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August 14, 2014



I would LOVE to see this old place in person.
Once again, your photos and narrative are fantastic.

Jenn Jilks

You have such lovely travels and photos to share! Thank you!


An extra special treat to learn family history in such a beautiful landscape. Everything so lush and green with the flowing water.


Interesting profession your grandfather had....


Open two days and prepared to close soon for winter. Lovely pass...I also enjoy your family history!



Beautiful pics, technicolor describes perfectly.

My mother's father was a "powderman" who worked the mines in Butte, MT among other places. I never knew him but I've always been fascinated by the mines but have had no desire to go down into one.


Wow! This place is GORGEOUS! And the mining buildings so interesting. This puts the posts I have planned for later of what we saw in Colorado, to shame! :-) Oh well, each place has its own type of beauty. I was blown away by those mining areas and majestic mountains because I was actually seeing them. But I can tell I might go into a coma with joy over this area if I ever made it that far north! :-)

I have started writing again. My Mom finished her book, and that really gave me a nudge. I feel like I have wasted a lot of writing time over the years, and regret that a lot.

Hope you are doing well!


A very difficult life for your grand-parents I suppose...
Your photos are so beautiful and fresh. It seems we see the water everywhere. We had a cool weather and a lot of rain this summer here : very strange for this part of France. Mountains are green, flowers are blooming and people very bewildered !


You must have had a special feeling seeing this camp and thinking of your own family's mining history, Sallie. You've certainly created a photo/word journal of this trip that will long be a chronicle for your grandparent's descendants. I've loved each stop along the way with you.


Sallie, I enjoyed reading the story about your families history and ties to the gold mining.. Your Alaska trip is just amazing. I love the beautiful scenery and your photos.. Happy weekend to you!


You've really been explorers on this trip, Sallie. Thanks for taking me along!


Interesting family history and great shots of the pass.

Gemma Wiseman

An intriguing post. The scenery is breathtaking - especially the first photo. What a wonderful experience to see a gold mine area here.
NOTE: You are all linked up to Scenic Weekends. Enjoy your travels.


A wonderful landscape! So great that you were able to learn about the things your grandfather did!


Hi Sallie, it's always a joy to look over your shoulder as you n Bill go a traveling. Happy days :)


Cool hope you found a gold nugget to stow away! We stayed in a B&B in Palmer when we tripped in that area. Wasilla is where Sarah Palin is from right?


Is that in Colorado? Reminds me of it.


I love it. It is a really fine trip you are doing. :)

Hootin' Anni

Incredible views!!!


Very beautiful scenery and very interesting about the mining history. How great to be able to relate it to your Grandpa - it seems a very sort time ago when you put it like that. I wonder how many of your readers would have had links to early mining? I had gold mining links on two sides of my family.


Oh! HATCHER PASS sure have the technicolor (thanks for the word♪) and OUTSTANDING scenery(^_^)v I'm really happy for your meaningful side-trip in connection with your grandfather! Our city used to develop with a mining industry. Anyone can imagine the hard work the engineers must have been through.
HAVE a SAFE and adventurous and rewarding trip, Sallie.

Sending Lots of Love and Hugs to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


What a beautifl and contrasting area!

Lady Fi

Fabulous scenery and what an adventure!


LOVE! SO beautiful. Did you know my grandpa was a gold miner for a portion of his life? I think that's where I get my love of the mountains :)


What an amazing place Sallie, these photos are fantastic!

Photo Cache

unspoiled natural beauty. you were lucky to be there.




Amazing place. The landscape is very beautiful.


pretty neat connection to your family history - and a tough life, i bet.

glad you made it through the pass without any troubles - since no one else was around!

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