June 07, 2014






enjoy your trip!


You must be seeing awesome sights already! (I looked up Ketchken). Enjoy every moment!


I am endlessly impressed by you two. I so admire your spunk. Looking forward to pictures.


Oh wow. I am more excited than you. I want to know Alaska better through your eyes :)


You are in for a great adventure! I think taking the ferry was a great decision because it is a long hard drive just getting to Alaska. I CAN'T wait to see your posts!

Sally in WA

Enjoy the trip!!

Clair Z.

What a marvelous adventure. I can't wait to see what comes next!

Lady Lilith

Have fun on your vacation. Sometimes not having wifi is a great way to just relax and enjoy the moment.

NatureFootstep Photo

that´s quite an adventure ahead of you.
If I were you I´d keep internet low and enjoy the ride you are in. I´m not doing that much blogging when I´m on a trip. Mostly notifying friends and family where I am.
Have a great time.


How exciting! And even better to be able to stay for an indefinite period. You are living the dream :)

Hildred Finch

I hope you have an absolutely fabulous time, Sallie. We have friends who speak highly of this trip. and though we didn't ever go ourselves I know you will enjoy this wonderful northern state.

EG CameraGirl

Sounds like a fantastic adventure!


Can't wait to see photos, Sallie, and explore Alaska a bit with you. Safe travel.


This looks like a fun filled adventure. Look forward to reading all about it.


How exciting! This should be fun, looking forward to all the pictures Sallie!

Peter B

What an incredible adventure!! Looking forward to future posts.

Lady Fi

WHat a great adventure - enjoy!


Sounds marvelous! Have fun!


Oh great adventure

Patrick Halliday

Hope you have a wonderful time. I've only done the coastal towns, the Aleutians including Siberia and St. Lawrence Island. The mainland is the ultimate trip for me some time in my retirement. Godspeed and look forward to your pics!


Photo Cache

how fabulous to spend summer road tripping in Alaska. all the best. share the scenes you see in this blog.

artmusedog and carol

Wonderful post for OWT ~ Am sure you will have a marvelous time ~ What an adventure!

artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)


Great, have a nice trip and a lot of nature.


You are living a life I can only dream of. Wow. Cannot wait to see photos and hear tales of your Alaskan adventure. Y'all be safe and check in when you can!


This is going to be an amazing trip!


What a wonderful trip you have planned! Enjoy and stay safe. We look forward to your beautiful photos when you get a chance.


Oh, how fun, Sallie!! I'm excited for you! It all sounds wonderful! I'm looking forward to your pics! Oh, yes! Have fun, lots of it!


You will love it up there! I have (sadly)never been, but my parents did a cruise up there and I have known people who lived there too! Have fun:)

Joe Todd

Way to go Sallie


Your proposed trip and adventure sound wonderful! I like the look of the computer station in the Roadtrek! Have a great time and we will all look forward to your photos.


I'm just back home after 15 days out and I discover your post. What a wonderful idea. Have a nice trip (?) in the boat. I'll follow you withe a great pleasure !

Sharon Wagner

I have a future post set up about riding a ferry in Nicaragua. I bet the views were amazing in Alaska. Someday...

Jenn Jilks

I've heard great things about this trip! Have much fun!

Stewart M

Sounds like a great trip - I think the sleeping would get me before the cold!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Dina J

Looks like a great trip. Look out for bears! I'm totally expecting some bear pictures.


I am very jealous. I hope you have a wonderful time and take lots of shots so I can vicariously see this state I've wanted to visit for ages.


have a wonderful trip and take lots of pics.


how exciting you'll be visiting Alaska. i can't wait to see all the wonderful wildlife pics you'll be sharing with us. hope you have a great time and have a safe trip...


What fun. Enjoy your trip and don't forget to send a post card or two!


I want to stow away and go along!!I know what you mean about not getting to see it all, Ive been there once and only barely brushed the edge of what there is to see in Alaska! I cant wait to see what you see!


Hello Sallie, this sounds like an awesome trip. A trip my hubby and I would love to do.. I am looking forward to reading about your trip, seeing the scenery and cool animals. Have a safe and happy adventure!


Wow, wow; Five days, camping and exploring throughout Alaska♡♡♡ How exciting your adventure must be!!! To see new state for you and SAFE embark, my friend;

Sending you lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


I think I envy you. I'll wait until I hear more before that envy become jealousy! ;)

You'll have a great time, I'm sure. And it looks like you've got the equipment to do it right! Looking forward to hearing (and seeing) all about your adventures! You need not worry about gators, either. Just bears!

Rainfield M Penang

A brand new adventure.

I am eager to know more.


This only came through on Sunday-have a wonderful trip. It will be awesome!

Karen, Pixel Posts

Oh wow, how absolutely fabulous! A visit to Alaska is on my bucket list. Enjoy and take lots of photos. Have a safe trip.


Hi Sallie, Just checking in with you and see you're off on a grand adventure! Have fun and stay safe.


oh, that will no doubt be a great adventure! glad you are going in summer time! be safe and have a GRAND time!


That sounds like an amazing adventure - have fun. I bet there will be amazing views even from the ferry!

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