August 15, 2013



I think I like sunrises better than sunsets because they're the beginning of something; they're like a promise! And they don't get any better than these! Great shots!


You did quite well with your early morning sun, Sallie. What a way to start the day. We have too many trees (not a complaint) here to properly capture sunsets/and rises -so, I'm thrilled to see yours.


Absolutely gorgeous skies!


A so beautiful way to begin a day !


Worth getting up for...


I wouldn't want to miss mornings like this either! Incredible! Where were you vacationing?


Wow, what a heavenly view you two have out your window to the world.
Love those gorgeous hues :)


Beautiful photos Sallie! I love how sunsets and sunrises change every few seconds. This morning I was also looking out of our RV window at the sunrise. It was nice, but it didn't come close to what you saw! I would get up more often for sunrises, but I usually don't get to bed very early.


Oh wow, - simply gorgeous. What a sight to wake up to!!!!


Certainly worth getting up for.


Amazing sunrise! Wonderful shots!


These are stunning!

I'm like that when I first get back to AZ after being in the Midwest. The time difference makes me wake earlier in AZ. I never complain about it; the sunrises are so worth it!


I'm so glad you caught the glorious sunrise. The photographs are wonderful.


Good thing you woke up for this! It's so tempting to stay in bed and miss out on the sunrise. This one was definitely worth NOT missing out on! Wow!

Laura Hegfield

Oh so beautiful!!! I think every once in a while it is well worth setting an alarm clock to experience that kind of serenity to follow the jarring noise.

Lady Fi

Wow wow wow - simply magical!


I would have run outside too like a flash ! What a beautiful sunrise ! But setting an alarm clock ? Try to watch the sunset, often it looks the same, lol !


Beginning to end it's beautiful!
I think I'd get up for that too.


Beautiful images of great spaces :) Regards

Peter B

What a spectacular sky to wake up to in your RV!!!


Beautiful skies!

Kay L. Davies

I miss most sunrises, too, unless the dog gets me up early. Then I don't even think about sunrise, I think about getting back to sleep.
Gorgeous photos, and well worth waking up for, Sallie.


Oh wow, what an incredible sight to wake up to. Thank you for taking these, they are awesome photos!

artmusedog and carol

Sunrises are spectacular ~ Wow! Great shots ~ enjoy ! ~ thanks, carol, xo


I love to get up early if I dont have to go anywhere I hate to leave early! AND in a couple months I have to catch a plane at 7:10AM omg.

Emille (Jesh StG)

Awesome sun rises! That would be something to wake up earlier for:)

Valerie, Australia

Magnificent is the word to describe these awesome captures, Sallie. What a stunning beginning to your day - thank you for sharing them. (and I hope you are able to wake up early enough to enjoy more such beauty, without the noisy intrusion of an alarm!!)


magnificent photos! the colors are so beautiful!




Gorgeous sunrise, love the color shades.


Gorgeous, I am never up early enough to see the sunrise either. By the way I hope you got a chance to listen to that choir.

Mickie Brown

Sallie, It does pay to get up early--what a spectacular sky you captured. Hope you are enjoying your summer--where are you now? Hard to believe summer will be coming to an end soon. School has already started here in Wichita-just doesn't seem right !!! Have a terrific weekend. Mickie :)


Sallie, so happy you did not miss this beautiful sunrise. Gorgeous colors and photos. Have a happy weekend!


Yes, it's well worth getting up early to see such a lovely sunrise!

Photo Cache

good that you finally get to see the sunrise show. i am afraid i don't get to see this at all.

Karen, Pixel Posts

Great snapping Sallie! Most beautiful sunrise! I have never seen a sunrise, I'm a nighthawk, not a morning person.


What a glorious way to start the day!! And your captures are awesome, Sallie!! Thanks for sharing the beauty and the drama!!! Enjoy your weekend!


absolutely GORGEOUS! i'd have to wake up early, too!


Wow!Stunning skies and views from your window,Sallie!Have a nice weekend!

Penelope Postcards

The early bird gets the very best photographs by the looks of it. I can easily picture you sitting on a swing admiring the morning sky.

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