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July 10, 2014



Very pretty flowers and photos of them. After a long winter, people must be so happy to see sights like this.


Beautiful to behold, Sallie/.




Such beautiful flowers! Wonderful flowers!

Hildred Finch

Lots of fireweed around here in the Similkameen. A great number of years ago when we were connected with the sheep industry provincially for a few summers we gathered sheep from all over the province and pastured them out in the mountains, on fireweed, which they loved and which is very nutritious for sheep.


Beautiful color

NatureFootstep Memes

I love that flower. We naemd them after the man that buildt the railroads. :)

Something got wrong I think. You link to Blo-Ma but the link goes to last weeks edition that is closed. And you are not linked to any of the linkups. :( Just ato let you know


Wonderful collection of the flowers !


The flowers are all gorgeous, but I do love the fireweed best.


beautiful images.


So that is what fireweed looks like!!! I have read the name in so many books... And. being a native plant, it is so much more beautiful than our invasive purple loosestrife...


Gorgeous array of color!


The fireweed is lovely and I also like the montage with other Alaska wildflowers.


Gorgeous wild flowers Sallie. Fireweed is new to me.


Oh, I've never seen Fireweed before; so pretty,aren't they♡♡♡ It is funny to hear (under this hot weather here,haha)that they are the sign of coming cold winter. And sweet other beautiful flowers are still blooming♬♬♬ Your friend's comment that moose love it made me amazed. Thank you very much for the word "prolifically" p;)

ps. I've heard about debris reached to even America! A disaster sure doesn't mean for the particular coutry. Hope we all won't be the subject of another big one, Dear Sallie.


Beautiful flowers !


Sallie, I'll have to remember this about Fireweed. I know the moose love it! Unfortunately, it's trying to take over my garden. I love seeing it in the forest though. You're seeing a variety of wildflowers.


The fireweed blooming fully signals the end of summer.

A beautiful signal to start winter?

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow

Such beautiful flowers that we don't see 'down here' :) It is fun to view them through your eyes :)

Mama Zen

Beautiful flowers!


I had no idea Alaska had so much summer vegetation during its short summer! Your Blog is a great diary of your tour and a continuing delight to follow.


What a neat indicator of when to expect colder temps. Sure wish we could expect winter soon...sigh. Love all those beautiful blooms, Sallie!


Thank you for sharing these lovely photos! I am a fan of wild flowers and I know Alaska has many varieties not found in the lower 48 states.

Karen, Pixel Posts

How lovely! Nice mosaic!

Penelope Puddlisms

I think weeds get bad press sometimes because they are so prolific but many of them are quite lovely and add color to beige and gray landscapes.


really beautiful!


I love the looks of the fireweed and love the story about how the full flowering signals the end of summer.


I'm pretty sure we have fireweed here too. The finches like the seeds come autumn time. You found some lovely flowers and of course the typical images of Alaska are snow and ice, not the wonderful but short lived summer.


I wonder if fireweeds are not the most common flowers in the northern world. I see them here, all around my parents' house, in Germany, in Swisterland, in Norway, in USA, in Canada... They are good, faithful and beautiful friends !


That must be awesome to see...love the fireweed! Its Mid july already...can hardly believe it! Safe travels to y'all.


Gorgeous flowers! Thank you for your comments on mine. Sorry I haven't been by to comment back until now. I'm working double hours these days. Will catch up soon. You asked about when the link opens for Rubbish Tuesday. I open it at
6 a.m. on Monday Morning and leave it open until Wednesday night.


Gorgeous colors and beautiful flowers. I just can not think about winter now, it is way too soon.. Happy weekend!


it's a lovely flower, we get it here in Scotand and we call it (usually) rosebay willow herb.

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