October 18, 2013



Dearest Sallie,
OMG, what a surprise (for me!) to see the snow☆☆☆ The weather seems kind of abnormal, doesn't it... But pictures were beautiful p;)

So sorry for my recent absence and belated comment. My father had a bit of trouble eating and losing weight a lot (getting weaker). So I was a bit busy tending him and also moving places.

Lots of Love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


No, no, no! Been there, done that. Don't wanna do it no more! Nice pics, though. I can look at snow pictures with no problem. But never hand me a shovel. I'll probably go stark raving mad! :)


Nice photos! As long as the snow doesn't mess up your travel plans, it's a good thing. We're out in the desert (Joshua Tree) right now and there was some snow in higher elevations already when we got here last week. It sounds like you are having a great trip!

Joe Todd

I'm just not ready for snow yet LOL


Looks like you had a surprise between MT and SD! My house is surrounded by the white stuff.

Sharon Wagner

We're getting a hard freeze here tonight. Snow. Blah.


very pretty but makes me shiver


Oh it's so lovely to hear someone talking about the "black hills" I've always loved western movies!
WOW that is some snow - I would love to see it - where I live in New Zealand we don't get snow!
Your mosaic images are breathtaking!
I'm visiting from Mosaic Monday.

Life Images by Jill

you have an early winter, and we have a late winter. We have had so much rain during September, and there has already been more rain in October than usual. I am wondering when it will end - though we need the water!
Safe travels and Enjoy your last days of Autumn.

Lavender Dreams

It sure looks pretty! It's still hot down here but it supposed to change this week! Take care and enjoy your week!

Lavender Cottage

There has been snow early in a few places but I can wait for ours here in Ontario. I'm glad the roads remained bare and safe for driving for your visit.


SNOW!!! Yes it is early here also. You both drive careful and get to that lovely little cottage on the sea!



Jenn Jilks

What a surprise! I agree with you about travels in the shoulder seasons! Not in the snow, mind you...


I've patiently been waiting for the weather to cool here and the leaves to change color. We're going on a drive tomorrow. But, I am so jealous of your snow! :) After fall I can hardly wait for the first snowfall. Your photos really made me smile knowing it won't really be long now.


Beautiful! I adore snow and will even travel to it if we don't get enough to satisfy me:) I wouldn't want to drive an RV in it though so am glad the roads were good! Happy to hear your son was able to visit you in South Dakota--a visit from your kids is always wonderful!
Blessings, Aimee


Oh wow, all that snow already? Glad it did not impede your progress and how great to have your son join you for a little while. Great photos!


Maybe Old Man Winter was jealous of all the attention, Stately, Classic Autumn was getting! Talk about vanquished. Beautiful fall postcards--and Christmas cards!


I remember it well, but sure don't miss it. Lovely photos...brrrr!


That's a lot of snow, and this early! This is an interesting post with expreaaive pictures.

Lena Ericsson

We had a wee bit snow falling this Friday, but luckily nothing that stayed. :)


What a surprise ! We had snow here too... but on the top of the mountains. I like it but not too early...


For me personally, snow is a real treat, though maybe not in October. With the change in weather patterns it really is not too surprising, here it feels like summer and New South Wales has already suffered massive wildfires with a loss of 1-200 homes and one life. Looks like we just have be more resilient and take the weather as it comes rather than what we have been able to expect until now. A bummer, but there it is.
Enjoy your wonderful fall trip snow not withstanding.


Amazing amount of snow...wonder if that's a peek into how it will be this winter?


that's a lot of snow !!
pretty pics


Forgot to say what a great pic it is with the house and the snow.


That is amazing snow already. We have summer early too.

Rainfield (雨田 Malaysia)

Mr. Snow never stops by anywhere.

So he arrives very early this time.


ach nee Schnee möchte ich noch nicht haben Sallie

LG zum Wochenende vom katerchen


Wow, it is early for the snow! I could go all winter without seeing snow and be happy! Your photos are pretty. Have a happy weekend!


Great post, lovely to study!


Beautiful snowy photos - but it looks really really cold! I think I'd rather have my own hot summer weather1


Snow in October ??? I get a nervous breakdown ! I have seen these beautiful landscapes in South and North Dakota and have spent a night in Rapid city, long time ago (in 1971)fortunately it was in August. My aunt had married an American and his parents lived for a while in North Dakota before moving down to Wisconsin. But that was end the 1800, lol !

Jesh. StG

Wow you guys are braving this kind of weather! Keep my fingers crossed for no-more-snowstorms! Keep warm:)


Beautiful and scenic. The snow hill looks wonderful.


That's a lot of snow form mid-October. I left the North Rim and it dropped 5" that night. Pretty to look at from somewhere warm, and preferably not out on the highway.

artmusedog and carol

Not sure that I want to see snow yet ~ Beautiful photos and other photos are fantastic ~ do hope you are safe and having fun ~ Wonderful photography ~ carol, xo


Beautiful shots. I love the way the early snow looks and glad driving wasn't an issue.


We had snow this morning too, but that's not unusual given the time of year and elevations in this part of the country. It does make for pretty photos!


Sheesh, cannot believe it snowed already! Your photos are absolutely gorgeous. And since we rarely see any of the white stuff, I enjoy looking at those who take the time to photograph it for us snow-deprived souls in the south. Be safe on those roads!


Oh I am not ready for snow yet....

Gemma Wiseman

These snowy scenes are magical - especially the snow bound home. And lovely the soft misty blue tones too.


Oh my. I hope this isn't a sign of a rough winter ahead. The best way to see snow is just as you are now, Sallie, heading into the warmth of the south. Beautiful photos.


Oh my goodness, so early! We have been warned that we are in for a hard winter here in the UK, is this a sign I wonder?


Oh my, Sallie, - the snow is a shadow on the gleaming colours in the valley these days. One is inclined to think melancholy November will never come.... Your snow pictures are beautiful, but not really relevant to October....


wow, again more early snow for that area! bless them as they suffer with the tragedies of the first blizzard. those poor cattle ranchers...

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