August 27, 2014



That looks like a steep and dangerous climb. Thanks for taking me along on this amazing trip of yours.

Jean Pell

Interesting info about this area. Love your wanderlust natures!

Michelle RW

whoops...I would not be as brave as you...

Michelle RW


Joe Todd

I really love places like this


Wow!!! Another amazing places in Alaska, Sallie.
I've learned the word "rickety" here and I am happy you could tour this fascinating places and safely♡♡♡

Sending Lots of Love and Hugs to my dear Japanese friend in America, xoxo Miyako


What an adventure, Sallie! I love that end-of-the-road shot! The old mining structures do look ramshackle! Glad your heads were protected.


I love the story of the road. Great shots.


Awesome photos, amazing place to live.


What a fascinating place to get to tour! It does look dangerous! Wow! Really neat though. Beautiful photos! Yes, we DID see the goats on Mt. Evans! :-) As you can see when you visit back, I was saving that for the next post. It was AWESOME! But, I asked my hubby if he remembered a sign about altitude sickness, and neither of us had seen it. Considering he was having difficulty, I think that's interesting that there's a warning! I can't believe we missed that!

EG CameraGirl

Whoa! The passage really IS narrow! I love the third photo especially!

Rainfield M Penang

The old mill beautiful.

Old is beautiful.


What a trip. Over 60 miles of dirt road. I love the bridge, single lane and all and I would love to see the mine facilities.

I had a job offer right out of college at a copper mine in New Mexico. I would have hated to work there but loved the tour of the smelter, roller mill, and other things that had going on there.

NatureFootstep Memes

ooops! That was steep. Fine village. But I´m not sure I would dare the bridge. Does not feel safe. :)


Wow, what an amazing place !

Mickie Brown

Sallie, It looks like you are seeing some wonderful sights and learning a lot along the way. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. That is quite the bridge!!!! Take care, be safe, and keep on enjoying yourself. Mickie ;)

Ida P. Krause

Wow that is an amazing place. I can't imagine climbing those stairs especially if you had to sign a waiver first. I'm pretty much a "chicken liver" when it comes to stuff like that.


Looks like a great place to visit. wish it was closer to me I would love to tour it. Your images are beautiful Sallie.


Kudos to you, Sallie, for making that climb. Phew! It is incredibly picturesque and impressive. I can't imagine working here.

artmusedog and carol

Wow! What wondrous country you are seeing and taking fantastic photos ~ enjoy!

artmusedog and carol ( A Creative Harbor)


I like the looks of this drive and sounds like an interesting tour.


wow, i'm amazed you could tour, too! steep cliffs, rickety buildings. neat!


It does look sketchy! I bet it was an awesome tour!! You guys are showing me a part of Alaska I would love to see, so thanks!!


Wow, what a cool tour.. The mill is awesome and I love the old train bridge.. Great shots, thanks for sharing! Have a happy day!

Mary Howell Cromer

The photos almost made me feel a little height afraid, they are so wonderful. What a wonderful old mill~


oh that is seriously cool! don' tknow if You'd get me on that bridge though.


Looks unreal!Photos of truly another era. You certainly have a head for heights,and nerves of steal if you drove here......
Thanks for sharing!!!


What a wonderful place! I would want to explore it too, but I would also breathe a BIG sigh of relief when I was out of there safely! Loved your first photo--definitely my kind of road (well except for that bridge)LOL
PS: This has been an AWESOME tour of Alaska--thanks and more please:)


Fascinating buildings aren't they? Great shots of them and the bridge too. Must have been very dangerous work to build those. You would certainly have to have a good head for heights.

Lady Fi

Gosh - what an amazing old mill. It's so lovely, although it doesn't look that safe...

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