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June 15, 2014


Joe Todd

Sallie thanks so much for the photos/info.. Were the waters pretty calm or did anyone have problems being seasick????


GREAT photos and narrative! Love it...


What scenery you had to enjoy!

Sally in WA

Think I'm ready to go for a boat ride!


I thought I left a comment earlier, so if you find another one, attribute.it to a senior moment. I can see you are enjoying your trip, so I won't say Bon voyage. A dreamy landscape...May it always be so.

Lady Lilith

Nice photographs form your road trip. I hoe you are enjoying yourselves.


OMG; what a facinatig start of the trip♡♡♡ I could feel that your comfortable feeling in the ship without driving to the dream place(^_^)彡☆ Fantastic scenery, aren't they♡♡♡
Your friend's post taught me the word "vicariously" p;) Yes, thank you so much for the trip with your wonderful pictures of the fabulous places. I was wondering what kind or type of room 'stateroom' is ;-)

So sorry for my belated comment; as your post didn't appear in my dushboard, I was late to pop over.

Sending you lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


Well this is totally cool. A great way to take your car to Alaska without driving an incredible distance. I learned something new!


Thanks for taking us with you, vicariously, on this wonderful trips. I love seeing your progress. Great shots of the beautiful mountains and also of other scenes.


Great Shots

Vermilon River Wildlife

Great country!!Boom, Bobbi and Gary.


What an exciting way to go, Sally. I'm sitting here imagining your stateroom and then the tents on board as well.
Good for you for hiking up that hill for a latte. Someone has to help keep those folks in business. tee hee
I loved this post, reading about ferry travel, and your photos, well, amazing and beautiful as they always are.


Fantastic trip, wonderful images:) Greetings


Wow what a fabulous trip. I have friends who did the ferry rather than a cruise and said it was fabulous. We enjoyed the cruise ship but I guess you would see more up closer on the ferry. Lovely photos.


What beautiful locations! LOVE those snow covered mountains:)

Meghana Hassan

Thts a wonderful visual tour of ur trip..


Iti's like that ship is a tiny dot in the biggness up there!!



Good grief, what a delightful display! You won't find these scenes in Florida! Fantastic journey you took and thanks for sharing your wonderful photographs!


OH My its surreal looking! How long will you be on the ferry? It sounds like a great way to cover a lot of miles!


Beautiful photos and exciting journey!! I'd love to do something like this someday. :)


Those views are just stunning. What a way to start your trip.

artmusedog and carol

Wow! What photos for OWT ~ wish I was there ~ You are having the time of your life ~ so glad! thanks, ^_^

Photo Cache

i know for a fact that the passing scenery is spectacular. in the cruises that i've been so far, the alaskan cruise offered the most picturesque views.


What an adventure you are on! Great shots.


A wonderful collection and a great area.


looks like a wonderful area to sail around


Superb captures of an awesomely beautiful place, Sallie!! What a wonderful trip you are enjoying!! Thanks for sharing with us!! Looking forward to seeing more!!


Thanks for sharing your journey. When I was younger I slept in the Heathrow airport during a comptroller strike. Couldn't do that today.


What a wonderful journey ! I'm so happy for you ! Thanks for your message . Keep your eyes opened. Haye you seen bears ? I miss them...

Lady Fi

Lovely shots. Alaska looks majestic!

Rainfield M Penang

It looks like a very relaxing trip.

I so enjoy too, if I am in it.

Hootin' Anni

What a marvelous adventure....some beautiful, inspiring, scenic views you've shared!!

[and yes, that was in Port Aransas ---the alligators]

Continue having a safe trip.


Gorgeous photos, Sallie. What an awesome trip! Alaska is a beautiful state.. The ice field is amazing.. Wishing you safe and happy travels..


Amazing scenery and what a fantastic trip. Thanks for sharing with us all. Unfortunately its not a trip that I am ever likely to be able to do.


What a wonderful journey - I am so jealous, it's journey I'd love to make. And yes I spotted those eagles. It all sounds so laid back and informal but I'm not sure I'd be reading or playing cards just busy with camera and binoculars from dawn until dusk. Enjoy your trip Sallie as I go back and read your previous post.


A stunning Blog and set of photos. it sounds as if the ferry journey was a real part of the holiday-continue having a wonderful experience!


Wow, what an amazing journey. Really too bad you couldn't just sleep in your own RV especially with campers on the deck. Someday, as this is on my list.

Hildred Finch

Sounds like a fantastic adventure, Sallie. If you stop in Haines ask about Heather Lende, the author of 'Take care of the garden and the dogs' and 'If you lived here I would know your name' - a great Alaska booster and a wonderful writer IMHO. I follow her blog and love her stories of Alaska... Have fun!!!


Beautiful place with lot to see.


you are seeing such beautiful country.

Karen, Pixel Posts

Your adventure is off to a great start! Beautiful views!


so interesting! to have your RV below, but have to either rent accommodations or pitch a tent, etc. :) but i like the laid-back-ness of how you described it! my kinda 'cruise'. :)

Clair Z.

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. And inspiring. Just sent this link to my husband with the subject line "Next..."

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