April 01, 2014



Stilts always look clean and beautiful.


Well, that's some really beautiful 'gators!
(I just had to give them equal time 'cause everyone seems to be focusing on those Stilts!)

Aren't they delicate dancers? (The Stilts, not the big lizards.) Great series of photos, Sallie!

They breed here in Florida and the chicks are really cute little balls of long-legged fluffiness!


Absolutely obvious. Geez I'd like to see them doing the Can-Can!

Thank you for that fully reciprocated comment yesterday. Have as much fun as you can while you have each other.

Hildred Finch

Beautiful birds, - very graceful and elegant. What a wonderful variety available to your camera, Sallie.


Love the legs


Great shots of the beautiful birds.


I feel warmer just viewing your photos, Sallie! Stilts, indeed!


Last night Terry started talking about totally retiring! No more farming....Do you think it might happen? If so he says we are heading south for the winter!

❤⊱彡 Linda


No mistaking those birds Sally. We get them in Europe too, but not normally in the UK. You took some nice shots.


Dearest Sallie;
Oh, stilt!!! I wish I could see "black-necked stilts" do its delicate dance♡♡♡  They sure have long legs.
Hope you are having a wonderful week♬♬♬

Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


How aptly named they are - and how well photographed, as well. I can almost see the fish about to be skewered in the last photo, Sallie.


Black and white birds always remind me of "formal wear." I mentioned that to Stewart about his birds today. :)
A delicate dance yet deliberate. They must have been fun to watch. Nice editing!

On the news tonight there was a story of an eagle cam in Pennsylvania. I told my hubby about your experience. So wish we had one close.

Dina J

Great shots of the black necked stilts. They are not very common in central Florida so it's a great find.


Very nice photos :)


Sallie, your images are awesome!!! This bird is on my wish-list---hope to see one in person soon. They are so graceful and beautifully marked. Beautiful photo set!

Carole M.

I love these waders - they're so fine and beautiful

Adam Jones

Brilliant shots.


Sallie, they are beautiful birds. And you are right on with your id! I am looking forward too seeing some of them return here. Wonderful photos.

Brian King

What handsome birds! Love the long legs and bill!


What beautiful birds. They do look like they are doing a very special dance. Your photography is really very good!

❤⊱彡 Linda


Great photos of beautiful birds. I especially like their long legs and they look great when they are flying and the legs trail out behind. We have Black-winged Stilts out here in Australia - slightly different patterning of the black and white colors.


Beautiful birds! They do look like they're walking on stilts.


How neat! Yes, the name suits them.


Beautifully edited shots.


Beautiful serie, well done!


fantastic-and the birds are so graceful. I'd never heard of them, so looked them up and even found their calls at

NatureFootstep Photo

beautiful birds. Teh oens I have seen have a different coloring on the head. Otherwise the same. Love to watch them. :)


A perfect name and great shots.


What a great sighting! Terrific shots Sallie. I can see why they are called stilts!


such COOL birds! :)


These are wonderful, Sallie. I've lived in Florida for 30 years and can't remember seeing them. So thanks! They're quite beautiful.


Beautiful, just beautiful. Thanks!


Gorgeous birds with that striking black and white color and those lovely long legs. You have captured them beautifully Sallie, great photos! Love the framework on them :) Thank you for visiting me this morning. I enjoyed your comment very much and I have certainly loved these photos.


You have processed the photos nicely they are good enough to be published in a bird book. Nice looking birds too as you say doing a delicate dance.

Reader Wil

You are smart not only because you know what "polder "means, but also that you can take such beautiful shots of these birds.
Have a great week.

Stewart M

What great birds - I had to do a double take when I saw some in Az - we have a very similar bird, but the black does not cover the top of the birds head.

I actually regret putting the "I think I like Central Australia better than Az" comment - because they are both great - but I I'm going to leave it there, just to remind me not to do it again!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

PS: and yes, both are countries are big and beautiful!

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