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August 11, 2014



Fantastic! These scenes are fantastic enough with just your photos, but to see it in person must have been jaw-dropping.


WOW! This is so Amazing! I've never even seen a glacier and can't believe you're so close. Sure this wasn't an icebreaker instead of a tour boat.


These are magnificent photos, Sallie. I can only imagine the power and brilliance of seeing glaciers so close. Thank you for sharing these.


What a beautiful but other-worldy scene.

Bethany Carson

The glaciers look amazing! Awesome photos!


Zounds! What a sight and what great photos. I don't think I could have relaxed no matter how much experience the captain had. But then again, you really didn't have many options out there! :)


That is stunning!


OMG! What FANTASTIC tour that must have been, Sallie. Not many of us experience that wonder of the nature(^_^)v
I kew the other meaning of the 'calve' but notfor the glacier :-)

Oh, even a scary time involved; I think "All is well, That's ends well"♪♪♪

Sending you lots of love and hugs to my dear Japanese friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


Wow that would be a little scary but my how beautiful it is.


A real icy soup. Looks very cold!


Whoa! The color of that ice is gorgeous!!!! This is a trip you'll never forget. I want to go so much!!


Wonderful and so amazing, Sallie ! I like a lot the blue colour of the ice...

Rainfield M Penang

What a gigantic refrigerator.

How can we make use of it?


ON My that was an icy post!! Marvelous experience, i bet.


Beautiful colors~

EG CameraGirl

WOW! What a great experience!


Goodness me you were close, what an amazing experience. I shivered looking at these great photos Sallie!

Stewart M

That is a remarkable.

When I get WBW organised for tonight I may have to look at the cost of tours!

I am not 100% sure you are correct in your assessment of the origin of my man with a hat!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Hootin' Anni

How exciting....extraordinary!!!!


Wow! What an experience. Talk about up close and in your face. I too would have been a bit nervous about getting out. Great shots and memories.

Karen, Pixel Posts

What an amazing adventure. Terrific photos!

Photo Cache

wow, impressive.


Wow.... Amazing, but I would be nervous too...


What a fantastic sight. It looks cold, especially for the summer!


How awesome!The glacier and floating ice look amazing. It must have been a bit scary trying to leave the area.

Reader Wil

How impressive and awesome, Sallie! You must have felt that overpowering feeling of being so small in this great natural happening. This is so very beautiful and also a pity that the ice disappears in such a quick time. That colour blue of the ice is so stunning!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

What a fabulous experience, Sallie! The blue color of all this ice is amazing. Did the ship's caption feel that the glaciers were melting more than normal? I saw the ocean and bay levels rising when I lived on the east coast. so I was concerned about this.


wow, that is SO neat! and kind of sad, too, since it is disappearing so quickly. just beautiful blue!


Sallie, these are awesome shots of the glacier and all that ice.. I would be happy yo have an experienced captain.. Thanks for sharing, have a happy week!


Stunning photos, our small planet has sometimes his own beauty.


Wow, that looks so exciting and fantastic shots.


It's like a terrible beauty. I'd be afraid to get stranded somehow. I love the blue tint. Fantastic!

Penelope Puddlisms

I can well imagine that it could be a bit frightening maneuvering through such terrain. Frozen chunks can create conditions as precarious as sailing through rocky coastlines. No matter how cold it looks and feels, ice breaking up is a sure sign that the weather is getting warmer. :)


Those are amazing photos. What an experience.

artmusedog and carol

Wow! What fantastic photography of a magnificent place ~ beyond words ~ thanks for sharing the beauty of your experience ~ xoxox

artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

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