March 24, 2014


Erco Travels

Nice management of the photos!!


How interesting this was for me, Sallie. I guess I've never thought about watery jobs, and now will. Thank you.

Mickie Brown

Sallie, What an interesting post. It is fun to "watch people" as well as talk to them about their work. You can learn a lot that way. You have certainly had some memorable times in your travels. Have a nice weekend. Mickie :)

Ann nz

what are the yellow buckets for?

Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'

ps....I just read your comment you left for me on my roadrunner post...I like the idea of a 'mascot' as you RV around the country!!! ;-)


lots of interesting boat photos! I also really like your recent butterfly and water liliy photos


I hate to think what's on the bottoms of those boats. In the Great Lakes, it's Zebra mussels.

Jenn Jilks

Wonderful photos. I'm so happy to travel this way!

Hildred Finch

Wonderful pictures from those people lazing around on onshore.
(you know who I mean...) They also serve who only sit and wait, as long as they write about it and post their wonderful pictures!

Andrea @ From The Sol

I think it is great that you take an interest in what ordinary people do ... it is their livelyhood and it is important to our economy. These are great pictues and I enjoyed your description of what they were doing. I too have had crayfish along the river ... yummmm!

Andrea @ From The Sol


Watching others work does seem better than doing it yourself!


Yay, it was great fun joining you to watch others working on the water. :)


Which bayou were you on? Maybe you were close to me. :) I think the exceptionally cold winter we had will result in fewer crawfish this year and higher prices. Love those mud bugs! Thanks for sharing part of my state with your readers. :)

Hootin' Anni

...all I can think of right now is: "I don't do windows"!!

And, definitely NOT on water.

Stewart M

Nice post. I was reading an article in our local paper which had pictures of people cleaning the windows of the Royal Children's Hospital - and they were all dressed in Super Hero outfits! Funny.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


That sounds so strange to me a casino boat ! We have casinos almost in all big towns.
Nice memory pictures !


I often learn things from your blog posts and this one is no exception. I think having a boat and traveling on the water gives one a whole new perspective. Some great shots here and so many interesting things going on. I wouldn't want to dig up crawfish traps nor would I want to clean the bottom of boats in Ft. Myers. In fact, I don't think I'd want any of the jobs pictured, but as you said it's fun to watch workers working!


There's so much fun in watching the world go by, or as you show, going by the world while finding and documenting so many interesting and different things.
The guy cleaning the windows seems to be living dangerously just so the passengers can see more clearly. I hope that if he falls occasioally he doesn't drop onto the hard deck nut maybe falls into shallow warm water!
Yes, there's a lot of hard work goes into a plate of yummy crawfish.

Reader Wil

Thank you for taking us on the water and showing your interesting photos!


Excellent and unexpected photo diary! So much to see and watch!

Erco Travels

You are doing wonderful job with lots of adventure,excitement and fun.


Truly interesting fun-filled venture.

Lady Fi

What fascinating stories. I really like that red tugboat.


Very interesting jobs on or under the water. However, I just prefer to enjoy the water!


An interesting theme for a post. I didn't realise how many jobs are associated with the water.Well done. I like that saying you like work you could watch it all day.


All kind of jobs make the world go round successfully. Thanks for sharing those we don't always think of. I don't think I'd want to be that kind of diver. Great shots Sallie!


great post and an interesting read. Would love to spend time here watching and being near water too with lots of things going on.


I'd rather work outdoors than in! But I am retired, so I don't have to work at all. Great shots, I like the tugs!


I agree...creative


Dearest Sallie;
"watching people work on the water" what a great idea and wonderful from where you live♪ Kind of physical job but all seems interesting. Personally, I have innately broken eardrum (right ear), so I had to skip swim class when young. I always dream of Diving and See under the water(*^_^*) Cleaning job must be hard though.
Thank you very much for the new knowledge.

Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

Photo Cache

wow very interesting. can you buy crawfish directly from the fishermen here?

Penelope Puddlisms

I suppose every job has its dreary side but I don’t think window washing on cruise ships or tall buildings would be one of them!


I liked this post so much. You captured some great shots of people working on the water.


Thanks for your comment on my blog. We have two Mayors in London. One is the Lord Mayor of London which is a ceremonial role with responsibility for the City of London which is the financial area or the square mile as it is known sometimes. The other Mayor of London has the power as he is head of the London Council responsible for all 32 boroughs of London and that is Boris Johnson.


Sallie, what a great post and photos.. I am getting to the point I would rather watch someone work then work myself.. It could be time for me to retire soon.. The job of cleaning the glassbottom boats does not sound like fun.. I am happy to hear good news on the returning livelihood of the Louisiana fisherman. Have a happy week!


A very creative grouping of your photos. I enjoyed the watery jobs...and I don't think I could wash those windows...good for that person!

✿♥ღ Linda


What a great day! Fun to see the photos and to see how people with on the water. I remember a diver in San Diego doing something similar, except that he was hired to clear out the unwanted objects people had thrown into the harbor. One thing I saw him take out was an old shopping cart!

Thanks for visiting my underwear post. Do you by any chance have that old photo you can share from the Tower of London? Would love to see it sometime :)


I like th theme, jobs on the water. I need those window washer guys at my house. When the sun shines through the windows, you can see the effect if a winters worth of dirt.


a very neat collection of watery jobs. that 'wheel' thing in the top is interesting. and we always think of window-washers on buildings, but i'm sure a boat needs it, too!


A great series of photos. I don't think i have ever seen a window cleaner on a boat before.

Dina Johnston

All great shots with great stories. I always thought it would be cool to be a tugboat captain. Not cool to clean the bottom of those boats. I had a friend who did that when he was in college and he said it paid decent but was so nasty being under water and scraping off those barnacles.

artmusedog and carol

Oh how delightful ~ sweet memories your photo montage brings to me ~ very creative and lovely ~ and thanks for your lovely and supportive comments ~ xxx

artmusedog and carol ^_^


Fun, different captures for the day, Sallie!! You guys do have fun, that's for sure and I think it's terrific! Thanks for sharing the fun with us!! Hope you have a great week!!

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