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September 23, 2013



Wet side or dry, lots of beautiful scenery up there. Most people are surprised to find out that there is desert in eastern Oregon. It's a fantastic state.


What a difference in topography a few miles make, Sallie. I love seeing your photos of the Northwest, an area i've always been drawn to, but, never quite made it to. Someday.


Sallie..thank you for linking into Nature Notes... we have had a lot of rain this season..last year drought..Michelle

Karen, Pixel Posts

Great photos of the contrast!


There is definitely a difference! Reminds me of our time in Arizona when everything is dry and brown.....as soon as we drive farther north we see green and it seems so unusual!


Difficult to live in a rainy country when you grew up in a sunny and dry one. For me it's just the opposite. I was born and lived first in a rainy town (Paris) , then Lived in a sunny one (Marseille) to live again in a rainy one (Mulhouse) and now back in a sunny one ! .So I love both... but aging, I find that sun and a blue sky are the best !


Hi! Nice contrast shots. I like the EUGENE photo very much.
Thanks for sharing.
Wishing you a wonderful week.


I remember driving from west to east along the Columbia and sensing that distinctive line going from green to brown. I like them both.


That is a big difference. I like the green part. Your photo's are beautiful and so intersting to know.


A striking difference between the two areas, here in SC it can get very dry, but its always green. I think the US as a whole had a wet summer this yr.

Laura Hegfield

I have a friend in Oregon and she's been telling me about the strangely dry weather. Your photos are beautiful, but it is indeed worrisome to see the landscape so brown.

Hootin' Anni

I'll take the 'tropical' green any ol' day!!!

I enjoyed your comparisons ...what a difference to be sure.

a spirit of simplicity

I lived in the Seattle area for about 2 years in the 80's. It is beautiful there as your pictures show.


Sallie, what a difference the rain makes. The green hills and winery are prettier than the bald mountains. But, the scenery is still gorgeous. Lovely photos.

Stewart M

Thats a big difference! I think I prefer the wet side!!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


What a very striking difference. In this part of the world bald mountains like that is very dangerous when the rains come because much of it will be carried down as landslides and floods endangering all life forms below.

Lady Fi

The lovely soft greens are gorgeous.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

Living in New York City most of my life I was used to cold and damp and grey skies almost all winter. I'm finding the blue skies and hot sun of Colorado a lot nicer, even if there is more snowfall here!


That's fantastic scenery!


I grew up in the arid west of Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah and loved it. I lived in the extreme wet of northeast Oklahoma and the west seems really stark, and more beautiful than ever to me now.


I think there is something to be said for both landscapes.
I've always wanted to see the barren part so I think I'd be happy wherever I went.
Ido love that clear water in your first shot!


While I love the green, I would also have a hard time with the grey skies of the Pacific Northwest. But on a sunny day it's hard to beat the beauty of the area.

I love Colorado in the fall, but I have to give the edge to New England in the fall beauty department.


Sigh. These photos remind me of my trip to west Oregon in May. Such a beautiful area of the country. I can understand why my daughter likes living there. Very striking images of the diverse landscape.


those hills really do look dry in washington.


The difference is very striking. Very beautiful shots. I'd love to explore there.

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