July 01, 2014



What's common to some is not so common to others. Well except for the gulls maybe.


They are most certainly NOT common to me! I love otters!
Nice pics Sallie.


That heart-shaped hole in the rock is the best.


Lovely birds.


Love seeing all the birds and the otter too.


I agree about the term common


You are in a fabulous place Sallie. The Arctic Circle is a place I'd love to visit and bird 24 hours. Ivan almost hear those Kittiwakes from here.


Hi, Sallie; I checked the murre and found that it meand literally 'sea crow' ;-) And I LOVED you introduced that this bird's ability to walk and dance on the water(^_^)v
So lovely to see the puffin and the cute otters as well.

Sending you lots of love and hugs to my dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


lovely photos, your murres look very like our guillemots, i wonder if they're the same bird with different names?


Great pictures of what looks like an exciting trip!


That's a lot of birds!


They are not common to me...I have never seen them! Thank you for this post...they are wonderful!


NatureFootstep Photo

I saw these birds in Scotland and I loved them all. :)


Years ago, I saw the bird who walks on water in one of the Disney films. What great fun to see them in person.


Hi there, thanks for all your recent comments whilst I was away in Italy, as always much appreciated. I am just as much in awe of your photography skills when it comes to birds.

Lady Lilith

They sure look like they are enjoying the weather.

Jenn Jilks

Lovely birds. I love the puffin, so unusual-looking!
Hubby's managing prostate cancer, thanks for asking. He had it removed but they didn't get all of it.
The main problem is his stomach, right now. I feel so badly for him.

(ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

Reader Wil

There is a great variety of seabirds! I admire your knowledge of all those birds.
Thanks for showing.
Have a wonderful summer.
Thanks for your comment. Yes there are still so many people afraid of foreigners. There used to be the Red Peril and the Yellow Peril. It's offensive and stupid of course!
Wil, ABCW Team

Karen, Pixel Posts

How neat to see so many birds! And there's my fave, cute little puffin!


I'm so jealous of the puffin!!! I long to see that bird someday. :) I know what you mean about the word "common" to describe a bird. That's what I thought when I saw the common yellowthroat. I was like, huh? This is beautiful! Anyway, glad you are seeing lots of birds and reporting back here. It gives me inspiration that one day I will see them.


Sallie, it is neat seeing the large group of Murres. I love the puffin and the cute otters. Great post, awesome sightings.


every one is very uncommon to me!


Wonderful birds and I love the otters as well.


OHHH Lovely! The Muirs look like perfect carvings every feather in place sooo smooth! And the otters are way too cute for words!!


Hi. Great variety of birds in this post. In Northern Ireland breed on different island. A lovely gull. The otter shots are great.


The variety of your blogs is amazing! Incidentally, Kittiwakes ARE found in (North) Scotland too.

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