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April 09, 2014



I loved the signs!! I think most stores really should post signs like that to close to it...then keep a gator or two to back up the words! :)



Those are funny! You have a great eye for stuff like this.
Nice photos Sallie!


Sallie, I'm sure you spend time at home dreaming up and then painting these hilarious signs. We are taking the grandkids to the zoo on Tuesday and if they have that sign up I'm not sure I will be able to afford the tickets. Brilliant laugh.


Love their price list.


This provides a good laugh waiting in line.


So funny! You had me laughing out loud. This post reminded me of a sign in our veterinarian's office: "Unruly children will be given a new puppy to take home."


Funny! Looks like a neat attraction! Someone has a sense of humor:)

Mast Holiday

What the Crocodile!! nice shot ..

Reader Wil

Thanks for this fun post!
Thanks for your visit and comforting comment

I stora drag

Nice photos, but I wouldn't meet that alligator, only from a very looong distance!
Thanks Sallie for your nice comments!
Have a great weekend! Pia


Hahaha, I know few who can beat your humour! Thanks for my smiles, Sallie!


The last one is a nice picture to welcome unwanted guests, lol !


That is interesting.


You find the funniest signs.


This did give me a chuckle. Thanks Sallie :)

Mickie Brown

Cute signs--how do people think of some of those things!!Always fun to visit a "gator farm". Have a nice weekend, Sallie. Mickie :)


The gator is having a good laugh. I think he's saying.....do you feel lucky? Go ahead and make my day!

Taken For Granted

Those are great signs. I had to laugh at the shop lifters sign. Use to go to Florida with my parents when I was about 9 years old, so I do remember the "old" Florida.


Gave me a big laugh! It's nice to be back on line, but maybe only for a little while.


That's hilarious although I think the price for knowitalls should be doubled.


Love it! Thanks Sallie. The world would be a ether place if like measures were taken in society at large.


The USA is brilliant for Signs!


Thanks - that gave me a laugh!


Too, too funny, Sallie.


Best to not be too chatty on entry. :)


Again, you always find the best signs. I love this first one.

Fyi- when I clicked on your name in my comments it took me to a profile page with no link to your blog. Thought you should know.


Nice pictures! As a Florida native, I've seen plenty of alligators, but never a crocodile. As a matter of fact, one of my neighbors walked out to get in her car one morning and there was an alligator underneath it. One of the hazards of living near a lake in this state!


OMGosh, that sign is awesome! Mean or angry people get no admittance. I love that one!!


Cute signs, Sallie! I like the shiplifter signs, they get what they deserve,right!

Gemma Wiseman

I wonder if businesses have contemplated renting a crocodile just so they can put up these hilarious/serious signs. A good one.




really different categories. depending on my mood I could fit in more than one of them!


Dearest Sallie;
Good MOrning;Wow,how funny these signs are♪♪♪ For the law beakers, secound one must give them a secound thoughts(^_^)v
I'm an adult shorter than 5 feet; Wish wearing cute kid-clothes might work (haha,joke) I remember right after I got married, some salesmen asked me if mother was home. I anwered 'NO' p;)

Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


This place is a HOOT!

Photo Cache

Hahaha, I really like these signs. I hope the signage warning the fate of law breakers is effective in stopping shoplifting. :)


These are so funny, I love that first one! :))

artmusedog and carol

Fun post and great 'gator' pic ~ xoxo

artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)


I bet a lot of companies would like to put up a sign like that!


These are really funny!


i like their sense of humor. and gets their point across, too. :)

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