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August 14, 2013



No problem for me, but I can't say the same for most people in my family...


Would be quite appropriate for teens with blow dryers and curling irons. ;)


Good grief! That would scare me away :)


Maybe they have a lot of teenagers who take a lot of time getting ready and block the stalls and sinks or something! In all my travels, I have NEVER seen anything like this before!


Hopefully nobody suffers from diarrhea !
Funny sign, lol !


and I wonder how it is strictly confused. no CCTV cameras monitoring your comings and goings,I hope!

Tanya Breese

wow, 15 minutes to shower? i can shower in 15 but i'd still be wet trying to get my clothes on!


Do they break down the door and embarass you while sitting on the toilet?
I can see why they wouldn't want people to take long showers, but I think everyone can understand sometimes your business takes awhile.
Glad you didn't get punished! :)


I would like to put a sign like that one on the bathroom here! HAHA. IM an in and out fast kind of person, and with only one bathroom, if you stay too long you will hear that knock on the door! Did they have only one bathroom? I stayed at a campground last yr it has 38 sites and 3 toliet stalls and 3 shower stalls. Most everyone had their own as you say but they send the KIDS to the camp facilites, so it was awful with all the screaming ones to contend with and no parents to be seen. ;0/


Hmmm, I don't know about that.

Gemma Wiseman

That sounds a bit intimidating. Maybe do the bathroom visits in shifts?


No reading the papers in the bathroom?

Sophie A.

It seems bit weird to me...

Great found of this very different sign though. :)


Oh dear! Not very hospitable. =(


Looks like someone got a little frustrated with the center-of-the-universe types. It would be great there were translations of this sign for people with a sense of humor and people who just need the facts.


Sometimes you just need a little more time. :)
Funny find Sallie!


A classic sign - I can just imagine it. You! Out! Now!


Well, the way things are going today what with terrorism money being funneled to police departments everywhere, a swat team would probably show up and toss you out and blow up the place!


It is rather off-putting, isn't it? A gentle suggestion and explanation of water management would have been fine by me, but this seems like micromanagement.

Taken For Granted

Seems a bit harsh. Can't take time to brush your teeth as well as wash your hands.


well, we can hope it was for shower usage. :)


Do they come in and drag you out? ;-)


I wonder if they knock on the door until you come out :)


Photo Cache

i don't know why such rules arise. are they going to run out of water or something? was it enforced?


do they have guards with stopwatches timing folk? I guess not

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