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October 23, 2013



Very clever! It's not just a cross country drive, it's an adventure!


You have to have good coffee. Oklahoma is a latecomer to good coffee.

Lisa Hermanson

I do like that coffee sign - hot dam !


So cool. I love the dam drive-up wordplay :)


Fun play on words and great shot of the dam.


I am enjoying the trip vicariously. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog yesterday. Dianne

Sharon Wagner

Opps. Or maybe it is Samuel Jackson. Hmmm. Either way it is cool.

Sharon Wagner

There's a car commercial with Morgan Freeman where he says dam. I was surprised. But Morgan Freeman can do no wrong.


What a fun post Sallie! I'd be stopping off to get a cup of dam coffee, that's for dam sure - heheheheh!


I guess it's hot then..lol

Karen, Pixel Posts

Cute sign!


Well, I'll be dammed. Coffee sounds good; I'm going to go get a cup. And you're on the road again, making photos with your friends, gee, it's great to be on the road again. (With apologies to Willie.)

Lady Fi

Great sign! And at least it's not cold.

NatureFootstep Photo

Hi Sallie. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. I knew of course you were travelling so I only waited for you to show up again. You are probably my biggest fan. :) Thanks for that. And I can see you are progressing in your photography. :)


Dearest Sallie,
Lovely pay on words(*^_^*) Thanks for the little smile, my friend. We have dam not so far away from my house, this post made me wish to go there. (haha, never been there)

Lots of Love and hugs from Japan to my friend in America, Miyako*, xoxo


who would want cold coffee?


Cute play on words! I remember seeing little roadside coffee stands like this when we were in the PNW a few years ago.

Thanks for dropping by and commenting on "Dog n Suds."

Hope you're having a great week!


Oh, that would bring you to a stand still, - very inviting sign!! Glad you are getting close to your destination, although I am sure it has been a great trip cross-country.


Love the play on words!
Seems no matter where you are you find a wonderful sign. :)

Gemma Wiseman

Love the creative word play. Coffee begs for attention. Great find.


I don't think people in the gray PNW could survive without their Dam coffee. Great sign.


LOL! I'd be stopping there for a cuppa if I'm nearby.


haha its hot but its gotta be Good too...Hot Dam Good Coffee!


What a clever name for the coffee spot. I love the way there are little huts/buildings along side the highways selling coffee. We do not see that here in our part of VA.


Cute sign and the dam is very impressive from that angle.

Emille (Jesh StG)

I love you water shot! I first put "dam" instead of water - I didn't think it sounded so good!
BTW, one time in a restaurant with my daughter's family I wanted to spell the word "fudge" so that the little kids wouldn't get what I wanted for dessert. I stopped after the second letter:):)

Taken For Granted

Looks like lots of Hot Dam Coffee flowing through that dam, or did I misunderstand?


I also love my coffee. But Hot Dam, it looks closed!


I always like a good pun!


Very neat sign! And a great scenery as well.


Priceless. USA certainly goes in for more fun signs than UK!!!


oh, i stinking LOVE that!!! :)


Haha, love the double entendre. Hope you're having fun on your travels. Be safe!


Very clever sign! I like it!

Rainfield (雨田 Malaysia)

Let drink the Hot Dam Coffee together.

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