August 05, 2013



Thank goodness there are those who preserve these towns with history - and people like you, Sallie, who document them so well in photograph.

NatureFootstep Photo

it is intersting with those old cities. We have nothing like that at all. :)


A sort-of-ghost town. It is interesting that people can buy there if it is historically listed but it is a good way to keep the town alive.

Daniela Augustka

Interesting city, for me something completely different and unknown. Thank you for your visiting on my blog.


Interesting post Sallie

Kenneth C Schneider

Very interesting place to visit. Love those old ruins-- so photogenic!


What's hard to believe is that people actually live there still without many of the modern conveniences. A great set of photos, though. Won't find this kind of thing in Florida, I don't think. Thanks for sharing!

Lady Fi

What a pretty town! So amazing.


What a cool place.

artmusedog and carol

Wow! Amazing ~ i do remember visiting one of those and it was surreal ~ great photos ~ happy week to you ~ xxxoo


Love this...its so cool that they keep it the way it was.

Jenn Jilks

An amazing tour. That is much fun! I learned a lot!


I like these reminders of the past. Is it me, or is the Saloon leaning to one side? (I have just had a glass of wine...)


it's like visiting a movie set!!

Phil (@anotherbirdblog)

Isn't the Internet and blogging in particular a source of wonder and education? Great story and pictures Sallie.

Mama Zen

Fabulous pictures!


Hi Sallie,

Well, if you want to talk ghost towns, then you'd better cross the pond and visit Crete, which is full of tiny, abandoned villages, some even on the water! Enjoyed this most interesting tour of Silver City and its history. Intriguing photos!


EG CameraGirl

I bet this was a fun FUN place to explore!

EG CameraGirl

What a fun place to explore!


How sad-great photos and detail in the facts!

Red Nomad OZ

Ghost towns are great!! But a pity there wasn't a nice hunk of silver laying around for you to pick up!!

Emille (Jesh. stG)

We both must have "mining" on our mind:) great pics Sally! actually I like silver more than gold! Internet is slower than molasses. Went back too Utah to paint, cause there were two fire near Yosemite.


You know I love this post, right?
Even though much of it looks very nicely kept up, I seem ruins in there also. I have a friend who lives in Idaho and we will probably make it up there in the not too distant future.
Great photos and thanks!


Imagine that, a lived in ghost town.


Nice post! I have never been beyond Portland. Some day would love to visit Washington.


Old ghost towns are fun. My Dad lives in southeast Idaho and we have visited old ghost towns there, some of which were lived in by my relatives way back when.


Great tour and history! Looks like a very interesting place to visit.


These old ghost towns are fascinating places - I am not sure if old B.C. mining towns have any inhabitants now - they didn't when we used to travel and visit them but times do change. It is hard to imagine the sites now as bustling centres of mining activity just a hundred years ago. Thanks for coming to visit, Sallie, - I have found Heather Lende's other book and borrowed it from the library....


Interesting post. The church picture is my fave.

Life Images by Jill

it must be so fascinating to roam around these old towns. I am sure it was a bustling places during the days of bushrangers, and gunslingers, and the silver mines.


Brought back memories as I visited there as a kid. What I remember best is being very cold!


We have ghost towns up here to, but the mostly just sink into the earth and are taken over by the blackberry and cedars. BC was gold rush country and many small towns sprang up, only to be abandoned when the rush was over.
Thanks for your visit and your lovely comment!

Karen, Pixel Posts

Quaint little place. I like the fact that it is being preserved.


i'd have a hard time calling it a summer vacation home if i couldn't have electricity! :) but i'm used to summer a/c here. :)


What an interesting posts. We've all seen the westerns butnow you've shown us what remains of those towns. Fascinating.


Great tour for the day, Sallie!! Love your captures and I, too, am glad to learn that it's been put on the National Register!! Hope you have a wonderful week!


Sallie, neat tour of the Silver City. Nice to see that it is protected being on the National Register of Historic Places. I can picture a gunfight there, thanks for the tour. Have a happy week!


It certainly has the feeling of a frontier town. Good to see this place that is a monument to life that can be happily lived without electricity.


Interesting place, thanks for sharing :)


What a very special post. Silver city I heard about it.

Boom & Gary

Wonderful tour!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

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