May 23, 2014


Joe Todd

Well done Sallie


Such great colors! they make my eyes feel good. :<))


Elegant and Exquisite flowers for the links♡♡♡ How colorful they are(*^_^*)
Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


These irises are absolutely beautiful! Glad they survived the harsh winter there.


Keep going with those misdemmeanors! Those irises are gorgeous.

Sharon Wagner

Thanks for the blog visit. So pretty!


That first shot is the colour of my mother's silk/satin underwear in the first quarto of the last century. What memories that brings back. So nice for you to have these beauties so near by without the responsibility of looking after you

Lady Fi

What gorgeous gorgeous shots.


Beautiful! The second to last iris has LSU's colors. Wonderful display of colors here.

Ida P. Krause

What absolutely lovely Irises. The pink one is so dainty. I'm glad you (stole) some shots of them to share.


Sallie, I must be tired from my trip. LOL, Please ignore the comment about linking up to my critter party.


Sallie, these are all gorgeous flowers. Lovely images..Have a happy Sunday!
I am catching up after being away. Thank you so much for linking up to my critter party. Have a happy day!


Beautiful photo's of beautiful flowers Sally. Snow in Florida, now that is special.

Jenn Jilks

aren't they glorious? Rather than 'stealing' more like a drive-by shooting!
I am so happy spring is here!

Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk)

So pretty! Soft and delicate =) #IHeartMacro

Laura Hegfield

Oh Sallie, they are gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro:-)

Hootin' Anni

STUNNING...if I spotted the likes of these I'd be committing a misdemeanor all too often also.

Rainfield M Penang

They get shot, but are not dead.


These are beautiful shots of very pretty irises, the pink one is gorgeous.




Gorgeous irises!!! I love all the colours!!! I steal the images, too!! i try and remember to give the owners a print of the blossoms, as a way of saying thank you for all your hard work!


I love irises! These specimens are all so beautiful. Love all the different colors!


Stunning, Salli!



Oh wow, they're all amazingly beautiful!

Jerry E. Beuterbaugh

We had several different colors of iris back when I was still at home with my folks. We referred to them as being flags, though.

Sue St Clair

They are beautiful :)


Oh, Salllie, these are breathtaking! I love iris, though I am just now learning how to grow them. These are an inspiration to "learn a little harder".


The first beautiful pink iris looks like 'Beverley Sills'. So gorgeous. Perhaps this is the best was to garden?


HOW pretty! Iris is a fav of mine, the ones in our yard bloomed about a month ago, but some didnt bloom...I wish I knew more about how to care for Iris.


Beautiful photos ! If this is called "stolen" then I am a professional burglar without "take away" !


Gorgeous photos! I LOVE Irises!

Karen, Pixel Posts

I must say, absolutely fabulous photos of these beauties! WOW,stunning!


Beautiful and colourful blooms, wish I could see the gorgeous sight.


I see we did indeed have the same idea. :)
I love iris so much. My Dad planted them. Mostly I remember those in your last photo. Sweet memories.
LOVE the pink ones and they are beautifully photographed!!!


The irises are very beautiful and photographed so well.

jesh stg

Wow, all of these are so gorgeous! Isn't it great to go by such pretty yards on your walk - it always makes my day:)


I love all of these, especially the first one. The pink is so pretty!


They are all beautiful, but the pink iris is exquisite! I'm going to have to look for one - I only have old fashioned purple and yellow.

Clair Z.


Clair Z.



Glorious...can't blame you for "stealing" them. I see it either rained there recently or you reverted to the old photographer's trick of spraying flowers with water. :) Whatever, you got some fantastic shots.


Goodness, these are glorious! And you either had some recent rain or you were out using the famous photographer's trick of spraying flowers with water! Nice!


having a hard time loading your page today (dang internet connection!) but these are beautiful!

NatureFootstep Photo

very beautiful irises. But they were very slow to load. I could not see all of them, :( Are they big or is the connection bad. Mine that is. :(

NatureFootstep Photo

very beautiful irises. But they were very slow to load. I could not see all of them, :( Are they big or is the connection bad. Mine that is. :(

NatureFootstep Photo

very beautiful irises. But they were very slow to load. I could not see all of them, :( Are they big or is the connection bad. Mine that is. :(

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