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June 29, 2014



I'm glad you are out there hiking also. The scenery sure does make it worth the effort. I LOVE Salmon.
Once again, these are some fantastic photos!

Tom The Backroads Traveller

Nature at its best. Tom The Backroads Traveller

Gemma Wiseman

So many wonderful greens. A panorama of them, all looking so fresh and beautiful. The walkway round the falls looks most appealing.


I bet those fish taste sooo fresh...

Karen, Pixel Posts

Such a gorgeous area, and fabulous photos. I'm trying to talk Hubbers into a trip to Alaska!

I love watching the salmon run when I visit my brother in British Columbia!

Joe Todd

Keep on hiking one of these days it will be downhill LOL.. Great post.


This looks like such an amazing trip Sallie. great photos.


Such a beautiful - and refreshing - experience this all must be, Sallie. I feel as if you are taking me with you.

Stewart M

Very nice post - watching salmon leap is a real thrill - shame the people can harvest downstream of the breeding grounds!

One day I'm going to get to watch bears fishing for salmon - one day!

Cheers - Stewart M

Lady Fi

What an adventure you're on! Lovely scenery.


what beautiful scenery. Thanks for sharing.

Photo Cache

oh my goodness how verdant the surroundings is. did you see some salmon?


That looks so beautiful - your photos make me want to visit Alaska even more.


The world is a wonder up there!



What a fantastic trip you are having Sallie!! Terrific captures and superb post!! This is the next best thing to being there myself!! I'm so glad all has gone so well!! Thanks again for sharing the fun and the beauty!!

Jenn Jilks

You have done a marvellous job on this post. What fun~

Vermilon River Wildlife

Beautiful!! Boom, Bobbi and Gary.

artmusedog and carol

Wonderful photos and am enjoying the tour ~ Have a ball! ~ thanks ~ OWT ~ ^_^

artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)


Great photos. It must have been so interesting to watch the salmon swimming up those falls. I am really enjoying reading about your trip to Alaska and seeing all the photos.


Fascinating post. Hard to imagine how the fish manage the route.

Hildred Finch

I have had a busy, busy week and am behind on your travels, Sallie, - great post and pictures and I will be catching up our other Alaskan adventures. I have seen the salmon run and it is truly spectacular and a wonder that each particular run finds its way back to its origin.


I commend you for hiking 6 miles. Don't think I could manage that. The area looks really beautiful. Although I dislike salmon, I would have to try eating a fresh one. Amazing how industrious salmon are!


Years ago, I could make this hike without losing breath. Thanks for sharing your wonderful day in beautiful photos.

Penelope Puddilsms

Fascinating how the fish go against the flow. I sometimes wonder if there would be the same instinctive drive if the water magically reversed its course and there was no longer a challenge to go home!


We hike everywhere.

We find treasure everywhere.


it's just beautiful! i hope there are plenty of coho to go around. my brother and his wife fish for coho from their boat. :)


Uphill both ways Ha Ha..so happy you did it anyway!!!
I think I've hiked such trials...I enjoyed all the photos and the and the story of the salmon...boy they have a one track mind for sure!


The journey of the salmon is pretty amazing. I used to see a fish or two at the golf course in Toronto (there was a small stream running through it). Sounds like you have some adventures ahead of you! :)


Sallie, looks like an awesome place to hike. Seeing the Salmon swimming up the falls would be neat. Great photos, have a happy day!


Oh, hiking 'the Russian River Falls' must be SO refreshing with the clean air and good excersise♡♡♡ Oh, I wish to see them catch salmons with net; I needed to check the word 'paraphanalia' p;) Surly needed!!!
GORGEOUS natures, Sallie. I am happy for your wonderful trip.

Sending you lots of love and hugs to my dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


Fascinating photos and info about the wild salmon-so much nicer than farmed fish!Enjoy the sunshine and new sights!

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