June 22, 2014


jesh stg

Have never seen a glacier in reality. Awesome pics Sally! So do you go every year to Alaska? What is the range of temps right now in June there? (asking because I can't get it out of my head that Alaska is "cold":) )


Glaciers are one of mother nature's main architects. A lot of the desert areas down here, were sculpted by ancient glaciers.
I happy to see that you are having a great trip!


I'm enjoying all of your photos, Sallie, and I'm sure you are enjoying this trip. A bit frightening to see how much the glaciers are receding, though.


OMG, what a fast pace the receding has become!!! You really reminded me of the global warming, Sallie. But I'm reaaly glad to enjoy gorgeous scenery of glacier from your walk♪♪♪

Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


There are some hikes that are killers now, and Terry and I walk a lot. I am impressed, Girl Friend!!!



Amazing scenery but sad to see how much has been lost and a very graphic photo of climate change.. It is lovely to see you in Nature Notes Sallie.. thank you so much..Michelle...

EG CameraGirl

Such a graphic way of showing how our climate surely is changing!


When you see how global warming is affecting our world, it is a real worry what legacy we are leaving our children.

Little Wandering Wren

That is a real in your face example of global warming, great post! I expect it was a spectacular walk even if you did have to hike a lot further! :)
Wren x

Sara Chapman in Seattle USA

What a fascinating and educational post. I've never seen this. Just wonderful!


What a thing to see - I've never been up close to a glacier.


gorgeous scenery. glad I can see Alaska through your lens.

Photo Cache

the loss of the icebergs is very scary. but hiking there is exciting. good for you. i envy you.


These are amazing, my friend!


WOW that's a long retreat!! I'm glad y'all hiked along it, a treat of a life time!


A wonderful area and great photos. The decrease of the glaciers is horribly development.


I'm impressed by your hiking that trail. I'm guessing the rewards of the scenery egged you on. They would me. Fascinating information and great shots.


What a beautiful area. I've never seen a glacier in person and may never, so thank you for the excellent photos. Hope you are having a grand time!


This is SO interesting. Thank you. And proud of you both!


Great hike for you golden oldies. I'm a fan of glaciers too, been to a few in Austria and Iceland.

Karen, Pixel Posts

Excellent photos of your continuing adventure. Bravo to you both for taking the trek!

Lady Fi

Wow -- majestic sight!


I visited the Mer de Glacé in Switzerland in the 1990s. It too was shrinking. Climate Change is real but two questions remain 1/ what can we do to reverse it, and 2/ how much is owing to human behavior.? My own thought is to do what I can to conserve energy, mainly for the sake of those with allergies, asthma, etc. and to get real politically. At present, we have two options other than burning coal ( what the Chinese do best), 1/ Fracking for clean natural gas and 2/ nuclear energy. The public complains about both, but being cold in the dark is not an option. Forget solar and wind for now, the NIMBY sentiment curtails both. One example is the wave wealthy folks along the coast have blocked energy creating windmills. Ok off my pulpit. Dianne

artmusedog and carol

Awesome photography ~ what a trip you are having ~ enjoy each moment ~ xoxo

artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

Penelope Puddlisms

You must be in tiptop shape because you do go on such hikes. Data does get lost in this digital age of mega information so the visual proof of a simple sign speaks volumes.


how neat! i always think the blues in glaciers are so beautiful.


Yes, a good hike ! What a good idea these small signs ! Here it's the same : the last glacier in the area is more and more short ! I like the blue on the ice.


Such gorgeous scenery that you have captured well. It's a shame what climate change is doing and going to do - our world will be quite different in the near future.

Gunilla Bäck

Beautiful photos of the glacier. And some say there's no such thing as global warming.


It seems a lot of people want to ignore the global warming, even though there are things happening to prove it. The glacier is amazing, love the photos.. Congrats to you on doing the jaunt..Have a happy new week!

I stora drag

Hi again Sallie!
I'm a bit lazy and do not surf so much, so I've missed that you should visit Alaska! How very intersting! Amazing to see the glacier and I think it's scary to think about the global warming!

Thanks for your comment about the Hovdala castle! I have not been inside every house, because you can only go there with a guide in the summer and have to pay for it. In the old stable there are now a restaurant and a café.
Have a nice trip! //Pia


Hiking up there and seeing it before your their very eyes must make everyone who visits think seroiusly about global warming? It would me. Dramatic pictures Sallie.


Stunning photos. Congrats on your energy!

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