October 17, 2013



Oh perfect Sallie


Some of my favorite days have mist/fog on the mountainsides. However, too many gray, dark days drive me nutty. I don't think I've ever been to Fern Ridge Lake before--pretty!
Blessings, Aimee

Sharon Wagner

Misty mornings are so magical. Lovely.

Forest Dream Weaver

Fabulous images!
The misty days have brought wonderful possibilities.

Happy weekend!


Wonderful captures!!

Reader Wil

Hi Sallie! Thank you for your heartwarming comment. I also feel that we are friends although we never met. Your father was in the navy, my father too. He sailed during the war in a convoy of ships of the allied countries( U.S,A., British, French, Dutch ships... ) which was very stressful and dangerous due to the German and Japanese submarines. May be our fathers met somehow in one of the free harbours. My father sailed on Dutch ships of the Java-China-Japan line, which was lateron renamed Royal Interocean Lines or RIL. My father was the Chief Engineer. He lost a lot of his colleagues. He was often in the States, England and Australia.
Have a great weekend.
Your blogging friend, Wil


Wonderful photos! I love the second one - all the mist! Like that! :)


I love the moody skies (and also the first photo). I guess those moody ones tell you it's about time to head south...

Stewart M

I really like that middle picture!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


Very atmospheric skies and such a beautiful landscape !


These are magnificent captures and representations of PNW skies.


Beautful pictures!


I love your photos - natural monochrome can be beautiful too!


Dearest Sallie,
Wonderful pictures of the October Skies♡♡♡ Oh, "Three Sisters"; even mountain has sisters, not for me... p;) Lovely name and loved the pink glow♬♬♬
Monochrome pictures of the Fern Ridge Lake is great as well; especially the dark edge. I DO hope you'll have bright sunny days ahead of your trip, my dear friend.

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


Ohh neat shots.


Foggy, misty days are beautiful in their own way. I think that October has to be one of the prettiest months of the year. Lovely captures. genie

Photo Cache

yes october has pretty skies. i think it's a global thing.


Lovely captures, I love the shot of the peaks. Enjoy your weekend!


Good shots

Laura Hegfield

Each photo is so beautiful Sallie... I am particularly drawn to the softness of the second misty image. Thanks as always for your kind message on my post. I do hope you will explore the links when time allows:-)

artmusedog and carol

All of the sky shots of the mountain are beautiful ~ thanks, carol, xx


Lovely images of serenity!


Beautiful Autumn skies, wonderful colors and terrific captures for the day -- any day! Magical indeed! Enjoy your weekend!!


Lovely post!


Lovely gentle skies. October is a great month for mists and gentle colours. a long, long time ago we did Canada from East to West in October and the temperature dropped 10 F literally in every place the day after we left
Enjoy every minute of your trip no matter what the weather.


I love the pink sky and the mountain. The moody skies are also beautiful.


Like that pink glow in the sky.

Sally in WA

Oh yeah...it's been gray, wet, damp, cloudy, chilly, downright depressing...Oh wait, that is MN the past several days! Great shots, Sallie. Hope the trip is going well.


I saw the Three Sisters when I visited in May. But I didn't get as close as you. My shots were all from the highway at a pretty far distance. Oregon is such a beautiful area.

Karen, Pixel Posts

Mist shots are so magical. These are splendid!


there you go. :)

in the top photo, it looks like strings of birds are flying through, too. so you're not the only ones leaving. :)


It's often the pleasure of fall : each day is different ! Here too ! last week snow was falling on the peaks...and rain on the garden. Today is a summer day !


I love the name of the mountain peaks - Three Sisters! All photos are lovely - whether is sunny or not! Safe travels!

Lady Fi

I love autumn mist! Lovely shots.

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