November 18, 2013


Sharon Wagner

We all love freebies!


I enjoyed both the stories of these carvings. I do agree though that it is not obvious how much has been done over the past years.

Jenny Woolf

Always wanted to see these places, what an amazing concept for one family to carry out. .


How Fun! Just driving along and realizing that is Mount Rushmore! I would LOVE to see that!!


That will be amazing. The model makes me think of the artwork around Rockefeller Center.

Joe Todd

Love those "back roads"

Lisa Hermanson

I don't think I've ever seen pictures of the unfinished Crazy Horse monument - that is literally one monumental project !!
Also good to see a less "canned" photo of Mount Rushmore, can judge it more or less on it's own merits this way. Thanks !


Talk about patience, 65 years and only the face is showing. Should send this post to DC.

Pearl Maple

Thanks for sharing your photos of this adventure, truly amazing to see what artists can craft out of rock

Beyond Zephyr

It is a fascinating story and the monument is great!

Erco Travels

Great work by a Sculptor! Nice photos.


I wish the place receives more funding so that it can be completed soon, from the scale model, it looks like the actual picture after completion will be amazing to look at! The rock sculptures look very intriguing too. Great shots as always, it feels so good to be here after a long time, Sallie :)

Jenn Jilks

You travel and share some amazing places!
I love the long term of the project.

Swati Singh

Wonderful sculptures! great post.


I've only been there once and it was when I was a kid. Nice photos Sallie! That was nice that you found the back door!


What a beautiful statue and I love the faces on Mt Rushmore. How wonderful to see it in person.

I stora drag

Interesting to see what can be done on a mountain! Hope it will be finished some day!

Thanks a lot for your nice thoughts on my 500:th blog post!
It's very nice to become a grandmother to a little girl, because we're having four boys, me and my husband!
Greetings Pia

Rainfield (雨田 Malaysia)

Faces of centuries old are looking at us.


Dearest Sallie;
What grand places and statue☆☆☆ I wondered if I get the chance to go visit and see "the horse's head and the hand" if the work progress is slow p;)  The pictures of the famous 4 presidents at Mount Rushmore National Memorial reminds me of the young days of thinking and learning about your country.

ps> Thank you so much for your sweet comments for me. Taking much more time than we expected for formalities p;) Although the 3 pictures of my late parents and brother up above the family altar in my empty parents house still makes me sad, I'm doig fine.

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan to my dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

Stewart M

Rushmore is a place I'd like to visit - even if I do wonder what drives people to do such things to rock.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


They have been working on that statue most of my life. Wonder if they will finish it before I die? Probably not. Dianne


What ana amazing sculpture, so much work must be involved in making that kind of artwork

Karen, Pixel Posts

Cool profile shot!


They look so strange for me ! I see them of course in the Hitchcock film (whom title I forgot !).
A nice trip for your family !


Hi! The first photo is very interesting. I looked many times the four famous faces from many magazines. Thanks for sharing.


We have been there in 1971 (!) and had been told that the Crazy Horse would be finished in about two years !
I see the two years lasted longer because it just looks like 40 years ago, lol !


That is such a different view of mt Rushmore from the usual. I have never been there but maybe one day.


That Crazy Horse sculpture is quiet an undertaking and a whole lot of rock to move. The first time I went to Rushmore it was too foggy to see but not the second time. Feels like been there done that now.


It is hard to believe so many years have passed since the Crazy Horse statue was started. It would such a remarkable sculpture. Like you I fear it may never be completed.
Looking at your backdoor view of Rushmore it is amazing to me just how large those heads are. I'd like to see it someday. Thankfully I can get an idea from your wonderful photos.

Lady Fi

What amazing scenery - and I love the statue and the faces!


That will be an amazing statue when it's completed! I am still so in love with all the photos I have seen this year in blogland of South Dakota--what a beautiful state!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

The Crazy Horse sculpture does not seem to have had any work done since I saw it last, about 3 years ago, Sallie.

I enjoyed seeing your photos of the Presidents on Mt. Rushmore taken from a different perspective. George Washington's coat really stands out from that angle!


I've never been to the Crazy Horse monument but it seems like it is proceeding at a painfully slow pace. I would still like to see it. I would also like to see Mount Rushmore again. I saw is about 43 years ago. I think it is time to see it again.


Often the "backdoor" is the best. Wonderful photo, Sallie, and I appreciate the varied views of Crazy Horse, hoping to see its progression someday.


Oh wow. The sheer artistry and strength needed to create a monument of this scale is utterly amazing. How wonderful that you got to see Rushmore from such a unique vantage point. One day I hope to see it.


How neat to be able to see Mt. Rushmore from a lesser known spot! That's quite a nice, unobstructed view. Great "long-cut"! ;-)

We've been to Crazy Horse Monument, too, although it's been about 15 years. Have to say it doesn't look noticeably different. I have to wonder if it will ever be finished.


I love the sculpture and also the back door photo of Mt. Rushmore...something I would not ever see!!! Great Blog.


Thanks for sharing these monuments, Sallie. I have not been to the Dakotas, maybe someday. I would like to see both of sculptures. They are amazing. Have a happy week!


I love history and have read about the west with great interest and sadness for the native Americans... Michelle

NatureFootstep Photo

well, this isn´t my first choise to visit. I´d rather go to Yellowstone. :)


Interesting story and fun to get the surprise view of Mt Rushmore.


I remember driving by Crazy Horse on our way back from Mt. Rushmore, but we didn't stop. Nice shots!

Photo Cache

another must visit park.


I can't help but feel that the permanent, past presidents appreciated your present visit, while passing by, on the way back!


Reader Wil

Great post! Beautiful sculpture of Crazy Horse! I also like the images of the four presidents. I have seen them in Denmark in Legoland.That was very well done.
Thank you for your comment.I agree with you and Gary!

Penelope Puddlisms

Oh, wow, that would have been exciting to see those famous faces on the mountain in such a surprising way. I also admire the efforts of the “Crazy Horse” family and their dedication to finishing such an important sculpture.


Great shots and a very interesting post. Cool to find the backdoor view unexpectedly.

EG CameraGirl

It's nice to see how the work is progressing!


Great post Sallie. I enjoyed reading it and the links about the Crazy Horse Statue and it reminded me of this Greek Proverb, “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” It will be a magnificent and impressive piece when finished. I didn't see this on our last trip to SD but hope to next time.


wow. i saw crazy horse back in 1981. they've definitely made progress on his face since i was there. still ages to go...

Boom & Gary

Great post!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada. Thanx for checking on us.


Wow, what a surprise to come upon that iconic rock! I love the portal opening in the crazy horse rock and wonder what the white sketch is.


I've always wondered if the faces could be seen from a far, far away!



A great story indeed and it is indeed an amazing place!! Wonderful captures as always!! Thanks for sharing, Sallie!! Have a great week!


Amazing scenery. I can only imagine the vision and dedication that have gone into creating such monuments.

Phil (@anotherbirdblog)

That's a great story Sallie. It's place I've only ever seen on the TV but it must be wonderful to see for real and to take those pictures.

sallie, My wife said "That's nothing, Phil started painting the house in 1947 and it ain't finished either".


Wonderful sculptures. When it gets fully completed it will be worth to see it once again.


this is so fascinating that I had to look up:
It is an amazing story!

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