August 12, 2014


Joe Todd

PTARMIGANS make for good eating.


They do look like chickens.
Great photos and thanks for all the interesting information.


Nice sighting. We had a Grouse couple being protective on the Widforss trail here this summer. They chased hikers. Funny name for a town.


What a lovely bird ! I like a lot too, to visit old mining town : I agrree partly with them "Chicken" is more simple but far less poetical !


Wow! It is apparent from your great photos that these are good at camouflage. Love the name. :)


I haven't seen any Ptarmigan this summer. Sometimes, when we're hiking, several will spontaneously flush from the brush - scares the bejesus out of a person. I've also seen them in their white feathers at the top of the ski mountain in winter. They're really hard to see in the snow unless they're moving.


Well I learned something new. I was going to say they remind me of turkeys and that I bet they make good eating.


I didn't realize you were still wandering around Alaska. I've heard of the bird but have never seen one. And I do remember chickens. Funny story about the name. Alaska is so beautiful from what I see of your photos, but it's way too cold for me!

Mary Howell Cromer

I am so happy you saw and shared these cool birds. I have looked for them every year we get to the Rocky Mountains and finally saw 2 only 2 a few years ago. They really are quite the thing to see. Have fun on your journey~

NatureFootstep Memes

why does not my fingers want to spell right? :(

Re my icy image. The ice is from the Lagoon in Iceland, The flower from my balcony.
That´s a long trip you are making. Maybe when you return I am the one gone. Sept 5th I´m leaving for thre weeks in Australia. :)
Have a great journey.

NatureFootstep Memes

What a fine place to visit. Love the birds of course and the old place. :) Great way of naming it.

Re my icy image. Teh ice is from the Lagoon in ICeland, The flower from my balcony.
That´s a long trip you are making. Maybe when you return I am the one gone. Sept 5th I´m leaving for thre weeks in Australia. :)
Have a great journey.


Looks a bit like our guinea fowl !


I bet they're very glad to not be chickens in that neighborhood! Lovely birds.


Wonderful capture and beautiful plumage.


Great looking bird and so neat how it changes in the winter.


Great bird! Love the babies! What fun to see them. I think the miners naming the town after what they were probably eating like chicken every week, is a fun tribute, since they couldn't spell it...neither can I, you see how I said "it" there. :-)

The town pictures would also do in well with Rubbish Tuesday by Roan (check out the link on my blog)


Beautiful birds. Loved the story behind the name of the town.


That's a cool sign post by the town mascot! Great new life bird...So glad you got to see it!

Clair Harris Zarges

Funny story about the town name. Such well camouflaged birds!

Hootin' Anni

Wow....amazing bird!!! Great photos.

Carole M/Australia

it was fabulous to see these birds for the first time Sallie; great shots!


The Willow Ptarmigan in Denali National Park; Oh their dappled brown feathers sure blend in really well and LOVED the way they have the careful eyes for the babies♡♡♡ So HAPPY for your first encounter of this unique bird♪♪♪
Interesting history behind the name f the town :-)

PS> I SO appreciate your thoughtful comments and your precious time, Deare Sallie. Thinking about you and for your wonderful trip☆☆☆

Sending Lots of Love and Hugs to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


Beautiful area--love the town name:) Very neat feathers on the ptarmigan!


I didn't know what they looked like...thank,you Sallie


they have beautiful feathers.


We have those here. They are very slow...I'm always surprised they are not extinct.

The ice in the last post was stunning!!!

Beautiful photos ~
Lov'in every moment of it, too.


Sallie, what a cool bird and a great sighting.. It would be awesome to see them all white in the winter. Thanks for sharing, have a great day.


Interesting birds and great to them.


A super looking bird.


my sis from mich recently visted me. she and our brother had taken a trip to alaska last year and she was wearing a 'chicken, alaska' shirt here. :)

love those beautiful birds! ptarmigans. whew!


Wonderful addition to your life time list. Thanks for sharing.


Neat looking birds!


You find something completely different for each Blog! What a varied trip!

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