April 22, 2014



What unusual little birds. They don't even look like they have eyes!


Hootin' Anni

Love it!!

Clair Z.

The skimmers are so handsome. I stared at each so that I could tell them apart--they really are all different!

NatureFootstep Photo

OMG how wonderful this is :) I really wish we had those terns in Sweden. They are so cool. And you have great shots. :)


Look rather like a gaggle of teenagers going to prom with their hair too long. Seriously, what beautiful birds these are, Sallie. Your photos are, as always, glorious, and your humor gave me my laugh for the morning.


They are very classic and stylish wearing black and white feathers. Great shots!


Looks like they were gathering for a major BBQ on the beach. Great shots.


eine tolle Versammlung :D

LG vom katerchen


Beautiful birds! The skimmers have a very interesting looking beak.

Lavender Dreams

It looks like quite a crowd....and lots of fun! We've sure had beautiful weather lately. Sweet hugs, diane

Lady Lilith

Nice shot. They seem to be enjoying themselves.

Jerry E. Beuterbaugh

It was enough to make a flamingo feel plumb self-conscious--huh?


What a cute-looking bird with well-hidden eyes!


You found some great shots to post today. I'm ready for a trip to the coast. Love these type of birds!


Pretty pictures of the birds in black and white. First time I am seeing skimmers. Learn something new today.


Birds are just about my favorite thing to look at and these are wonderful pictures!

Dina J

Cool shots of the skimmers. One of these years you will have to stay for the summer so you can come up and see the skimmer babies growing up. That little bird leaving is a ruddy turnstone.


Skimmers are fascinating and the bird for Earth Day.

Jenn Jilks

P.S. I think the heart health book goes up to age 64 because people like yourself have figured it all out!

Jenn Jilks

It' spring, everyone head to the beach!
(ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!


Your photos are great Sallie. When I saw mine there were only a couple on a whole beach with seagulls, I think that's why I spotted them quickly once I got close enough. I would have loved to have seen so many of them like you did. They are an extraordinary looking bird and their eyes do tend to disappear :)


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Lovely photos. Our terns are just returning for the summer, always nice to have them back


These skimmers are gorgeous! I love your series of photos. But I miss their eyes too! :) No, on the first photo I could find eyes... Funny birds!


Witty words, and adorable birds! love the colors.

Sally in WA

Fun post. You are right about the eyes. I noticed that, too. Have a great day!


Wonderful shots, and so interesting to see everyone in tune with the colors! Though I do feel sorry for the brown one - someone please call him back!!


Very pretty, everyone invited to the party was wearing B&W except for the Turnstone..The Skimmers are cool birds, it is weird you can not see their eyes.. Great shots, have a happy day!


Lovely Blog/photos! you always have something different to see, (unlike me).


HI. A wonderful series of bird shots. those Skimmers are very funny looking birds. I think your 'little brown bird' in the background is a Turnstone perhaps.


Dearest sallie;
Oh, black skimmers, such sweet looking bird with lovely orange beak♡♡♡

Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


The perfect B&Ws with a touch of color thrown in to make them all look very formal. Well, until the Cormorants show up anyway. ;)


A black tie even no doubt. Love these shots!


Very interesting birds and thanks for the info.


what a treat seeing so many birds and getting to photograph them. there eyes do seem to be missing, :) hope all is well. have a great night~


Yes, where are their eyes? The skimmers are really beautiful and so are your photos of them. I see a royal tern in the last shot. The cormorants seemed out of place, but everyone seemed to get along. Nice set, Sallie!


Great photos and I like the black and white theme! Those skimmers look so interesting - that's another one we don't have down this way.

Andrea @ From The Sol

Oh, I am laughing ... I was just thinking "are they blind or what?" And then you said they don't look like they have eyes. I know that problem ... when the black eyes are in the black feathers, I can never get them to show up in my pictures either. This was just a fun post ...

Andrea @ From The Sol


the skimmers are the funkiest looking birds! so cool!

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