June 23, 2014



Great shots of the puffins. Such distinctive birds.


Loved your photos! Puffins would be high on my bucket list but don't really think it'll happen. :(

What a wonderful opportunity you've had with that cruise! It really sounds like a trip of lifetime!


They are so cute....


In the wild or not, they are amazing looking birds and you got some great photos of them.


WOW! I'd like to add Puffins to my life list, and I'm not even really a birder.


I got caught in a downpour today, Sallie, and look a bit like that tufted puffin right now.


One of my favorites of this earth's creatures just because they look like something you'd find in a Disney movie.

Stewart M

Puffins are such great birds - unfortunately we don't have them in Australia.

As far as I am aware my Shrike Tit does not do anything shrikeish - just another case of a bird with a misplaced name!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Adam Jones

I really like the Horned Puffin. They always look so sad.


Wonderful birds ! The tufted puffin just looked a mittle crazy....

Mary Howell Cromer

Oh My Goodness I so want to see a Puffin in my life time, and these are so adorable!!! I came looking for your blog the other day and I could not find you, goodness and here you still are!!! I have been missing but plan to return later this week. Hugs for your always kind words~

bettyl - NZ

Puffins are such an interesting-looking bird and I'd love to see some for myself some day. Until then, you photos will be the next best thing and they are just awesome1


Wow,wow your Puffins are SO LOVELY, Sallie♡♡♡ I smiled the way you said "bad hair day" for Tufted Puffin. Either Horned or Tuffted, they are SO cute; I would guess with your own eyes they seem sweet smiling angels for you(*^_^*)

Sending you lots of love and hugs to my dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*.)


I've always wanted to see some but when we were in Iceland, they seemed to have gone on holiday to some other place.

Carole M/Australia

I'd love to get near a Puffin like you did


I did most of my birding in the per digital age too. Did not take photos at all. Some of you bloggers are pros and make amateurs like me look ...like amateurs. If getting a photo is the requirement for being a birder, count me out. I think you are doing fine, photo in the wild or not.


Wonderful birds to see... they really are so cute.


Fascinating! I would love to see a puffin now too:)


Love those puffins especially the front view of the tufted dude or dudette as the case may be! Thanks for sharing your experience so beautifully captured.


Sometimes it is better to see birds in a wild life park than not at all. These are great shots of them.

Frank (UK)

Captive Centres are a great place to see the species we don't see day by day. They are definitely a charasmatic bird to see in the wild.


Since we don't have zoos here and we never travel...getting to see these puffins are a real treat to me!



AWESOME! The puffin is high on my wish list. I also didn't know there were different varieties of them. What an amazing experience to see and photograph these striking birds. Wow.

Jenn Jilks

I adore them! What great birds!

Karen, Pixel Posts

Oh Sallie, how fabulous!! Puffins are on my life list! They are so cute! In the wild or at a enclosure, I would love to see them!


so awesome to see one in the wild! yay!

Sally in WA

They are cute birds, even when having a bad hair day. :-)

Gunilla Bäck

They're both cute. I'd love to see them in the wild one day. It's always great to see a bird (new or old), but it's even better if I get a photo. :)


The Puffins are so cute! I would love to see them in the wild too. Thanks for sharing, have a great day!


I missed the puffins in Shetland due to fog-these photos will be a treasure.
I hope you did not feel the earthquake?


Great photos of the puffins and so good to see them close - even if in a wild-life park.
I like your comment about a picture of every new bird - I feel the same!

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