August 26, 2013


Mary Howell Cromer

I always see them with their beaks in the ground getting grubs...they are really such lovely birds!!!


Dearest Sallie;
Wow, really lovely morning encounter, wasn't it♡♡♡ Loved to see the sweet looking young one♬♬♬ 
”He was really more interested in than the marigolds or nearby seed feeders.” Haha, the cute Flicker sure was fiddling with the watering system(*^_^*)

PS>So sorry for my recent absence and belated comment, my dear friend. I was a bit under the weather for the summer heat and busy days, not having had much strength to read and write in English(^^;)

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan to my dearest friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


Not easy to catch a shot of a Flicker.


Smart bird Sally. Inquisitive or after a few drops of water?


NIce captures. Flickers are beautiful birds. I often see them on the ground eating ants.


You were fortunate to have the opportunity to watch this fine looking avian up close. Nice shots!


Hi Great series of shots. Putting out a shallow bowl of water might be a good idea and perhaps the birds will come and have baths for you to photograph.


I don't know what is a Flicker but it'is really a beautiful bird !


Beautifully captured! I love to see this bird but he visits very rarely.

noel morata

It is nice to get a surprise sometimes and enjoy these random moments, it's a very pretty bird species

Carole M.

lovely to see this bird up close and I wondered if the lake is a salt-water one? I barrack for a conscious effort by park residents to encourage all to put out the water dishes


What a lucky treat


I had a flicker in the spring but he wouldn't get close enough for me.
I'd be peeking out those windows every morning before I opened them. :)


So not easy getting these pictures. Amazing and wonderful.

Andrea @ From The Sol

He seems a little perplexed and not sure of what to do next. The adults we see around here are focused and with purpose ... the young we have look just like the adults and the only way we can tell them is they food beg. So it's anyone's guess which it is, but who cares, he is beautiful and you were lucky to see him. Great shots ...

Andrea @ From The Sol


Nice bird to see first thing in the morning.

Lavender Dreams

What wonderful photos! A young one...how special! Have fun!


Great photos and how lovely to see that bird first thing in the morning.


Cute and fascinating photos! You see such a variety of birds and plants.

Boom & Gary

Handsome fellow!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


A really nice shot! I wonder if he was just looking things over...sort of window shopping.



It's a very pretty bird!

ken schneider

The male western red-shafted flicker does not have red on his head, while the eastern yellow-shafted does have a red nape. The mustache on this fellow is red rather than black as in the yellow-shafted form. It seems to be in adult plumage, though I don't know how soon the youngsters begin to resemble their parents. Nice shots!

Joe Todd

Well done Sallie.. Great way to start a morning

Rainfield (雨田 Malaysia)

You're a big fan of accidental bird-watching.

I'll take whatever you are going to "feed" me.


This fellow surely looks like a flicker to me. We have them here in Illinois as well. They do come to the birdbaths here, Sallie, though your visitor seems quite content sipping from the hose. I love these pictures.


Great shots of the flicker. I am more likely to see them in the winter when I put food out in back weather.


so cool to see a red-shafted flicker! i've had one here once! normally we get the yellow-shafted. :)

Stewart M

Hi there - woodpeckers for breakfast - what a treat!

I think the understanding versus wonder or beauty is an interesting thing - I know people who suggests reducing rainbows to reflection through rain drops removes some of the wonder - but I could not disagree more. I still have to be in the right place at the right time to see it - and that pretty wonderful!

Cheers - Stewart M.

Phil (@anotherbirdblog)

I think you're correct Sallie about the flicker being a young bird. Also shallow water so that birds can both drink and bathe is better than deep water.

Ajay Kumar

Such a beautiful set of the pictures! bird looking nice...


Yes, it is a flicker. Looks like a cute juvie! Wonderful sighting.

Reader Wil

You are a true bird watcher! I looked up the word flicker and found that it was a kind of woodpecker. I am sure this is an American bird. I have never seen one in Europe.
Have a great week, Sally!
Wil, ABCW Team


How cute ! Would be dangerous for a bird in our garden with our four cats, lol !

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