June 21, 2014



LOVE sea otters! The are so fun and comical to watch.
Great photos!


They are adorable. And their fur has to be the softest thing I've ever touched.


These are dear! I love your talent. Thank you.

NatureFootstep Photo

that was really great images. You sere lucky to get it close. I saw a few in Scottland 3 years ago but only from afar.

Dina Johnston

They are so cute. Love that one on his back snacking. What a great thing to see.


Awesome shots! And I loved learning more about the otters. It always amazes me how resourceful some animals are by making their own tools, etc. This was truly fascinating!


I didn't know anything about sea otters... Thank you

Peter B

Love the close-up shots! They really are amazing animals, and so fun to watch.


They are cute, and their faces are so expressive. Your Alaska trip sounds amazing!

I stora drag

Hi Sallie!
How nice to watch these see otters that close!
Very good photos you got too!
Wish you a nice Summer week!
Greetings Pia

EG CameraGirl

Such characters!


I would love to see sea otters in the wild, they're so adorable

Stewart M

What a great looking animal! I'l love to see some - and I think I'd spend all day watching as well!

Glad to see you are letting the real world get in the way of blogging!!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Sally in WA

They are so darn cute!! I could watch them all day, too.

jesh stg

The praying otter cracks me up! He and I both know that prayer works:):) Great captures, Sallie!


I agree with you about outdoor cats. I had the same reaction. One of the reasons I had to give up on the kitten was because I could not have her indoors or out.side.


Great shots of the sea otters and interesting information.


Absolutely fascinating. I would have watched them. All day too. Natural world a magnificent reason to travel!


They are just down right darling!!!



SOOO cute!!! Great photos:)

Karen, Pixel Posts

I love otters! These are terrific captures!

artmusedog and carol

Oh how precious ~ magical and fun action shot of the otter ~ Great photos ~ thanks,

artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

Rainfield M Penang

Praying before dinner.

That is faithful.


Oh, look at that! Praying before dinner. I would be spending all my time watching them, Sallie.


What adorable pictures of Sea Otters♡♡♡ They surely won't tire us with their cuteness, don't they(^_^)v 
I remember they got really popular daces ago in Japan. I think I didn't know about them until then ;-) Yes, we saw the sweet scene they eat selfish by cracking them with rocks on TV. But never knew they are that big eater p;)

Take Care and lavely trip ahead, Sallie;
Sending you lots of love and hugs to my dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


wow! eating machines! 1/3 of their weight daily! holy cow!


cute little fellows and I'm sure they are good fisherotters. LOL


Gorgeous shots. The otter is so cute the way it lies on its back to eat and sleep.


Beautiful shots of these gorgeous animals.


I love watching these guys...they are just too smart! Glad they don't go for bird feeders we would never be able to stop them!


These are wonderful photos, Sallie. So nice and sharp and show well how interesting these creatures are. I've been reading Richard Dawkins book, "The Greatest Show on Earth," and he describes how some animals when they evolved ended up on the land but then went back to the sea, at least part-time. Otters were one of these, along with some turtles, hippos, etc. Very interesting.


Sallie, the sea otters are so cute. They have adorable faces.. Great shots! Thank you for linking up to my critter party. Enjoy your weekend!


It looks so adorable and the way you've described it makes it even more. Thank you for the information, I was surprised to know about them using tools!


They are wonderful animals for sure. Like you Sallie I would watch them for hours and probably fill the camera card no problem.

Frank (UK)

Great characters.


Amazing sights of the otters! I have waited hours to see one, on the Western Isles of Scotland!

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