October 13, 2013



Very nice "postcards!" Driving 400 miles on that mountainous and winding route is big day! It's not like you were driving down a freeway. Enjoy your winter migration and keeping snapping them photos...


Four great postcards, and you're right about not often hitting four states in one day. I have done five on several occasions. The first time was driving from Colorado to Spokane (Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Ihado, Washington). And several times we've driven to or from Los Angeles straight through (Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California). That makes for a lot of driving - 1,100+ miles in one day! (On one of our road trips I took a photo of our navigation unit telling us to turn in 658 miles - I put it on my blog back in August 2012). I'd much rather split the drive up into your smaller blocks - it's much more enjoyable that way.


I love your photos Sallie. Happy travels!


I love getting postcards, and these are the best I've received in a very long time, Sallie. Safe travel - and I hope you don't find any winter on the way down and across.


Wonderful shots from the road. I just got home from the NC mountains and I didn't take a computer so I'm catching up on blogs.


A long way to your winter home and it's just the first day !

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

Beautiful photos! I've traveled cross country twice by car, both in summer and in winter. It is always a wonderful adventure! We usually took I 80.


How utterly peaceful and spectacular set of pictures, Sallie! I love those colors in the sky; Wish you a wonderful trip and I know you are already having one!


Beautiful pictures of a beautiful state; I have never been there but I have a cousin living in Montana. Thanks for commenting on my picture. Have a nice day.


Love the photo of the clearwater river


that sunset is amazing, what a lovely photo


The first and third pictures are absolutely gorgeous. I would frame and hang the first one for sure.

Looks like you are seeing some wonderful sights on your way back to Florida!


The third image down is particularly beautiful... love the reflection



I love road trips. Thanks for sharing yours.


Wow, that sounds like a wonderful trip !

Lady Fi

That's a long long journey! Lovely shots - especially that first one.


All of these are postcard worthy, but I absolutely love your river images!


More, more--I am traveling vicariously through you this year and I LOVE what I am seeing! I can hardly wait to see more from Big Sky Country--the only part of Montana I have seen was the section right next to Yellowstone.
Safe travels and blessings,


Thanks for the tour! You definitely expand my horizons.

artmusedog and carol

What a 'road trip' and gorgeous photography ~ enjoy ~ thanks, carol (A Creative Harbor)


With such beautiful scenery, I would find it difficult to drive through.

Photo Cache

my goodness you are so lucky.....

these are beautiful shots.


Beautiful "postcards" from your trip.


I'm really glad you are having 'good' traveling weather. We ran into some nasty stuff coming back home from Nebraska. Wave when you pass through Colorado!!! I'll wave back!



Looks as though you're having a great trip! Beautiful captures of lovely places!! We're still having gorgeous weather here in Oregon!! And I raised my family in Montana and it is a beautiful place to be in the Fall!! Hope you have a great week and may the remainder of your trip be beautiful and safe!!

Beyond Wandering

You're on such a beautiful roadtrip, and I would love to come with you :-)


oh i love MT..only got there once..but time IS on my side I hope! LOVELY photos of fall color!

Sharon Wagner

You have hit the road with some really nice photos.


Wow, I love the sunset on the Columbia River. Gorgeous scenes from your road trip! Wishing you a happy day and safe travels.

Rainfield (雨田 Malaysia)

400 miles, just a hundred miles short to sing 500 miles.


wenn einer eine Reise macht.
Sallie wunderschöne Bilder hast du aufgenommen..:D :D
LG vom katerchen zum Wochenstart


Clearwater River looks especially inviting-happy travels!


Dearest Sallie;
Wow, lovely post cards♡♡♡ The sunsets over the Columbia River and the Clearwater River above Orofino Id; So marvelous and happy for the sweet cards to know you are safe traveling and having a wonderful time♬♬♬
Safe trip ahead, my friend.

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


What a lovely adventure, Sallie - across country at this most beautiful time of the year. I do wish you a wonderful and safe journey.

Stewart M

Nice set of pictures. I think your annual trip south must be a really nice ritual.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne.

Lisa Hermanson

good luck with your trip - hope it is filled with great sight. That is quite something, to paint a "C' on the side of a mountain as a high school tradition. Cool !


That's a lot of miles, and states, to cover in a day. Sure did see the pretty fall colors along the way.

Karen, Pixel Posts

Oh gosh Sallie, that first shot is so incredibly gorgeous! I'm looking forward to more postcards!


that first one is a stunner. i'd have been tempted to stick around in oregon a while longer. you've got quite a few states to meander through, yet. hope you have safe travels and good weather! can't wait to see more postcards!


Sallie, you're on the road again! I hope you miss the snowy weather due in CO the beginning of the week! Drive safely. Love that Columbia River shot.

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