July 04, 2014



What a great sighting. Always nice to see youngsters.

Joe Todd

How neat is that....

Jenn Jilks

That's amazing!


What a little cutie! I did a fairly long comment on this, but it vanished. I'll just give the short version this time. The males get really grouchy and aggressive when they are in rut. They are pretty fast also. We barely made it up a couple of trees before he caught up with us. He was so mad!


Oh my gosh..how sweet is that... Michelle


How much fun this was, Sallie! Just seeing a baby is a delight and you got to watch her lots.



Sallie, these are AWESOME!! To see that baby getting more confident as she goes along is really something. Wow. I am just in awe of these shots. I only got to see the female moose when I was in Oregon last year and they were pregnant at the time so I never saw the babes.

Lady Fi

Moose are huge creatures! I am always in awe if I see them in the woods. Your shots are just wonderful!

Sharon Wagner

So gangly and cute. You don't see one of those every day.


Sweet photos of the little (and big) one! I haven't seen "my" moose in months - though I keep an eye out when I walk.

NatureFootstep Photo

o, my, that´s soo cute. Lucky you to see and to get shots. Thanks for sharing! :)


It's me, Penny, again, Sallie.
One of our favorite audio cassettes and ways to travel with the children when they were young was to listen to Tom Bodett and his End of the Road broadcasts. Have you heard of him? I'm pretty sure that he used to broadcast out of Homer and the End of the Road was much like the town. At any rate, if you haven't heard him, you might want to check some of his audios of life at the end of road in Alaska.
He also is the Motel 6 voice. I'll leave the light on.


Sally you are correct about echinacea being used for a herbal remedy and for tea. The common name for my flowers is purple coneflower but it is Echinacea purpurea and is the plant harvest for the remedies and teas. There are instructions online for harvesting the roots and flowers tops (in the fall after 3 years). Since many of mine come up from seeds of prior plants I'd have to keep track of which are which. The older plants completely die back in winter and come back from the roots. I guess the root harvest is the part you have wait to be several years old. I have never tried harvesting it and hummers, finches, dragonflies feed on the flower tops which is one of the reasons I like it.


Awwww! How cute is that? Very, very cute. :)


how lovely to see the mother and baby together like that, lovely too to see the youngster getting more confident on its feet.....

Stephanie's Images

Wow! So cool these shots!


This would be an absolute thrill for me! Adorable baby--love it!
PS: Thanks for your comment today--made me smile:)


What a wonderful sighting and captures. That baby is just adorable.


I love these shots. What great scenes and wildlife you are seeing.


Wow that's exciting great captures!


Stunning photos and animals.


Adorable! What a wonderful sighting for you, and you got some great pictures. I wish the baby well in this crazy world, but he has his doting mama moose to care for him and that's so good!

artmusedog and carol

What captures! Love the baby and mama and great action shots for SC ~ thanks, ^_^


So cute! We used to see them all the time where we lived when I was a kid.

Carola Bartz

Wonderful captures of an amazing animal. We always stop when we see moose during our trips - they are such awesome creatures.


Now that is exciting to see a real live Moose, someting most of us see on the TV only. I hear the moms can be quite aggressive if they have young - quite understandably so.

You'll know about all that daylight. Well we have plenty at the moment meaning I can do 5 hours birding and counting by 10am and back home for a second breakfast.


How cool is that! I would be afraid of that huge mama, even in a car.


I think he was a new born. He does seem to age in each photo. His for is noticeably fluffier in the last shot. Wonderful photos Sallie.

lina@happy families

A caring and protective mama moose.


The journey starts from here.


What a lovely experience. I have probable told you before that I only had the joy of seeing a moose in the wild when visiting my aunt and uncle in Sweden. I find them such interesting animals silently slipping through the greenery on their soft padded feet, yet dangerous when roused.


Moose are such ungainly looking creatures. They can sure move fast if they want to though.


What a lovely encounter ! The calf is so cute !

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow

Oh my goodness so adorable!! :)


SO cute!! What a great photo opt!!


Hi Sallie, what a cool sighting.. I just love moose ever since my first sighting in the Tetons.. They are cool. I love the sweet baby.. Awesome photos. Thank you for linking up to my critter party.. enjoy your weekend!

EG CameraGirl

How exciting to see a baby moose! I have never seen such a young one.


Oh My, what a sweet scene you captured, Sallie♡♡♡ I could see the baby trying hard to be with its Mom during the first adventure(^_^)v
I could see the baby behind Mom in the last picture as well. Thank you very much for sharing the heartwarming shots♪♪♪

Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


What a wonderful surprise and series of shots of this little guy. Have a wonderful weekend.


How exciting to come across mama and her baby. Great photos Sallie!


wow! amazing! such a tiny thing next to mama!

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