August 08, 2014



I'd have to put it on my list also. I've never seen one in person. Nice photo tour you are giving us. thanks!


I actually have a shawl made from the undercoat of the musk ox. It's unbelievably soft. (Also, was unbelievably expensive!) You've taken such great photos this trip - some good memories to share with family and friends.


I hope you were using a long lens for these pics. These are the kinds of animals one might say "They're so ugly, they're cute." But I'd guess quite ferocious. Terrific photos!


I bet they don't have any trouble staying warm under all that fur.


What unusual animals...I rather like them alot!



I am all for lifer lists of all creatures big and small....

Lady Fi

WHat magnificent creatures!

Penelope Postcards

Oh … wow! What a magnificent creature with a touch of goofiness resembling the Shrek character a bit. The beast is capable of great strength but also adorably gentle when munching a flower or caring for its young.


These are the gentle beasts of fairy tales (or angry ones, if the character fits). I am smiling at the image that forms in my mind of the musk ox falling asleep with a flower in his mouth. Lovely, Sallie. :)

Jenn Jilks

You sure get around! What great beasts. I posted the sweet potato salad recipe for you!

Stewart M

What great looking animals - I would really like to see some one day!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


Very cool! Good thing you were using a zoom lens though--I would not want to meet these guys close up.

Hildred Finch

Look at those little babies, - what darlings. We all look precious so our mothers will love us, and who says musk ox(en) are any different.


Great animals and wonderful photos.


Wonderful and very impressive animals! Amazing photos!


They are surprisingly fluffy. :)


Love their expressions. They look kind of like a shaggier bison and the horn growing together on top reminds me of a South African buffalo. Why not an mammal life list.


What a good idea ... a life list for animals. The musk ox is quite impressive and I agree with you, they look ancient. Wonderful shots. Happy Critter Day!


Those are impressive animals. And I love your previous couple of posts on Alaska, I really want to visit at some point. It must have been an incredible trip!

artmusedog and carol

Wonderful photography and what a beautiful animal for you to see ~ looks like they were wondering about you and that camera ~

artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)


Wonderful animals. Thank you for the photos and vignettes.


just amazing beasts!!! simply unique!

Clair Harris Zarges

Because I am a hand spinner, I have been lucky enough to spin a tiny little bit of qiviut, which is the musk ox's soft undercoat. It is highly valued by spinners because it is so soft and, unlike sheep's wool, does not shrink in water at any temperature. After reading your post about their tempers and looking at your wonderful photos, I wondered how exactly qiviut is obtained, so I looked it up. Apparently it is gathered in one of two ways--either from wild musk ox when they molt and rub up against objects leaving some qiviut is left behind; or from herds of domesticated musk ox. In that case they are restrained in some sort of mechanical contraption called a "modified bison crush" and the soft undercoat is combed out. That would be an interesting job, don't you think? A musk ox hair stylist!

Thank you for this wonderful post, Sallie.


Wow, what a special kind of animal from eons ago 'MUSK OX' is♡♡♡ I've never seen this animal :-) Really happy for your wonderful encounter, Sallie(^_^)v

Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


Amazing animals!! I love the wild Raggedy Ann coat they have...Must be quite a thrill to see in real life, I've never seen one either!


Wow, amazing shots of this beautiful animal. Wonderful to get to see them through your camera.

EG CameraGirl

Oh my! It would be such a treat to see these in person. Very cool!


How exciting to see these magnificent animals. I have seen nature shows of them and remember two butting heads. It is an amazing sound. Your photos are wonderful and I enjoyed your post very much Sallie. Thank you and have a great weekend :)


Sallie, what a cool new animal for you to see. Congrats! The are cute with their goofy faces.. Awesome sighting and photos. Thanks for linking up with my critter party! Enjoy your weekend!

ann nz

are they wild? The hair in front, blocking their eyes, may be that is why they are bad tempered.

Rainfield M Penang

Extra-ordinary animals! And bad tempered.

Extra-ordinary = bad tempered?


Magnificent animals! I've only seen them at the zoo.

Margaret Birding For Pleasure

Fantastic shots. I am off to Malawi tomorrow for 6 weeks so I may see one of these animals.


A new one for me-fascinating and super photos. I just Googled your distance from Oregon and it came up with a 52hr drive-is that right?


Well, it would be a 'lifer' for me, too, as I have never seen one. So glad you were able to get these great captures!

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