

Being clumsy, I always look at my feet while I'm walking so I don't trip over! The unexpected bonus has been seeing sights like yours - your 1st shot is AWESOME!


Wonderful photos, I really love the color under the jellyfish! Happy Sunday!

Stewart M

The only way not to find interesting things on a beach is to keep your eyes closed!

I (and Sal!) are glad to be rid of the boot! Two weeks of strapping and I should be back to normal - whatever that is!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Susie Clevenger

Amazing shots...so much is missed when you don't look

Rainfield (雨田 Malaysia)

There are beauties every where.

Our eyes and minds are the constraint.


Thank you for sharing...I would be looking down too


very cool - and just a tad bit creepy. :)

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