January 04, 2014



Oh, Sallie, your photos are beautiful, and your captions are quite witty, giving me a needed laugh for today. It is 14 below here, so, your warmth and sunshine is appreciated.

NatureFootstep Photo

oh ,dear, where do you find those funny shots? I never see anything close to that!


You can always be counted on to find the whimsical and humorous things out there. Great photos and fantastic captions!


Love the pictures, Sallie, - great captures and funny captions. I was given a beautiful daily calendar of birds for Christmas and am increasing my knowledge, but nothing like seeing them right in front of you and being able to photograph them, - lots to be said for wandering!!!!


Looks like you got most of the different types except for the "Mucky" ducks. Maybe you don't have Mucky Ducks on the west coast?

Bill sounds like my kind of guy!


Happy New Year, Sallie!

I love ducks and swans and geese and just about any feathered friend! Your pics and commentary are wildly entertaining and my favourite is the last shot for its leafy intrigue and fluffy flair with hair!

Have a lovely week!



What a wonderful post to start the new year! Loved the pictures, loved your captions even more. And I am going to leave your space smiling for those, thank you so much Sallie! :) Here's wishing you and your's a wonderful 2014!

Stewart M

That really is a bad hair day - I can empathise with the poor bird!!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


The pictures are great, but your commentary makes them even better! Thanks for the early morning laughs. :)


Love all the birds...

Dina J

Looks like you had a good trip at the lake. Great shots! I'm glad to see that cotton ball head is still there.


Such fun shots!
I love the egret 'reading' the sign - hilarious!
Since I've been away let me wish you a Happy New Year!


Sallie, these are so funny!! So glad this was the first post in my blog roll. Starting off my day right. :) Love the egret checking out the weight sign and all your other commentary. Hope you have a wonderful day!!


Happy New Year,Sallie. All of your photos are wonderful. Each photo has a story,makes me various kind of feelings.I think you took many many photos. Thanks for sharing. Wishing you a nice Sunday.


Sure they made me laugh ! Thanks, Sallie !


Each so perfect in its own way. What a great bunch of photos and cleaver captions.


Oooh I love the egret reading the sign with a London Bobby (that's a policeman just like the fire hydrant) making sure he's not over the limit.


Pure fun! I wonder if the birds thought they'd show up and see if anybody with a camera got the joke! These are wonderful images.


Too funny - your FL birds have a great sense of humor.


Fun post. I admire birders because they know what they are looking at. I'm so shallow because I am looking for a story.

Laura Hegfield

A wonderful series Sallie! Wishing you a very happy New Year:-)


Dearest Sallie,
Good morning from Japan, my friend. Oh, you gave me a lovely morning smile♬♬♬ Your captions are perfect for sweet lovely birds. I wish I could find these nature so that I can link to Eileen(^^;)
Sending you lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*  


Funny comments!! I do miss the water fowl. Lovely shots Sallie. Dianne


It's nice that you are getting out and about and enjoying the pleasures of south Florida! Reminds me of the day I was out shooting in the Intercoastal and someone yelled "Duck!" I almost dropped my camera.

Nah, I just made that up! :) Hope you're having a fun weekend!


Fantastic shots of the birds and I love your hilarious captions.


We had Chinese Crested at one point in our long farming lives...they are really gentle birds!



Great shots of all the beautiful birds. Enjoy the weekend!

Lady Fi

That last one made me laugh so much. What a lovely series of shots!

The other dog is Ruby, Oscar's great-granddaughter. We're fostering her for a while.


A delightful series, I especially loved the one of the egret looking up at the sign. Great catch and Happy New Year :)


Thanks for the laugh this morning (and I really needed one after finding our dog had yet another accident on our floor)!! What gorgeous and, very unique, birds! And you, my bloggie friend, have a great sense of humor:)
Blessings + Happy New Year!

Lavender Cottage

I enjoyed the birds of Florida shared, and your cute captions.


i loved this! :) great set and commentary, too!

artmusedog and carol

Lovely array of bird photos and fun captions ~ Beautiful! ~ Happy 2014 ~ carol, xxx


I love them all, especially the bird on the street
that's hilarious
hugs from me and Hope and Athena


Oh you got some terrific shots! I love the egret "reading" the sign!

Rainfield (雨田 Malaysia)

So many kinds of them.

So many types of language being spoken.

Do they understand each other?

EG CameraGirl

What a delight to see an egret walking down the street!


Your such a hoot Sallie! I love your pics and fun captions.

Happy weekend to you.


A lovely set that made me smile. You captured all the "odd one out" groups. Just right for my wet, dank day! But I am lucky-the UK Midlands missed the worst of the weather!HAZEL


Sallie, I also wanted to say thanks for linking up to Saturday's Critters. Have a happy weekend!


Sallie, beautiful variety of birds. Swimming with the big boys is a funny shot. Looks like the egret is reading the sign! I love coots they are cool birds.

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