February 14, 2014


NatureFootstep Photo

the great egret is a wonderful light catcher, don´t you think?

Lovely area to dwell in for a long time.


This a great set of photos! I didn't know about this "getaway" in the city. We've been to Corkscrew Swamp before and that's kinda similar. Love all the birds and turtles. You had a beautiful day to shoot, too!


Magic! Are there lots of bugs out and about also?



A scenic spot indeed. Love the reflections and the egret.


Hi,Sallie. Nice captures. Air plants are very interesting. The great egret photo is very cool. Thanks for sharing.


I love your raft photo! What a nice little gathering they were having there!

Gemma Wiseman

Feathered characters do seem to enjoy resting on anything that floats. Ours love the little boats. Beautiful reflections in the first photo and love your kingly egret.


I could spend days together gazing at all these wonders of nature.
Its a crowd there with the turtles ....


Like Alice you are living in wonderland ! I undestand why you choosed to live here during winter ! Have a nice week, Sallie !


Oh love those lucky turtles...


Sallie, your world there in Fort Myers is so different than mine. I enjoyed the sunshine and the critters while I walked with you.


Great walk about! Here we are still shaking the snow out of our boots, but tomorrow's high should help...it is still cold tho~ are those bromeliads, and are those native plans for that area? Real awesome looking plants!


Oh Sallie, what a beautiful area! That first shot is so exotic. Love the turtles and your egret capture is stunning!

artmusedog and carol

Great place and Egret photo is terrific ~ and the float with the 'mixed bag' of critters ~ love the turtles ~ thanks, Happy Weekend ^_^

artmusedog and carol


The bird photos are especially gorgeous.


Hey, this looks awfully familiar. :) But I have never seen the airplants. Those are very cool. Love your shot of the egret--looks like he was showing some of his breeding plumage. :)

Adam Jones

Wonderful shot of the Great Egret. So elegant.


Great shots and a welcome balm to the weather we've had lately.


Very scenic place to see the birds.

deb @ frugallittlebungalow & homespun

It looks nice and warm and snowless there! :) A treat! :)


A great selection of photos, and quite amazing that all that is in the middle of the city.
All the best, Gordon.


Sallie, this looks like a beautiful nature preserve. The Cypress knees are cool. And I love the birds and the cute turtles. I see you are linking up to my Saturday's Critter party, thank you! Have a happy weekend!

Joe Todd

Looks like a great spot. We are heading back to Ohio today (Sat.) We were in Punta Gorda near Burnt Store Marina. I was a little "under the weather "when we got here but m feeling better.Sure enjoyed the sunshine and warm weather


That's a walk I would love to do too ! This picture with the turtles and the birds is just adorable !


A wonderful place to take a walk. I love the reflections in the first photo. Enjoy your weekend!


It's my first time seeing Cypress knees, they look so magical.


Dearest Sallie;
Wow, first to know or seen "cypress slough"☆☆☆ Kind of wonderland for me p;) And the scene the egret posing infront of them is REALLY magical! Great shots , my friend♪
Hope your Valentines Day is(was) a sweet one.

Sending you lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


I love the image of all the wildlife chilling together. Perfect.


A lovely series Sallie; but I really like those Cypress knees. Look like a little magical world just under the plant life.
Thanks for the birthday wishes!
Hope you and your Hubby had a lovely Valentine's Day!


That looks like a magical place - so green and full of life. Lovely photos!


awesome cypress slough. loved the gathering on the 'island'. :)


Wonderful reflections in the first two photos - and the egret cuts such a striking figure!


I love the way the animals share a sunny spot. It warms my heart. Dianne


love the colourful reflections in the top photo and like the turtles with the birds too

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