April 07, 2014



"Fast hands, or no hands!"
That is classic...

We used to have a place like this where I grew up. Only problem was that there wasn't a crock or alligator in the wild within a thousand miles at least.
Nice post!


I hope they are well treated...but I guess it helps people to appreciate them


Gorgeous shots! Fascinating animals and to be so near to them ...

Stewart M

I am always conflicted about places like this - but its a bit hypocritical really, because I don't react the same way when I see cows in a field - and they are both farms.

Strangely, we have an East and West Alligator River in northern Australia - but only crocodiles live there! The river was named by Americans! (That true!)

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


Very cool place! Greetings from Egypt!


I can't imagine going there! Even your pictures were too much for me!!


Believe it or not...we have a gater park around Alamosa, Colorado. Who would have ever thunk it?



Sounds like an interesting place. Alligators and crocodiles really are quite amazing. They're closer to dinosaurs than any other species... hard to get my head around that sometimes!


What a great place to visit! Love the sign about the "fast hands..."

Karen, Pixel Posts

Crocs and gators are fascinating creatures. I'll take the smaller roadside attractions and wildlife parks over Disney World any day!

Jenn Jilks

Those crocs are quite the thing!!!!


er.....that was supposed to be VEGAS BABY! My typo ability has shot up since 9/13


I wish alligators had more protection, I know they can become a problem in the wilds we have alligators here, they live at the golf course and we see slides on the edges of ponds and lakes...we went to a similar spot down on the SC coast when my son was small....Alligator World. I don't know if its still in biz or not, Myrtle Beach has suffered the fame fate as FL. It too was once a cozy seaside getaway now its all Vega Baby style I dont go there I go to the as yet undeveloped spots, which are getting harder and harder to find!


I first thought it was sitting in your yard and smiled friendly ! Lol ! What an interesting place to visit

NatureFootstep Photo

great iamges even if I don´t fancy gators. :)


Well, if I come across it I would have to check it out. I love the crocs.

Gail Dixon

LOL, wearing crocs while herding crocs...that's something you don't see every day. We had an alligator farm here that my mother took the kids to when they were little. They are amazing reptiles. I enjoy them, but from a safe distance. :)

Clair Z.

This is the stuff of good old roadside America! I loved this post, and I love that places like this still exist. Sorry the gators get eaten, though.


Dearest Sallie;
I was wondering what the Crocs mean,haha. Love those play on words♡♡♡ I've never seen the alligator; must be fun to see the show. Sure is another world for me!

PS> thank so much or your kind comment. For my parents age,Emperor must mean more than later age.

Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

Photo Cache

I'm really really scared of them....and snakes too.


Sorry about the cabbage. I lived in Florida in the 1960s before tDW. Loved the "old" Florida. Gators are fascinating and scary.


I really laughed when I saw she was wearing Crocs! Wonder if the crocs minded. tee hee
How interesting that this is still operating, reminding me of all the stops along old Route 66 that have been abandoned by similar modernizations. Fun post, Sallie.


Sallie, I think the workers are brave to be so close to these gators..The first photo is one of my favorite, with the egrets.. I was surprised at how many gators we saw while visiting Florida. They were everywhere.. Great post, thanks for sharing.


Great photos. Quite fascinating to be able to get so close to the alligators.

artmusedog and carol

Fascinating place and photos of the gators for OWT ~ xoxo

artmusedog and carol (a creative harbor)

Dina Johnston

I didn't realize this place existed. I'll have to get down there next winter. It reminds me a little of Gatorland in Orlando. That's funny that you noticed her shoes. Wearing crocs to clean the crocs.


That first photo with the croc and the egrets so close is really great. Hmm! I'd be wearing something on my feet if I had to walk in all that muck to clean it out! Great photos and an interesting place.


I remember visiting this place as a kid. I just had a feeling the pool cleaner would be wearing Crocs.

Penelope Puddlisms

Funny that the woman looking after these fascinating creatures wore Crocs on her feet … I think I prefer wearing the imitation kind. :)


I remember going to a similar place in The Gambia where lots of crocs were in a pit apparently dozing away quite harmlessly and not the least bit interested in the humans. All the same, I didn't see anyone taking chances with them.

I see the egrets don't mind the gators? they can always fly off out of harm's way.


Hmmm Pogging, huh?? Depend on the teenagers whatever the animal, two or four-legged and all those in between!!! Love your pics, Sallie!! Thanks for sharing!!


Okay, you're photo is much better than mine! But, I was under a wee bit of pressure to be ready to move quickly, so there, too!

I had to embiggen your pic a little bit to actually see the crocs. That's kinda racist, I think, on an alligator farm!

Have you ever been to Shark Valley. We rode the loop (15 miles) one day and saw over 150 alligators. In many cases we had to ride around them sunning themselves in the roadway!


It must be magical at any age-I watched the alligators and crocs hatching from eggs on YouTube. Do they really hatch out fully fledged?


I looked at that first shot and wondered what those two birds were thinking! Great shot!
Many years ago we stopped at an alligator farm. I found it creepy to a degree. I was sure I'd have nightmares.
Too funny about the crocs! I wear them everyday. The most comfortable shoe I've ever worn.

Lady Fi

Ha ha about wearing crocs! I remember seeing some of these shows both in Florida and Australia.


i wondered if those were 'crocs'. ha!

kinda neat that an old-fashioned place is still going strong.


Great shots. I'd be the same way about only wanting to see the alligators but not stopping for the show. Thanks so much for the information about cormorants.


Interesting place Sallie and I enjoyed your photos. Thanks for sharing it.

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