September 24, 2013



Not to much birds for the moment, here. I just saw "geais" (like blue jays but not so blue just a little marks on ther wings) flying all around. I miss them !


I know very little about birds. I do however, recognize great bird photos! Very nice Sallie.


Great captures of the birds.

Gemma Wiseman

The little character in the first photo is stunning. And how grand and handsome the crow is in the last photo.


I can't help with id, but what a lovely looking bird

Mary Howell Cromer

Awe, so nice, you got a wee bird and a big one...love Crows!


Hi! Nice captures. The bird of first photo is very cute. Thanks for sharing.

Rainfield (雨田 Malaysia)

They are absolutely beautiful.

Just because they are birds.

We all love birds.

Lady Fi

Lovely shots. That first bird is a cutie pie.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

Beautiful bird photos, Sally!

I was happy to hear that your kids home in Colorado was undamaged with all the flooding. It will be a long haul for many to get life back to normal, and the Colorado DOT has their work cut out for them to repair countless miles of damaged roads. But I'm sure all will eventually get done!


thanks so much for your comments on my blog, I really appreciated them..we have had a lot of rain also lately, you got great shots...I love the crow!


I am really quite fond of crows. I like to say they would rather walk than fly. They are so whimsical as they walk along.


Birds have such subtle personalities, I think. Love the little ones that you shared.


Cute treatment of the crow shot. Isn't it wonderful how even rainy days are full of birds.


All beautiful birds and it's nice to see them out between the rain showers. Thanks for your comment on my blog. We are having a heat wave this early in the season - not pleasant even for a local - and my son was glad to be going back to a more even temperature! He has lived over there for many years so is really used to the weather. I have enjoyed visiting him but like my own sub-tropical climate best!


How cute, but I better close your blog, before my cats admire your birds !

Reader Wilo

Thank you Sallie for the lovely post !


The first one is a Warbler, I spotted one here last week. Nice shots. MB


Fabulous pix, Sallie, and what a nice pose on the first one. Which I knew what it was.
Love the crow. We put a crow on top of one of Christmas trees. This one sitting on the pine reminds me of the holidays that will be here before we can say "crow".


I think its the female black throated gray warbler...Great Catch on that one Sallie,,,,I just heard a hairy woodpecker outside hammering away such a wonderful sound. I HOPE to see lots of migrants on my upcoming trip. Loved this bird post!!

Stewart M

Hi there - its a nice looking bird what ever it's called! And its a BIRD!!!!

I had a look at some pictures of black-throated gray warbler and I think thats a good possibility.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


At the moment I can only share the crow with you, Sallie - your other wee birds are so sweet, but I don't see any of them here in town.


Always nice to get out on a sunny day.


Earlier I used to see so many crows, now-a-days they have become a rare sight for me.


The little guy is a cutie of whatever species he/she is!
Love the crow shot! Nice lighting.


I love seeing birds... Michelle


Marvelous photos Sallie! I haven't been able to get any decent bird photos lately, so I love to see others when I am visiting blogs. I did see a mob of crows and other small birds flying around a tree not too long ago. They were squawking and circling and making the most agitated noise, really loud. And then we spotted a hawk sitting at the top of the tree. As we watched the hawk just sat like a statue and didn't move but the birds kept circling and trying to drive it away. What an interesting sight that was. I have seen this behaviour before but not wish so many birds.

NatureFootstep Photo

sorry, can´t help you out. :( It looks very sweet.


Love your shots! I'm sorry my email didn't work. I will send it to you!



Pretty warbler and great sighting, Sallie I love the Junco, too. Great birds, thanks for sharing!


Beautiful birds.

Karen, Pixel Posts

Oh delightful captures! That first bird is such a cutie! I can't wait for the Juncos to return here for the winter. I think crows are quite handsome birds!


It looks like some sort of warbler, but I'm not sure. All are wonderful. Great pose of the crow on the pine branch!


Lovely shots of the birds.


really nice shots! love that crow!

your first one looks like a black-throated gray warbler. it's the only one in my bird i.d. book with a yellow eye spot like that, so i'm guessing a juvenile as his black throat hasn't come in yet?


A lovely set of bird photos!

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