October 21, 2013


Name katerchen

Sallie DANKE

so schöne Tiere..so kraftvoll

LG in den Tag vom katerchen


Wow, an impressive bison! So great! Love the third photo!


Now, after reading Linda's comment, I want to hear those bison! They are such odd, yet beautiful, looking creatures.


Aren't they the most beautiful beasts! I just love looking at them and hearing them. They have a very different sound.


Karen, Pixel Posts

Oh, I love buffalo, they are such majestic animals!

Mickie Brown

We took our Grandson to Custer Park last summer. It was terrific--he loved having our car surrounded by buffalo. Did you see the wild donkeys? I have a picture of one with his head completely inside the window of our car. What a beautiful (and fun) place to visit. Safe travels back home--sounds like you have had a great summer. Mickie :)


Dearest Sallie;
How great your son could be with you two to enjoy the time at the wonderful place (thou cold,haha) I've never seen buffalo/bison, how amazing (for me) to see crystals in his fur. Well, happy to know you two are having wonderful trip, my friend♬♬♬

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan to my dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

Taken For Granted

You might think of going to Custer State Park in the spring during the buffalo roundup or in the fall during the buffalo sale. Both are fun events where you get to see large herds of these animals running together.

Life Images by Jill

You are on a road trip and we arfe just back from one. I agree keeping up with posting on a road trip is really difficult. It must be amazing to see Bison. Have a wonderful week and thank you for stopping by my blog this week.


Hi Sallie, my but you two sure do get around and see some marvelous sights. I always enjoy looking over your shoulder.

Even tho I don't always visit, I do try to read your post.
Be safe, well and happy :)


How wonderful, Sallie. I'm particularly impressed with the close up of the bison. My goodness, what a great shot!


That looks like a great place, it's not one I've visited. I've only been in South Dakota once.


You got some nice bison shots! And it was super your son was able to come visit with you. By now, you're probably farther on your way to Florida. We're getting a cold front here tomorrow night - down to about 54! Yikes. Actually I love it! Drive safely. Always nice to hear from you!

NatureFootstep Photo

the buffalo in the first shot is on the perfect spot. :) This seems like a great spot. :)


Love it! I've passed a few farms that raise bison and I love them! My grandma taught in a one room schoolhouse in SD in the early 1900's. I wonder if she saw any?
PS: SO enjoying seeing places I've never been to!


To think there were once tens of millions of these amazing creatures in the plains states, is kind of mind blowing. I've never been to that place, so thanks for the post. Most travelers seem to pay more attention to the national parks and ignore most state parks. That can be a big mistake, because although they are usually smaller, many times state parks have equally fantastic things to see.


You took some great shots in the state park. Looks like a wonderful place to explore.


I like a lot bisons...when they are a little far of me. I saw them in the Lamar Valley in Yellowstone National Park : they were so numerous ! What a good idea to visit this park with your son. A nice day again ! I'm happy for you !

Joe Todd

Great post Sallie. This is one place I haven't had the chance to visit.


Hi! Nice captures. It looks wonderful to be in Custer State Park. I like the bison photo very much. Thanks for sharing.

Stewart M

Thats an animal I'd like to see! And it seems the flies like them as well!

Stewart M - Melbourne


Wonderful photos of you and the family, and what a magnificent animal the bison is. All great shots!


I remember this park, although it is such a long time ago !
These bisons are really impressive

Lady Fi

Wow - amazing shots of the bison. They are magnificent!


I have no idea why but I have always had a very soft spot for both the American and European bison. The European one is now rare and a smaller beast. Great shots Sallie and what fun to have your son with you.


Those bison are Big, especially compared to the bison/cattle hybrids seen by the North Rim. And such a special treat to visit a favorite place with a favorite person.


That first shot is awesome and so is the one of the bison in the trees! They look so close to you.
Glad you got to spend some time with your son.


Oh fantastic in both seasons and I like to see family photos too Sallie... Safe travels


This sure looks a great park with wildlife.


Some great up-close bison pics. Those guys surely don't mind the cold. You're getting closer to your winter home, Sallie - safe trip!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

My husband and I visited this parka few summers ago and were amazed by how many Bison lived there!


I call them bison, cuz its easier to spell. Whatever you call them they are really magnificent animals. The Nature Conservancy in Oklahoma has a whole ranch where they raise them called Tallgrass Praire. I never get tired of going there.

Laura Hegfield

Looks as though you had a marvelous time Sallie... I'm so pleased for you and your family to have had this time together.

Dina J

Cool shots of the bison. I was there two years ago and only saw one on the road. Loved Custer State Park as well. I hope to go back in the next year.

artmusedog and carol

Wow! What an adventure and such wonderful photography ~ love the bison ~ thanks, carol ^_^


Bison are such impressive animals and your photos of them are wonderful. What a wonderful place to visit. Your mosaic is so nice. It put a smile of the face of the viewer.


Oh, it is such a beautiful park, isn't it, Sallie!! It looks as though you had a great time and how fun that your son got to join you!! Thanks for sharing the beauty and the fun!!


such magnificent beasts! glad your son got to go with you!


Looks like a beautiful place! I'd love to see bison in person. Glad you're having a sweet visit with your son in such a beautiful locale.

Reader Wil

Thank you for sharing your trip to South Dakota! The bisons look very impressive. I wish we had such wildlife here in the Netherlands.

Penelope Puddlisms

What a large impressive creature that would be to see in your world. I can just hear him crackling the twigs as he saunters through the shrubbery. Looks like his coat is getting furry for the winter season ahead.


Great pictures! Brings back memories of our visit there. Safe travels!

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