April 18, 2014


Clair Z.

These are the best peacock photos I've ever seen!


Gorgeous bird! We have some wild peacocks here in Tallahassee. They are fun to see but they sure can be loud screamers!

Laura Hegfield

How beautiful Sallie! I appreciate your kind words. Thanks for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro:-)

Lee Ann L.

One of my cats love peacock feathers (sold as cat toys at some shows). They are very beautiful!


I think the swirls look like eyes, too, such beautiful colors of blue and shading. The tiny green feathers are pretty too. They are magnificent birds.


Lovely birds, great photos!
I am not able to comment on your WBW post this week!

Lady Fi

Lovely shots - but I always think the swirls look like eyes!

Reader Wil

your photos are unique. Peacocks are beautiful birds, and wonderful that you could take so many great macro shots. Thanks for sharing !


Gators and Peacocks - what a combination, Sallie, and what fabulous photos. Hope you had a nice Easter.

Hildred Finch

Beautiful peacock, Sallie, but I think you probably have his personality and small thoughts down pat...


Even when folded it's beautiful!


What fun to have a peacock following you around like that. Nice shots - I don't think I've ever seen one up close like that. (I'd love to visit the Clinton library too, but I'm not sure I'll ever be in Little Rock.)


Sorry for repeating the previous message twice. I couldn't get it posted the first time and as I am so paranoid having my own blogging issues, I think I pressed the enter button ab out 20 times. Then I went back and read your other message. Well, I hope the two of us don't have any more problems this week :)


What fun to have him trail you around the park. He is magnificent Sally and so are your photos. I love peacocks, they have to be one of the most flamboyant birds with that gorgeous tail, as you say, one of the mysteries of nature. Thanks for stopping by Sallie and have a great week :)


Magnificent shots of the peacock. You captured the beautiful feathers so well.


The detail of his tail feathers is magnificent. I had to laugh when you said his head was too small for too many thoughts. What a beauty from head to tail.


Wonderful photos. Hope you had a great Easter.

Jenn Jilks

They are beautiful critters, aren't they?!

NatureFootstep Photo

nice images of a gorgeous bird. I love hove you captured the flow of the feathers. Very nice. :)


Handsome boy!

Jerry E. Beuterbaugh

There was a small animal park just across the road from the Cassville Golf Course back when I was on the high school golf team, and every time one of their peacocks would let out a call, there would be no telling which direction my ball would go. Methinks they would make a great pet for a stone-deaf person, though.

Rainfield M Penang

"That tail looked heavy and uncomfortable in the Florida heat."

This is the price to be handsome.

I think.


All peacocks are always wonderful. Have a nice Easter Sunday.


wundervoll Sallie

LG vom katerchen zum Osterfest


Love watching peacocks in full display too.


Beautiful bird....hug

Stewart M

They are remarkable looking birds! It's the metallic blue of the feathers that stuns me.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


Dearst Sallie;
Wow, fantastic pictures of male peacock(^_^)v I LOVED to see all of them with your beautiful shots. I wish I could see one:-)

PS; I hope your posting means your trouble got fixed perfectly, my friend!

Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


They are natures beautiful wonders!! Until they molt, that is.


What a beautiful bird and tour photo,s are stunning
Happy easter


He's a beauty.

Randi Måhl

This is a beautiful bird! The colors are so rich. Love it!


Love your last comment--LOL! I adore peacocks--they're so beautiful!
Blessings, Aimee


The male Peacocks always loook so regal with their colourful tails! Your commentary is great too:).


Gorgeous bird.


Loved seeing the feathers closeup. Beautiful critter!


He's very handsome! Happy Easter!


A beautiful creature which some people think was dreamt up for zoos and bird collections. They are members of the pheasant family of birds, many of which have similarly ornate and colourful plumage.

Happy Easter Sallie.


too cute. a man dressed in a shiny ball gown whether he wants it or not.. :)


peacocks are such beautiful birds but they can be loud when they call out. their plumage is my favorite part especially when it's all fanned out. thanks for sharing. have a great day~

EG CameraGirl

Peacock tail feathers certainly are gorgeous. No wonder peahens are attracted to the males. ;))

Beyond Zephyr

Fancy tail feathers he sure has! Fantastic macro, Sallie and Happy Easter!


Sallie, the Peacock is beautiful. The feathers are lovely..Great closeups and photos.. Thank you for linking up to the critter party. Happy Easter!


You did a great job with these pictures ! No wonder that women loved to wear peacock feathers ! A pity that there was no female around !


Beautiful photos and perspectives. I like his crest as well as his beautiful tail. A tail with big blue eyes.


I have not seen a peacock this close before. He's so good looking. :)

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