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July 03, 2014



You must be night owls to walk the beach so late. Looks nice with some green showing, because otherwise I'd say it's too cold a place for me.


Terry and I do that also...asking if we could live here or not. We find those places and say Cool...we could live here!


Jenn Jilks

These are so beautiful!


Wow! BEAUTIFUL photos Sallie! The one with the boats in the foreground and the glacier and mountains in the background is nothing short of spectacular. Seriously! I'm glad you are having a good time.

NatureFootstep Photo

great photos all of them. You have developed a great eye for good photography. Love the nature as well. I would not mind visit the area sometime. But there are to many places on my "to visit" list. :(


What a beautul country that is Sally. I love your photo's.


If I had to name one town in Alaska that I most wanted to visit, it would be Homer. You just proved why with these photos and words, Sallie.


Wonderful landscapes like in Yukon ! we are so peacefull in a such world !

Tom The Backroads Traveller

My daughters visited Homer years ago with the Girl Scouts. They got a nice trip and I got the bill. Maybe my day will come soon. Tom The Backroads Traveller


No air pollution...clear skies..perfect

Hildred Finch

What lovely adventures you are having, Sallie - seize the years - when you get old,older, oldest it is nice to stay home with the memories...


OH so beautiful there!! So the call of the Wild is calling your name? maybe this will be your new 10-20?


I think I would love it there--at least in the summer when there are many hours of daylight! Love the mountains, beaches and that it is so remote!
Blessings (and happy 4th of July),

Joe Todd

Thanks for the photos Sallie have a great 4th

Sally in WA

Beautiful! I am looking forward to visiting Alaska in the next year or so.


That looks amazing - I would love to see it in person.

Clair Z.

What a beautiful place. I am so glad you are acting as our ambassador and sharing your experiences and wonderful photos with us.


Wow what a beautiful place. Your photos are stunning. 11 at night...unreal. (But was it cold?)


Amazing photos! Beautiful area and wonderful sky too!


It must be a very beautiful place to visit ! I hope one day I can make it, from here it is quite far !


This looks my kind of holiday! The photos are glorious.

Gemma Wiseman

Spellbinding views. Amazing grandeur. Love the cloud formations hanging low over the beautiful scene in the second photo.


Beautiful sky.
Sydney – City and Suburbs


Beautiful place with amazing scenery - but I am sure I would need it to be summer to enjoy it there! Great photos.

Lady Fi

Wow - the scenery is fabulous!


In summertime (apart from the black flies and mosquitos) it certainly is wonderful but you two heat-seeking animals would not be so happy there in the long, very,very cold, dark winters.
Really beautiful place and that very clear, dust free air is a joy to see.


looks like my kind of town. love the last image.


What an amazing place! I have GOT to visit Alaska some day. It's on my wish list for sure. LOVE those gorgeous views! Oh my, I would not want to leave and come home to this miserable heat and humidity.


Gorgeous Sallie! What amazing sights and fantastic photos!


An amazing view in each shot. That last one with all the green is my favorite. What a wonderful adventure!

Photo Cache

I must add this to the many many places on my wish list. Homer sounds very charming, and I want to stay in a small fishing village.

A fave tv program that no longer exist MEN IN TREES was set in a small fishing village in Alaska (although they filmed it in BC, Canada)and since then I dreamed of visiting a small fishing village.


Such an incredible mixture of landscapes--and so unlike anything I see in my travels. Thanks for expanding my horizon. I can see why this place would steal your imagination!


Oh,breathtakingly beautiful place Homer is♡♡♡ I LOVED your expression "slight counter-culture vibe existing side-by-side" very much, Sallie.
Have a wonderful time ahead and only be careful for the sleepless night :-)

Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

Carole M/Australia

so good to see a land so far away and I enjoyed it too Sallie. How amazing it must be to experience that daylight at 11pm!! Thanks for checking in on my recent red-heart, Central Australia trip


What a beautiful place! I love the mountain views.. beautiful scenery.. Thanks for sharing, have a happy 4th of July!


Fantastic shots from Homer. Looks like someplace I'd like too.

Dina Johnston

Beautiful shots!

artmusedog and carol

What a gorgeous place ~ can see why you enjoyed Homer and beautiful photography ~ for SWF ~ thanks,

artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)


Superb captures of an awesome place, Sallie!! I can see why you love it!! Thanks for sharing the beauty!! Happy 4th of July!! Enjoy!


When I was young, I always wanted to find Lands End. Now I know it's a mail order house in Wisconsin.


What strikes me Sallie is the sheer clarity of the landscape in your photos. Enjoy some more.


just gorgeous! and approaching midnight. :)

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