December 08, 2013




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Laura Hegfield

A lovely collection Sallie! Thanks for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro:-)


I love to pick up seeshells on the beach, when I was a child. It's a good way o be alone and peacefull. I like too to touch them and to put ne in a pocket to find it again days after.


I LOVE seashells and so does my youngest granddaughter! We have taught her to leave them on the beach (after we take a photo or two of her treasure) for someone else--except for the ones we buy and then hide for her to find:)
SO wish I was where you are now. It's been freezing here as of late (down to around 9 degrees at night).
PS: Beautiful photos today-I almost felt like I was there!


Every place has different shells. They are all so wonderful.

NatureFootstep Photo

are you aware that you created a butterfly in your first image? :)


I have jars of shells collected long ago. Dianne

Clair Z.

These are absolutely exquisite photos. I can't even decide which I like best. As I get older, I loved the idea of getting rid of "stuff" and collections, so I really admire your idea of collecting shells via photographs.


I'd love to go shelling with you Sallie.
Southwest Florida beaches definitely have the best shelling. Especially Marco and Sanibel islands.

Mary Howell Cromer

I adore collecting sea shells and have them from the Atlantic, Pacific and Hawaii coast lines...these are so pretty, such delicate colours!

Sharon Wagner

I hear you about only taking home the photos. And they are less stinky and sandy as well. I'm a recovering shell addict.

Rainfield (雨田 Malaysia)

The camera looks so small, but it keeps so many of them.

Stewart M

My daughter would be in heaven on a beach like that! And I would not be very far behind!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

PS: good advice about the second job!


Shelling is a new word to me. So many beautiful shells! I could make jewellery with them :)


The intricate and tiny composition of shells, like tiny jewels, lying in a treasure chest of shore, is something I adore, especially, in the summer months on Crete's beautiful beaches.

Your 'collection' is a beautiful. Thanks for sharing!



Love the first picture ! Looks like a pastel painting, beautiful !


Lovely shell images, Sallie. I've never heard of "shelling."


There are so many shapes and colors of shells I could spend hours just sitting and looking. But I too only collect their images any more.


Oh what beautiful colours in that first photo! I really like your collage, it's very artsy! I love shells, but don't live near the ocean :(

Susie Clevenger

I love the beach...the first one has such delicate colors...beautiful


Love your camera collection of shells, Sallie.


Beautiful shots. As a kid I loved collecting them.


Hi! Nice captures. There are many beautiful sheshells.
I only know the sentence,"She sells seashells by the seashore." Thanks for sharing.

Lavender Cottage

There are some beauties in that top photo. I've only known 'shelling' to mean taking the shell off of nuts to eat. Different terms in different locations.

EG CameraGirl

Shelling is such a fun way to spend time on a beach!

Lavender Dreams

It's my MOST favorite thing to do in the world! I don't get to go very often but that's all I do when I go to the beach...walk and shell seek! I love finding treasures. You are in a beautiful part of our state! Enjoy this fabulous weather my friend!


Beautiful! I want to be there right now!


Nice shots. Living in a military town, shelling means something quite different. As does shooting :)


I love that mosaic of the ocean surrounded by shells. Very creative. Have a good week!


Wonderful shots of the shells and beach!


Your shell photos are fabulous Sallie and I like how you have inserted the photo into the second one also. Would love you to join in Today's Flowers sometime. Whenever you can you would be very welcome and thank you for thinking of it. Have a great week!

artmusedog and carol

Lovely mosaic of 'shelling' results ~ beautiful! ~ carol, xxx

thanks for visiting also ^_^


beautiful shells. i have heard picking up shells. not sure i have ever heard "shelling" ... not sure??! i will roll it around the head-o for a while. it sort of sounds familiar but i am not sure why??!

ha. ha!!! ( :


Im with you Sallie, I too prefer the camera to the plastic bag and wondering later 'whatever for'??
Love your gentle shots.


Beautiful collection of shells, Sallie! While visiting Florida I heard about the shelling on various beaches. Lovely mosaic!


Shelling is a new word to me, too! The pastels in the first photo are so pretty. I guess collecting them digitally results in a lot less clutter. I'm all about that!


shelling around here usually is combined with 'out'. :)


I used to decorate wine bottles with shells and use them as lamp stands-the more unusual the bottle shape, the better.
These photos are lovely to see on a cold, dank day!

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