April 25, 2014



If we ever warm up here ours will start blooming! I'm ready!


Jerry E. Beuterbaugh

I found it quite shocking that the reason why a prickly pear is called such is on account of its flower buds being edible. The rest of the plant is also edible after the spines are removed, but I have never tried it.

Laura Hegfield

I'm so glad you shared these with I Heart Macro Sallie… so beautiful!!!


The name doesn't matter ! the photos are beautiful !

Photo Cache

I've seen the cactus before but not the yellow blossom; always when I spot this cacti blooming here the flower is either pink or red.


We call them prickly pear. I couldn't tell you if it's the actual proper name. They are edible after you scrape off the thorns. They grow an edible fruit after the blooms go away, too.


I have never seen cactus blooms, yours are gorgeous! A road trip I would love to take is one to the southwest when it is springtime in the desert. Enjoy your week Sallie!

Karin M.

A very nice series of photos .. great job ...
Greetings, Karin

Ida P. Krause

Lovely cactus bloom.

Lady Fi

How very pretty!


Wow! They are gorgeous. I've never seen them growing in the wild before.


Yellow is a pretty colour. And it stands out well against black.


These cactus flowers are so beautiful! Amazing!


Yellow flowers induce smiles from me, too! This is really beautiful. I'm so glad you shared your wonderful find with us. Have a great week!

NatureFootstep Photo

such a delicate flower on teh sturdy cactus. :) Love the color too.

Laura Hegfield

How gorgeous Sallie!!! I do hope you'll share with I Heart Macro:-)


Beautiful yellow blossomss! We even have a variety of cacus up here in middle-of-nowhere Illinois.

Stewart M

I was photographing cactus today - but mine were in a botanic garden!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

PS: I was surprised you were the only person to comment on the "last sentence" of my recent post - strange really as it was rather important!

Rainfield M Penang

Don't forget to look for Alice if you are lost in a rabbit hole again.

And enjoy yourself in the Wonderland.

Hildred Finch

Cactus are always a wonderful surprise, growing in such dry and barren places (usually) - this one is so soft and such a delicate yellow.


They are gorgeous!


Dearest Sallie;
Very beautiful yellow cactus (name unknown)♡♡♡
Glad you could spy these yellow blooms(*^_^*)
We can enjoyed cactus in our small tropical botanical garden in our city park.

Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


They are beautiful flowers Sallie. Such a soft buttercup yellow.

Marylin Warner

Beautiful photography!
In Colorado, when we have these delicate blossoms it's a sign of encouragement. We only see them when we've had enough moisture. If the winter has been too dry, the cactus will not have lovely blooms. So to us they're beautiful, but also hopeful.


Wow! These were wonderful, beautiful flower photos!


Beautiful blooms. I love cacti. If the birds and bees like them they are probably native.

Alexa T

Blooms of cactus, I can only see in commercial area, market or exhibition, private gardens with protected individual pots...not in wild areal... In Europe - I presume is not a common plant and it requires the arid base of soil! Lovely flower... Thanks for sharing!


Beautiful cactus flower. It is rare to see cactus flowers in my part of the world, so it is good fengshui if our cactus has flowers :)


These are beautiful.


Very lovely cactus flower.


we have these same prickly pear cacti in our ne tx neck of the woods. and they bloom yellow, just like this. i've seen a few around the area that bloom orange and i'm going to nab myself some paddles to plant here one of these years. :)


oh they are really beautiful and what a soft, pretty shade of yellow. in the last image, i see a perfect heart in the green part of the cacti!!


That is beautiful!


Yellow is always so cheery, I agree, and love to see them anywhere. This cactus is gorgeous. We can actually grow them here in protected spots. One of my garden club friends has them along the south side of her house, where the warmth and bricks protect them. Still, there is nothing quite like discovering a bloom as you did. Thanks, Sallie.


Gorgeous, soft, subtle and so lovely. Interesting you found this in FL. I collected postcard photos of cacti flowers on a trip to AZ. They were irresistible.


The cactus flowers are wonderful.


Beautiful flowers, the yellow is so bright and cheerful.. Have a happy weekend!

Sally in WA

Very pretty and cheerful, Sallie!


Hi,Sallie. Your macro photos are very beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

Clair Z.

I love the idea of "escaped houseplants!" Beautiful photos.


Cactus flowers are so different and pretty. I love your description "lost down internet rabbit holes"...that is so easy to do.


what a pretty flower... i've never seen one like it before. i love how you seem to put a colored shadow around your pics instead of the usual black. it accents your photos quite nicely. have a great day~


und hier nur wenn man GLÜCK hat auf der Fensterbank

Danke für diese schönen Bilder

LG vom katerchen

Karen, Pixel Posts

They are so pretty! It's fascinating that such a delicate bloom emerges from such a rugged plant!


They're gorgeous! Enjoy your weekend.


I saw lots of Prickly Pear Cacti blooming today in the desert. If there is decent drainage, succulents can grow almost anywhere! Honeymoon Beach, huh?

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