July 13, 2014


Joe Todd

Thanks for posting Sallie great/interesting topic/photo


Lot's of good and interesting information. I'm glad to hear that there are vets keeping a close watch on the dogs as they race.


They are beautiful and love so much to run in the snow ! Few teams of them are running here in the moutain during winter. They are howling by waiting the beginning of the race and often put their noses uo to receive a flacke of snow...


I'd love to see this. The Iditarod has always fascinated me and then, even more so as Gary Paulson wrote about it in his young adult books and his own experiences. Fascinating, Sallie.

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow

Such a fun and interesting post. One of those dogs ( the black and tan one ) looks like my dog Jugsy who is a Rott / Husky mix. And he blows out his coat like a husky....I swear I get 10-15 brushes of fur out of him all summer. Ugh! :)


Thanks for letting me enjoy another day in your lovely part of the world. My sister and I took a cruise there several years ago and dearly loved it.

Kenneth Cole Schneider

During our visit to Alaska last week our granddaughters visited a musher camp in Skagway. It was the highlight of the cruise-tour for them. They are now reading books about the Iditarod. Great suggestion in the above comment-- will make sure the girls get a copy of "Call of the Wild."

Reader Wil

Thank you for this most interesting post. I read about these sled dogs in "The Call of the Wild" by Jack London. And I saw a few movies about the arctic regions. It is always fascinating to see how man and animal work together.
Have a happy week!
Wil, ABCW Team


What an adventure. How interesting to read about the lives of these working dogs.


Fascinating photos and info!


Sled dog racing is interesting. Dogs are cute.


Very cool and informative post. I sure learned a lot. I have a dachsund who is cold every day except July 4. She might be interested in those booties.


I enjoyed your post. Thanks for sharing. wonderful images too.


Our neighbor has tried to train her dogs to pull a sled, but with no success. A great post!

Mary Howell Cromer

Oh how grand. I have seen this on the tellie for many years and this would be so neat to see even a bit of the run for real!

Photo Cache

that is pretty cool. i'd like to see how they train.


Interesting dogsled facts, Sallie. Now, I'm surely not going to forget my Omega-3's!


Sallie, awesome post. I enjoyed reading about the sledding dogs. They are beautiful. Thanks for sharing, have a happy week!


Love your captures for the day, Sallie!! What beautiful dogs!! Hope you're enjoying your wonderful trip!! Thanks for sharing!!

artmusedog and carol

Great photos the beautiful 'musher' dogs and Alaska and most informative post ~ for OWT ~ thanks, ^_^ ~

I used to have a Siberian Husky who would pull me on my cross country skis ~ Have a wonderful time ~ xoxo


Great photos. This would be the high point of any Alaska trip for me. The woods and grass look so very green and lush. Hard to imagine all the snow over it in winter.

Lady Fi

Dog sledding is fun on snow! Didn't realize they still ran in the summer.


The dogs are so beautiful as well as being workers. I'm glad to hear they are well loved and cared for as they should be. Great post.


Interesting! I am glad they take such good care of these dog athletes! I am totally amazed how many things you saw in Alaska!


Wow, I had no idea so much goes into the Iditarod, but certainly makes sense. So happy to hear there are vets standing by for before, during and after. Dogs are amazing creatures and this certainly proves that. My first love was for a dog, my best friend when I was just 6 years old. Will have to pay more attention to this race next year! Thank you.


I know these are some of the healthiest dogs in the world. I am a dog person and pay much attention to this sport. Thank you for sharing this enlightening post.

PS they are strong dogs. We have two Poms (think of them as miniature sled dogs) weighing 5and10 pounds. I won't let David walk both of them at the same time for fear they could pull him over.

PPS and they LOVE cold weather.


So interesting Sallie. I've seen these dogs on TV of course and it is truly amazing how they can pull such weights for so long. The dedication sign is a lovely touch - I think I would want a miniature as a souvenir of the place and your whole trip.


I read a book about this sport once. Very heavy and those beautiful dogs love it.

Sharon Wagner

I bet they do love to run. You must be having a great trip!


I've seen these dogs only on TV; oh they must be very well trained☆☆☆ I wish I could see the race ;-) And your explanation is really wonderful. I'm surprised to read that the dogs need medical check-up (clean bill of health is the first words for me, haha) and thought as if real human being facing the race. Oh, really happy to read your closing phrase that they are all well taked care of and LOVED, Sallie♡♡♡

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


It must be so much fun to participate in this race. I also have a lot of respect for the dogs. :)


Very interesting, I have seen dogs like this used s mountain rescue dogs in Switzerland they are amaazing.


a tough sport, i am certain.

NatureFootstep Memes

great psot Sallie. Thanks for sharing.

I have sometiems wanted to try this in winter. :)


That should read documentaries or docos.


I've always enjoyed seeing this race on TV and dodo's on the dogs. It must have been awesome to actually be there and see them.


Didn't know that is a 'universal' symbol. What a great side trip.

Mama Zen

What beautiful dogs!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

Dog sledding sounds exciting! It is good to hear that the dogs are well cared for, Sallie. Enjoy your Alaska adventures!


I hope they really really enjoy doing the running

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