February 11, 2014



I love herons

Stewart M

Nice pictures - as you can see I have emerged from the brain swamp that was my stats course!

Thanks for the comment about the gull picture - I'm off to that island again tomorrow, even if it means a early start!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


Two such handsome herons, I agree, always relaxing to watch herons...

Lady Fi

What great shots.


Gorgeous shots! Love the second one!


Hi, Sallie! I really enjoyed your post. The heron photographs are terrific!

Their scientific name actually translates to: "night bird which can often be seen in the daytime because they like to enjoy the Florida sunshine as much as those humans".

(My Latin is rusty, so the above is a loose translation.)


I love the heron photos...the scenery is also lovely. Thanks so much for your comments on my blog. I did get them...my comment moderation is on and it is slow to say it but I do get all the comments and I love them all. Your comment was very beautiful and means a lot to me. Sometimes I am slow to put the comments in the blog as I read them first. cheers. nora

NatureFootstep Photo

I saw the yellow-crowned in Costa Rica. A lovely bird to watch.

Adam Jones

Lovely shots. I really like the Yellow-Crowned.


Serene and patient, - wonderful words to describe them. How nice to be so confident! What a greatl assortment of birds you see, Sallie.

Jeannette StGermain

Their manner of waiting for dinner to come along makes them perfect to capture, eh! Absolutely beautiful captures, Sallie! The second is so elegant - my favorite:)


Beautiful. I usually see just one Heron in Jersey, but it's too wet and windy just now!


You always have such beautiful bird pictures ! Besides sparrows and a few magpies I don't see anything here for the moment !


Wonderful shots!! I recall my first sighting of this bird I happened to be in Texas at the time, and I was so blown away its such an exotic looking bird, it reminded me of the old drawings of early ornithologists like Audubon!
We have yet more sleet and snow falling today, so many song birds are on the ground picking up the seed I put out this morning.

Abraham Lincoln

We have not seen a Heron around here in years. You have some really nice photos.

Joe Todd

Hi Sallie.. Linda and I are enjoying your part of the world for a few days.. Love the sun and temps... Went to the light house at Boca Grande yesterday but mostly just "chilling" out.


Dearest Sallie,
Wow, I learned 2 diffent herons today. In my area, we see egrets (white heron). Really happy to see your great pictures and expanation of rare kinds (for me, haha). Thank you very much for sharing.

Sending you lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

Reach Beyond Limits

Whoa..these are gorgeous bird shots! I love how they posed so lovely for you!


Your bird photos are always so impressive, never seen these herons before.


Hi,Sallie. Nice captures. We would see this kind of black-crowned night heron sometimes. They would be hiding in the shade of many leaf tree in day time.
I enjoyed your former posts very much. Thanks for sharing.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

You get to see such interesting birds there in Florida, Sallie. Love your photos and descriptions. I hardly see anything but Magpies and a few crows this time of the year.


Absolutely beautiful -- I adore that last photo! It makes me feel peaceful just to look at it.
PS: Rain this week. Will need lots of sunshine from Florida to survive it :)

Karen, Pixel Posts

Fabulous shots! Beautiful markings on the Yellow-crowned night heron.


Fabulous photos, Sallie. While we have herons here, not this black crowned night heron; at least not that I know of. I do love watching herons fish with their patience and their precision.


Both those herons are beautiful and so good to see them during the day. I always think it is interesting to see birds doing what the books say they don't do!!

Lynette Killam

Thanks for stopping by to visit! I'm definitely glad to be back amongst my on-line friends. And I love your photos...this is not a bird I'm familiar with, though we do have a large population of Great Blue Herons here in Vancouver...:)


Just wonderful photos!


Lovely birds and photos. We occasionally see nocturnal birds like owls in the day here, but it's rare.


I love your bird photos, they're great Sallie. I especially am taking note since we have just returned from Florida and we saw all those glorious birds. I was sooooo happy being surrounded by them, never in my life have I see so many different ones from what we can get here. I don't remember seeing your Yellow-crowned but got such a kick out of seeing the Black-crowned heron. Fabulous birds!!! Can you tell I love Florida?

artmusedog and carol

Nature is so beautiful and you have captured its dazzling beauty ~ thanks,

carol and artmusedog


Great sightings of both of the Night Herons, Sallie! They are cool birds, I love seeing them. Great shots!


Sallie, I wish I was there watching these beautiful birds. I agree watching birds is very relaxing.


I think these are even prettier than the blue heron, although the latter is so graceful when flying! Beautiful shots of this beautiful bird!


I so agree with you....I love watching birds. It's relaxing for us, but they are very busy! I wonder if they relax watching us....:)

*♥´¨) ¸.-´¸.-♥´¨) Happy Valentine’s Day¸.-♥¨) (¸.-` ♥♥´¨

Reader Wil

Beautiful herons. We have different species of herons. They are probably bigger, and certainly not nocturnal.
Have a great week!
Wil, ABCW Team.


Nice serie, great photos!


Those are both gorgeous birds. I've never seen either one before so your photographs are a treat.


I hope nothing eats him!


Gorgeous shots of the herons!


i see the yellow-crowned here occasionally - those huge EYES! have never seen a black-crowned and would love to.

Hootin' Anni

I published a post of the two crowned herons duking it out for territorial rights the other week!!

They're fascinating birds. And beautiful images you share.


Absolutely gorgeous photos. It's sad to think that we are destroying the habitat of such magnificent creature. The yellow-crowned seemed to have white crowns instead of yellow. May be that bird in the first picture is suffering from insomnia and thus can't sleep during the day :-P.

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