September 02, 2013



Yum! What a fun day and awesome reward at the end of it.
Nice photos also...

Emille (Jesh StG)

What a delightful account about your crab catching! I'm such a land animal -that I've never even thought about doing something like that - but I see it's a lot of fun!

Apppreciate your thoughtful comment on marble mining in Carrera and also on my artblog for Rocks Cry watercolor!


My taste buds are excited, Sallie. Don't know how I'll calm them down as there are no Dungeness crabs hereabouts. How fun that you all got to go crabbing, then partake in the eating.

Joe Todd

Hi Sallie, I see you are keeping busy and having a great time/adventure. Now, I'm off to the fish market LOL


Hi Sallie, thanks for visiting my post. My bad as i didn't blatantly include the address as Philippines, i just stopped with the province, haha! Please read also the Part I, where i also include photos during the boat ride in going to the Underground River.

Regarding your post, i also wonder if you're in UK or in USA. I love crabs verrrry much, and getting them the way you did before the actual eating makes it more interesting. How i wish we have some facility of personal activities like that, am so envious!

Little wandering wren

Nothing like a day out on the water catching dinner;) I have enjoyed reading some of your other posts - great blog

Jenn Jilks

What a lovely event! Fresh from the water.


My hubby is so jealous! Dungeness are his favorite! (Very expensive at Who,e Foods)


Makes memories of a trip to the Oregon coast come alive.


Dearest Sallie,
Oh, crabby!!! I love any kind of crabs or shrimps♡♡♡ It must have been a wonderful time especially with your grandson and his friend. Pretty picture of them♪ I wished to enjoy the delicious crabs with you(*^_^*)

Lots of Love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


Your post made me smile, Sally ! Crabby was our son's nickname, when he was a little boy : 33 years old now !
I'd be happy to share your delicious meal : we are so far from the sea, here !


Have to taste better because you caught them yourselves.

Clair Z.

When I was a child and my family lived in San Francisco, we loved going to Fisherman's Wharf to get fresh crab. What a great memory! I've never done the catching myself, though. Thank you for sharing this nice family outing.

Stewart M

Fresh sea food - hard to beat!

As you can imagine - the kids keep me busy!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


Catching the crabs is so much more fun than a trip to the grocery store. Looks like a great way to live.

Boom & Gary

Looks really good!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Lady Fi

Thank you so much for your comment about Our World... looks as if you're enjoying the long weekend.

Penelope Postcards

Getting a taste of forging for your own food once in a while must be satisfying, especially when we rely on the packaged variety most of the time.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

I love Dungeness crab and when I visit San Francisco that is the first thing I order. You had a good catch!


Wonderful captures, Sallie! It does look like fun time was had by all -- and, oh, I do love crab cakes!!! Have a great week!!


Great post.

artmusedog and carol

You work hard for your dinner ~ Wonderful shots ~ great world ~ carol, xo


You know how to live!


It certainly sounds like it must have been well worth the work! And eaten al fresco -- perfect!


I'm not a crab eater but I'd certainly enjoy the boat. And I love the peaches sign in your earlier post, and those beautiful blue Oregon skies!

Linda Kittmer

Yum! How wonderful to go out and catch them yourself. I'm sure they're delicious when so incredibly fresh!


It looks like a fun day and a hearty reward at the end of it. A lot of the locals around here have a few crab pots that they put into the water now and again - but from what I hear there are getting to be too many people and not enough crabs!


That did sound like a phenomenal day and I loved the photos!


I love crabs and used to go crabbing a lot during the summer as a kid on family vacations. Great shots and looks like such fun.


Looks like a lot of fun! It's nice that you got some photos BEFORE the messy part!


It's been eons, but I have done some crabbing. It's fun!
You had enough for a good meal, looks like!
Thanks for coming by!


Sallie, sounds like a fun time. First catching your dinner, preparing the dinner and then enjoying your yummy dinner. Here we have the Blue Crabs, which are very tasty to eat from the shell or to pick the meat and make crab cakes. Great post, have a happy week!

Reader Wil

This is a very pleasant way to spend some days off! Thank you for your comment, Sallie!


COATS!!! I see coats and a chilling breeze. But the catch looked really good and I'm sure you and your hubby are outstanding chefs!


Phil (@anotherbirdblog)

Dungeness Crabs? Dungeness is in Kent, England. Glad you enjoyed the crab cakes - again! From a recent post of mine Sallie.

"Flocks of Lapwings can be very wary, their frequent “dreads” this morning leading to noisy calling as they flew off in sudden attacks of panic. “Dread” is a term used to describe how birds take part in sudden waves of alarm – often for no reason apparent to the observer – the panic spreading very quickly through a flock of birds (especially waders) or a colony (especially gulls and terns). The birds rise and fly off together, usually returning to the same or a similar spot very soon, but the event is always accompanied by lots of alarm calls."


how awesome! great catch and family to share it with. :) a happy mess, i'm sure. :)


I am starving! Fascinating photos and story.

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