November 16, 2013


Jeannette StGermain

I love your colors, Sallie! I hate it when I see kids being "mainstreamed" into what is acceptable and what not, and sadly with most kids creativity drops by 3rd grade. Luckily my art didn't show up till I was old enough to defend my own opinion.


Thank you for coloring outside the lines with my favorite shades of RED, Sallie! I wanted to drop by and wish you happy holidays. Enjoy the warmth for me, will you!


You are funny (petal like leaves).
That last photo is so pretty!


YES!!! That is just how we had to color when I went to school and we only had the small pack of crayons...then other colors started becoming available...



I adore your sense of humor, Sallie. The red grasses are particularly of interest to me, both for your photography abilities, and my interest in growing grasses. I can just imagine those plumes in early snow.


Your shots are splendid, Sallie and what a great idea to look at the world differently !

Sharon Wagner

Things are turning to brown around here. Gosh darn it.


that grass is amazing, what a lovely colour! And the 'flowers' are beautiful too

Coloring Outside the Lines

Love all these "not so pc" colors I really love the flowers- very pretty muted tones.

EG CameraGirl

Amazing the colours you captured with your lens.

Dina J

Beautiful shots! The grass is Muhly grass. It turns to a pink or purple shade in the fall. It's a native of Florida. It's beautiful when it's in color. I keep saying I'm going to plant some in my yard and haven't done it yet.


Haha! I can so relate! Your photos are awesome. Love the pink grass. Next thing you know, you'll be running with scissors!


Very nice colors. I hated art classes back in elementary school, they were the only classes that could bring me to tears. I've never had any interest in art since then.


Love it Sallie. Yes, even green grass has many shapes, shades and nuances, as one who has tried to grow grass knows. Love the grass. Dianne


I love this combination of pink and green.....it must look wonderful in the wind.

Happy Sunday!


I don't think I ever saw red grass but I love it. LOve all your photo's
Have a nice week

guild-rez  (Gisela Bach)

I love ornamental grasses...
Thank you for your beautiful images!!

Red Nomad OZ

HAhaha! Such a relief that the colours remain unharmed ... of course all the REDS are a delight!! Hope your weekend is going perfectly!!

Mary Howell Cromer

I am smiling, love this post and your images, all delightful. Happy week~


Hi Sallie,

So enjoyed reading this post for its wit and whimsy! You have captured many moods of our changing world, in your unique photos. Thanks for sharing!



Beautiful results ! I too love to play with colors !


You have make beautiful photos!
Greetings, RW & SK


I like the unique too Sallie! Thanks for sharing:)
Blessings, Aimee


Red grass is so cool! :)
The sky shot is stunning!


I love the colors of grasses not always green. Have heard that the camera doesn't lie.
I hope you break the crayons in half too.


Pretty colors Sallie


I love the purple hued grass. Sometimes I see it where I live. And the tree is one that grows wild I thin but not profusely. Don't know the name but I have been trying to nurture one in my yard.


These are all beautiful shots. I like red grass too.

NatureFootstep Photo

sound like your teacher did not SEE. I like the grass images. Especially the second one. You can see the movement of the grass and it is still sharp and crisp.

If you used a longer shutter time you could have both sharp and blurred areas in your shot. Always looks great. :)


Love the pretty grasses and the flowers are a lovely color. Beautiful images, Sallie! Happy weekend to you!


Your writing is so witty, Sallie. Always enjoy your take on things. What is that grass, btw? I've seen it all around here and I absolutely love it! It's so feminine and pink and airy looking.


I agree-I also enjoy "playing with a photo" sometimes! Heather comes in all colours now too!


Hi Sallie, thank you so much for linking up with Today's Flowers. And I have never seen red grasses before. It looks really neat. Also the petals on the third photo I don't think I have seen anything like those before either. I love your photos :)


I love red grasses too. We have grasses in our yard courtesy of the previous owner but no reds.
I hope somebody can ID that tree. It has a lovely color in that unusual cluster of leaf/flower.
I had to smile about 'maybe nobody went out in the evening.' I was at my Mom's the other evening and went out to capture the sunset and I honestly thought to myself that I didn't remember ever watching the sun go down when I was growing up.
Fun and lovely post!


oh, that last one... wow.

and i love the grasses, too. our rye grass in the hay field, if not mowed will top out in rich burgandy tones. way to break out of the acceptable crayon colors. :)

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