March 28, 2014


Lori E

I love the way you did your mosaic. Really caught my eye.
I hope you get to give the new restaurant a second try.

Lavender Cottage

A disappointing evening but as you say, you have your own boat for nice cruises.


Oh my gosh, what a series of events. Well, at least the evening was pretty and you were able to find another dining establishments. Sounds like the first one has some kinks to work out.

Jenn Jilks

What an adventure! I enjoy travelling with you!


great shots, glad the weather is good
Raining here

Rainfield M Penang

Unplanned trip, unplanned power interruption....

Full of things that are unplanned.


Such stunning sunset shots, Sallie; who needs electricity when nature provides the "juice". Still, glad you were still able to eat - and get the gate open.


What a disappointment about the restaurant, but then on the other the other hand it was a lovely evening for a cruise!


That's quite the adventure. I wouldn't be happy not getting my dinner on time - I need to eat at regular intervals!


What a funny story. You couldn't win for losing except for the fact you had your own boat and could sidle along enjoying the magnificent scenery and take photos!

I'm going to predict that restaurant may not make it!

Joe Todd

Good morning Sallie.. Linda and I will be back in Fort Myers next Nov. for a few weeks. We will have to plan a "meetup"


ell that was a bit of a let down. I hope you got a meal in the end. Then getting locked out???Just as well you had a nice trip home.

Stewart M

Never a good time for the power to go off!

Looks like the trip was still good night in many ways!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


Sunsets are always such a wonderful time when you can see the colors of the sky. Love your mosaic.


Dearest Sallie;
Oh My; So sorry to hear about the electricity for the cruise! "Unplaned" must be expressing your feeling at that time well. Thank you verry much for your beautiful pictures of night sky of the ocean :-) I LOVE your mosaic very much♪

PS> I really am thankful for your kid comments. Especially for the post about the orange. I checked honeybell with pc and SO surprised how they look like decopon, I can't help but wish to try honeybell p;) Have a wonderful weekend♡♡♡

Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

Lady Fi

Sounds lovely ! And what gorgeous shots you got.


Beautiful pictures ! You probably may have missed them if the electricity would have worked correctly !


It all turned out well

Hildred Finch

Glad it all turned out well, - sounds very romantic, - a moonlight cruise (sigh....)


That collage is lovely!
I'm very impressed with the night shot of the tour boat. Very nicely captured!

Reader Wil

Well you have experienced quite an adventures! Fortunately the boat was well lit.
Have a great weekend, Sallie!


Lucky for you you get to do your trip without all the other people....only the people you invite!! Beautiful area, beautiful sky!

❤⊱彡 Linda


Wow, what a grand opening.. I hope they have better luck! Pretty shots from your moonlight boat ride.. Have a happy weekend!


Not a very successful grand opening Hope their luck improves! I bet y'all were kinda surprised when you couldn't get to your boat..gosh! Glad it worked out in the end...


p.s. almost forgot to let you know about my header photo as you had mentioned it. I took a photo of a print inside a visitor center as I liked it so much. We were in New Mexico at the time. This was on our road trip last year. I should start identifying them more and think maybe under each photo or even on the header I will start doing that. Have a great weekend :)


Ove all these photos Sallie. Too bad about the electricity going out. Not a good start for a new business but hopefully they can look back and laugh about in the years ahead. What a wonderful moonlit boat ride you must have had.


What fun as long as I don 't have to steer. Dianne


Beautiful shots from the moonlit cruise.


definitely can't plan for that! :)


Sounds a fun trip despite the problems! The evening colours were lovely.

Karen, Pixel Posts

Sometimes the unexpected turns out quite nice. Lovely shots!


What an eventful evening! Very nice that it ended with a moonlit boatride home. Sounds beautiful!

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