May 01, 2014



Southwest Florida has a beauty all its own. We used to spend a lot of time there but now we're farther away. Love those pelicans.


Hi Sallie,

Such beautiful images of sky and sea and sails and PELICANS, enjoying the views, and hues of a day on the shore!

Thanks for sharing the beauty!



You just know that those pelicans weren't just watching, they were probably gossiping also...
Very nice photos Sallie! I suppose you guys are about ready to make another trip back to the NW.


Seeing all those beautiful sailboats makes me miss the Puget Sound and Hood Canal up in Washington state. It is definitely not hard to want to be in two (or more) places at one time:)


It is difficult to divide your time between much loved places, but oh so well worthwhile in the scheme of life. Lovely photos as always Sallie.:)


OMG; so sorry for my belated comment. Your pictures from pellicans and sailboats are dream world for me♡♡♡
I DO hope you started a wonderful new week!
Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

Hildred Finch

Wonderful photos, Sallie, - can I tempt you west with a bit of spring as it is here..... A lovely rainy day today, - a prelude to a 'potting' tomorrow.


Beautiful shots. I love pelicans.


What a great view you had! Loving those watchful pelicans.


Fortunately I am going on holidays tomorrow, otherwise your post would make me jealous ! It looks so beautiful !

Jenn Jilks

Spring is wonderful everywhere, isn't it?!


So pretty by the water


Beautiful captures and such peaceful skies!! I've been pretty tied up, too, so I do understand!! We've had some gorgeous weather here in Portland and it's still warm, but the rain has returned for the next few days!! Hope you have a great week, Sallie!!


Hi! Happy for your wonderful spring weather with pelicans ans sailboats♡♡♡ Spring is great season,isn't it(^_^)v

Good Morning, it is 7:00 in the morning. I was sleepy when I realized your post last night p;) We are having holiday season here and happy to be invited by cousins p;)

Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


Sallie, just stopping back to say thanks for linking up your post with my critter party.. Have a happy weekend!

NatureFootstep Photo

pelicans are cool birds. :) They make a great addition to your photos. :)

Maybe next year you go to the Pacific Northwest.


How wonderful to see the pelicans.

Jerry E. Beuterbaugh

I don't remember ever seeing a pelican in all of my travels. Maybe they saw me first? Sigh.


It's good to see the pelicans against the holiday backdrop Sallie. Birds and man can co-exist sometimes. Enjoy Florida sunshine. We are taking some Menorcan sunshine at the moment.


Golly gosh it doesn't seem long ago when you were on your way to Florida now its time to migrate again. Take care and have a safe trip.

Sue St Clair

Lovely shots! I think we are finally getting into Spring too :)


Spring has not been very good here. Wish I were there.


Beautiful pelicans! The first time I saw real ones were in Brisbane, Australia.

Rainfield M Penang

"I have a severe case of wanting to be in two places at once ".

Me too.

But I can't help that.

Lady Fi

Oh, what adorable pelicans! Looks like you're having some glorious weather.


Love the Pelicans and the sailboats. Beautiful scenic shots. Have a happy weekend!


Spring is a glorious time of year, we are in late Autumn. Love your boat and pelican shots.

Gemma Wiseman

There is something so peaceful about white sails drifting on blue water. A gorgeous sight to see. And such a gathering of pelicans. They certainly like to eep an eye on activities.


It's going to be hard to leave all that! HARD!



Hope you write from the road.happy adventures!


Did I tell you that a flock of white pelicans were seen not far from here, oh, about 5 miles, on one of the sloughs. We were out walking and a group of birders told us about them. It was unusual for this area.
I love your pelicans on their "fence" make-do fence and how I would love to have seen the regata, but, I'm so glad to see them here on your post.

Stewart M

Splendid pelicans! I like them.

Writing was what started me blogging in the first place - and the photo-blog has rather taken over.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


Love the scenes and Pelicans


great post

jesh stg

Beautiful capture of the pelicans! I never get to see them that close - they hang out on a rock in the ocean away from the hordes of tourists - I can't blame them!
I know what it is wanting to be at 2 places (in Holland and the States) at the same time:) Traveling is so addictive!


Great images. I like the army of pelicans.


Those sailboats under the blue skies are so pretty!!

I'd love to be in the Pacific NW right now, too...with my daughter and away from the mosquitoes! :)

All the best to you as you close up the cottage. Hope it's a smooth transition.


Beautiful scenes Sallie! Sounds like you're going to be extra busy the next couple of weeks. Hard to believe 'the season' is over already!


Great shots from the boat. I love the pelicans and sailboats.

Photo Cache

the pelicans are beautiful birds, i enjoy watching them.


The scenery is glorious Sallie, and a good catch on those pelicans. Great photos for these memes.


The pelicans were hoping for a handout, don't you think?


Beautiful sky-post!
Great colors too!


It is a shame the two coasts weren't just a wee bit closer, eh?!


oh your photos make one want to go sailing and see all those wonderful pelicans in person... they're adorable... that water looks so inviting. won't be long before one can splash around in the water... have a great day~

Marylin Warner

Sallie, your photographs of the water and the books are stunning, but I was thrilled with the closeups of the pelicans! When I was in 7th grade, I was fascinated with pelicans and wrote several stories about them...but I'd never seen any as close as your first picture!


Sallie dear, I live with that feeling all the time, torn between Northern and Southern hemispheres and there is no cure for that.
Lovely shots of your Florida Spring.

Ida P. Krause

Of course it's a fence. Loving the Pelicans all perched on top. Lovely shots of the sailboats as well.

Brian King

Beautiful! Love the pelicans!

Karen, Pixel Posts

Oh, a couple of my favourite things, sailboats and pelicans! Great shots!


Being from Florida, I adore the pelican shots. They are wonderful. I do not know how I could decide which I liked better...Florida or the Pacific Northwest. I think what you all do is perfect.


I loved seeing the Pelicans! Best wishes for closing house and starting your travels!


such lovely scenes! love the pelican sentries! thanks for linking, sallie! happy and safe traveling to you!

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