August 01, 2013



Beautiful skies!
No rain here, but VERY mild weather...


Must be fun to travel that way


It's rained so much here we had a flood. I will post soon.



Dearest Sallie;
Wow, I guess one of the things you can enjoy or makes you keep in suspense (with a fun way) will be the weather♬♬♬ Your blog title must be truly proves the way you are leading life with your husband. Your pictures are beautiful♡♡♡ Happy for your wonderful road trip, which is the dream never come true for me p;)

PS> I am SO grateful for your kind and thoughtful words for me. I know my Eglish level is and takes time reading and writing comments. Haha, trying to do my best. So sorry for my belated comment. Wishing you a wonderful weekend, my friend in America.
Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


I like a lot the first one ! So mysterious !


Oh yes Sallie, - very convenient if you don't like the weather around you just move along and see what's down the road, - that sounds quite appealing....


Your photos are gorgeous. I love those skies!

Clair Z.

Too bad you didn't drive by our house! It was raining out back and sunny out front this afternoon. We could hardly tell where the rain was coming from. Of course, this being the desert, the backyard shower was a brief (though welcome) one. Lovely photos, and I always love the way you appreciate your world.


Hi again! I'm going to answer you just in case you aren't able to find the answer yourself. :)

So far as I know they don't allow the public in yet, but they've talked about doing it on a limited basis; perhaps with school children on field trips. I'd love to visit. It is just huge and so beautiful - rolling hills of green and all those wonderful live oaks; a bunch of gorgeous homes and paddocks and fences; and the horses are something else.

Stewart M

I like that patch of pink/ purple in the second picture.

I do like storm skies - but then I dont live in a flood prone area!

Cheers - Stewart M

Heather L

Love that first shot!


Driving in the storms is a bit scary but when everything ends well it is definitely fun!

Rainfield (雨田 Malaysia)

That is fun, and should be more than that.

If you go crazy.

Like me.

Sharon Wagner

I like my road trips in the sky. Sky trips.


Skies tend to change rather rapidly. Either you are driving into some weather or out of it or just sitting still and letting the sky change all by itself. I thank God for the daily sky shows.


Yeah, rub it in. You're just riding along, enjoying the scenery and the beautiful weather and I have to get up and go play golf in the Florida heat! Sheesh!

Lady Fi

Love that moody sky shot.

Red Nomad OZ

Road trip unexpectedness is one of the joys of travelling!! And we've made some of our best 'finds' by taking a detour to escape the weather!!!

Reader Wil

Hi Sallie! Wonderful how a sky can have so many disguises in one day! Touring in a campervan must be great! Have a great time!


Is a nice thing about living mobile, if you want a change a scenery just roll that home on down the road. Nice shots.

Karen, Pixel Posts

The clouds look like puffs of smoke! Nice shots!


Both skies are beautiful in their own way. Thanks for sharing!


Great sky.


It is nice watching the sky, always changing. Lovely shots, Sallie. Have a happy weekend!


I enjoyed the photos, the sky is beautiful and the second was a lovely scene and such a pretty blue sky. I love road trips, have a great time and happy traveling :)


love the colors in the first! :)


you certainly put the miles in


Yes, we had heavy rain all yesterday and a heatwave today!

artmusedog and carol

Beautiful sky shots ~ thanks ~ Happy Weekend to you ^_^


Wonderful shots. I like that first shot.


I love the variety of skies and it is wonderful and amazing how quickly they can can, isn't it? Great shots as always, Sallie! Have a lovely weekend!


It is fun to see all types of skies during road trips.

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