April 04, 2014



Those Siberian Iris are just wonderful! I have some yellow ones, but not the purple!!!



Very nice photos Sallie!
I agree about wildflowers. My favorite flower is the California Golden Poppy, so you know I'm very happy every spring when they sprout up everywhere...


Beautiful. I LOVE wildflowers and I love irises! We have many of the latter around our upper pond...That white iris is stunning!
Blessings, Aimee

NatureFootstep Photo

love the white Iris. It is very rare at my place too. :)


The first picture is so delicate !


Dutch Iris or flags gone back to the wild?. I suspect the highway crew planted them. This is the famous Flleur de Lis or Mary's (Marianne) flower. On the French flag. They are beautiful.

I stora drag

Oh, I understand you were thrilled over those lovely irises! It must have been just a miracle to find so many of them!
Nice photos too, Sallie!
Have a nice week! /Pia


wild flowers are so wonderful
and purple is my favorite color

Rainfield M Penang

You have found "a pot of gold".


That was your lucky day! I've not seen anything like it up here...you could write a book about a white Iris among the Purple and how the poor thing was looked down upon until a noted photographer stumbled by and began photographing the white iris and all the rest got jealous and wanted to befriend the white iris, etc., etc. :)


I adore irises! I never had much luck with them in Canada though and now I won't have a garden anymore. :(
Thanks for sharing these though. :)


Spring is my favorite season and see the flowers blooming cheers me up !

Reader Wil

These photos are so gorgeous. I also like irises, but they bloom in summer overhere.
Have à great Sunday.


I haven't come across any iris blooming yet. Can't wait! Yours are gorgeous Sallie :)


Gorgeous blooms, wild flowers can be as beautiful.

Stewart M

There was a bit of fog about this morning when I went for walk - a sure sign of autumn.

Thanks for the vote - I think I may change the blob name to Aardvark Adventures!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


ooohhhh I could not agree more, it is amazing to see flowers thrive in the wild. Flowers you would not expect to see, gorgeous flowers, blooming freely!! These are especially pretty, because they are purple and because they are drenched in light. I am always amazed with spring bulbs, returning year after year, growing and multiplying, again and again!!

Thanks for making sure I did not miss this ;)

Have a happy Sunday!!


Those are indeed beautiful flowers, and not what I'd expect to see in Florida!

Jenn Jilks

These are heart-warming, on this cold day. We had snow this morning!
(ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!


Like the way the sun falls on the petals.

lina@womens tips

Wild beauties!


Wonderful! I love irises. Have a great weekend!


Graceful flowers....!

Lady Fi

Oh, how gorgeous!


Absolutely lovely!


How pretty!


Oh, Sallie, what a wonderful "fortune" in flowers you came across. I wonder if these are flag iris. No matter, for they are breathtakingly beautiful and your captured them so well.


Dearest Sallie;
Oh, your iris bloomed way ahead from here; ours bloom late this month or next month would be beautiful♡♡♡
I LOVED to read what you said about flowers, "just adding joy to the world without any help from anybody" (^_^)v

Wishing you'll have a marvelous weekend, my friend.
Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


The iris is one of my favorite flowers, they are so pretty. Lovely images, Sallie!


I do love to come upon the wild iris...I dont think I've ever seen a white one tho...awesome!!


What a gift! These irises are really beautiful. Amazing how some wildflowers will thrive in certain areas. I know you are beyond delighted that you found this field. I am too!


Oh I so agree with you. :)


How lovely to see a whole field of these flowers! Yellow ones grow by the side of the Lochs on the Outer Hebrides.


i love spotting irises and daffodils along the ditches - a reminder of a homestead that stood a long time ago. :)


The wild iris are gorgeous. I especially like wildflowers too and I've discovered that a neglected yard like mine can produce unexpected wildflowers. An area of my yard where I planted irises has some volunteer daffodils that started out in a different part of my yard. That has happened through the years with many of my bulbs. I suspect that squirrels dig them up and they end up somewhere else. My lilies produce seeds and they show up all over my yard. Once they start showing up in different places I start to consider them to be wildflowers. Unfortunately, since I stopped breaking my back pulling up honeysuckle and ivy they threaten to take over a lot of my bulb areas although daffodils and some tulips grow through the vines and I do try to at least pull up the vines when I see a tulip, iris or daffodil coming up.


These iris are so beautiful and would be even more so filling a big field. They grow in my Yarnell yard, and might even be in bloom when I get there Thursday.

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